Tom Hiddleston Ask

Tom Hiddleston Ask - Updated April 19, 2017

Archipelago: Are you a vegetarian?

The Avengers (AKA Loki 2): Have you ever jumped out of a moving aircraft of any kind?

Charadespeare: When was the last time you played charades of any kind?

Coriolanus: Have you ever texted or spoken the phrase “You souls of geese that bear the shapes of men?”

Crimson Peak: Would you live with a sibling after you were married?

The Deep Blue Sea: Have you ever yelled at someone whilst inside a museum?

Early Man:  What is your opinion about stop animation vs. completely CGI animated films?

Emmy 2016 Tom: Which designer/style would you choose to wear if you were co-presenting with TH?

Exhibition: Do you own any original art?

Henry IV, Part 1: Were you a wild youth?

Henry IV, Part 2: Do you skip through all the non-Hal scenes in this?

Henry V: Have you ever been wooed in a language other than your native one?

High Rise: Have you ever had a nightmare experience with a flatmate?

I Saw The Light: Can you sing any Hank Williams songs?

Jaguar Rendezvous: Have you ever had a cup of tea whilst on an airplane/helicopter?

Kong: Skull Island: What is your opinion about bananas?

Midnight In Paris: Have you ever read any F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Miss Austen Regrets: What is your favorite Austen novel?

Muppets Most Wanted: Have you ever worn thermal pajamas?

Nerd HQ 2013: Have you ever punched someone in the dick?

Nerd HQ 2016: What is your favorite breakfast food?

The Night Manager: Have you ever seen a night manager at a hotel who was formerly a soldier and looks even remotely as devastatingly attractive as Tom Hiddleston?

Only Lovers Left Alive: Do you have a picture of your hero on your wall/in your house?

PBS Cookie Monster Sketch: Would you give someone the last cookie?

The Pirate Fairy: Do you like a little something sweet while you work?

Return To Cranford: Have you ever angered your family by choosing to be with someone?

Suburban Shootout: Has anyone ever massaged your adductor longus?

Thor (AKA Loki 1): Do you think Odin is a good king or a big fat meanie head?

Thor: The Dark World (AKA Loki 3): If you were fated to while away eternity reading, what 5 books would you read over and over again?

Thor: Ragnarok (AKA Loki 4): Do you prefer Loki in his 30 pounds of leather and metal or in a black Gucci suit?

TimesTalks NYC 2015: What is your favorite exercise apparatus?

Times Talks NYC 2016: How do you feel about non-traditional suit patterns?

Tom: Which Tom is your favorite?

Trollhunters:  Did you watch the first couple of minutes of this film just to hear Hiddles?

UNICEF: Do you support any non-profits?

Unrelated: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Variety Live Chat with Jenelle Riley: Have you ever posted a Face Swap selfie on social media?

Wallander: What is your ringtone?

War Horse: Have you ever ridden a pony/horse?


James Clar, ‘Thermal Energy’, 2013

“An array of lights intersect through a fence at an angle, with the colors visualizing hot air rising and cold air sinking. This work visualizes what is invisible, air, and shows it passing through a fence, letting the viewer think about air as a substance that fills all open spaces and travels through fences, borders ect”