Main Battle Tank T-90A.

A deep modification of T-72, T - 90 includes:
-New thermal imager;
-New stabilizer tools;
-Improved the automatic loader;
Complex opto-electronic warfare “Blind-1”;

And modernization of T-90, T - 90A:
-New thermal imager “Buran-M”(modification of 2004, on a sample of 2006 established the second-generation thermal imager “ESSA” matrix “Catherine FC”, which increased night vision range from 1800 to 4000 meters);
-Replaced the stabilizer guns, which improved the accuracy of shooting on the move and in 2 times increased the speed of guidance.
-Welded turret instead of cast, with the thickness of the front parts 950 mm
-Improved automatic loader, for which the amount booked was increased by 100 liters;
-New engine-92S2 1000 HP;