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The Bestiary: Scaly-Foot Gastropod

These are diamond-tipped indenter heads. They are used to inflict ludicrous pressure upon various shit in order to measure the hardness of said shit. Recently, one of these was used to measure the hardness of a certain animal’s shell, and, instead of crushing the ever-loving fuck out of it, it found serious resistance.

The aforementioned animal is a snail.

Let me spell this out for ya. There is a snail that can resist the onslaught from an industrial-grade diamond applied with the pressure of several metric fucktonnes. A. Snail. That. Can. Resist. A. Diamond. Indenter.

Just imagine stepping on one of these guys. Instead of breaking their shells like those of usual snails, you’d break your own fucking ankle.

Jesus trilobitic Christ.

Today’s Episode: the Scaly-Foot Gastropod

Just look at this little piece of shit. Look at it and say to my face it doesn’t look like a tank.

What we’ve got here is the rather lamely-named scaly-foot gastropod, also known by the considerably more badass-sounding names of iron snail and  Chrysomallon squamiferum. The SFG hails from the deep-sea thermal vents known as black smokers, deep-sea vents from which water gushes constantly. That water, by the way, originates from below the mantle.

The proximities of black smokers are perfectly lightless, unforgiving badlands, with water rich enough in poisonous sulphuric chemicals to perform the chemical equivalent of curbstomping on any “superior” lifeform that dares stick it’s overspecialized, prissy ass down there, heat up to 450 degrees Celsius (one thirteenth of the temperature of the Sun’s surface) and pressures that could turn any land-dwelling scum into a Flatlander within seconds. If creatures want to survive here, they must either be hyper-effective murder-machines, or damn nigh unkillable.

The SFG’s predators, such as venomous, killer cone snails with bionic harpoon guns evolved from their own “teeth”, and car-wrecking carnivorous crabs that kill snails by pressing down on their shells for days with jagged ultra-hard pincers specifically designed to do this belong in the first category.

The SFG itself belongs in the second.

Hoooly shit does it ever.

The unkillability itself is obtained by using the chemosynthetic bacteria lurking in its glands to absorb and mineralize the poisonous iron-sulphides the water is overabundant with, making them non-poisonous for the snail. It then coats its shell with the minerals, constructing an unique three-layer structure no other gastropods possess. None.

To sum it up, the outer layer, used to block the bulk of the attack, is made up of greigite (Fe3S4), a ridiculously hard mineral. Then comes a middle layer of squishy organic matter purposed to absorb the shock of impacts, dents and blows. Finally, an inner layer of aragonite (CaCO3), designed to prevent asshole crabs from sticking their nasty claws into the shell and picking it apart splinter by splinter.

How effective is it? Well, this armor is so much better than what we puny humans possess that the U.S. Army is actively conducting research about it with the hope of developing new armor using the same build. Yes, this shell is so unbreakable that it caused the a military to lose their heads over a goddamn sea snail. Go figure.

Also, according to biologists researching the SFG, if we covered oil pipes with the stuff, they could easily shrug off damage done by such trivial things as fucking icebergs,

Not bad from a snail, I say.

But that’s not all! Look at it again.

There is a reason it’s called Scaly-foot Gastropod.

Those are scales. Made out of iron minerals.

Iron minerals that are poisonous and magnetic.

The scales are there because of the tooth-harpoon-hurling killer snails. Namely, they serve to deflect the harpoons entirely. Deflective iron scales. On a snail.

Holy crap.

So let’s sum it up, shall we? There exists a snail that forges itself a magnetic armor made out of poisonous iron ore to fend off killer crabs and venomous sniper snails that hunt it in its habitat of a vent leading to the Earth’s mantle.

Oh, and they don’t really eat anything, relying on their chemosynthetic bacteria for sustenance instead. In layman’s terms, that means that the snail keeps itself running by oxidating the sulphides in the water, all of which are lethally poisonous to most lifeforms, including the snail itself. The only reason it survives is that the bacteria chemosynthetize the sulphides, enabling the snail to quite literally live off of poison.

This molluscoid tank is ridiculously metal in more ways than one.


Scaly -footed Gastropods (Chrysomallon squamiferum)

is a species of deep-sea hydrothermal vent snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Peltospiridae.This vent endemic gastropod is known only from deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the Indian Ocean, where it has been found at depths of about 2,400 m (1.5 mi).

The shell is of a unique construction with three layers; the outer layer consists of iron sulphides, the middle layer is equivalent to the organic periostracum found in other gastropods, and the innermost layer is made of aragonite. The foot is also unusual, being armored with iron-mineralised sclerites. The snail’s tissues house a symbiotic gammaproteobacteria from which it appears to obtain its nourishment…

(read more: Wikipedia)

images: photos by Chong Chen and illustration by Rachel Caauwe 

The Outlier, part 1

K.E.V. Empress Deeq

Kllauw Mapping & Exploration Vessel

Varl 386.9827 System

Pearly anti-light glowed from all the curved edges of the control console in front of Clerk Ryn as the Empress Deeq slipped back into realspace. “All systems coming back online, purging all chaotic integers,” Ryn chirped pleasantly, moving through the task of spatial reintegration with the air of someone who could do it fast asleep and one-handed.

Librarian Qroo gave a mild crest flexion, indicating quiet pleasure at her crew’s efficiency. “As soon as you can, begin scans. We have much to learn about this system.”

Ryn replied a moment later, “Mathematical stability is achieved. 2+2=4, ma’am.”

“Initiating scans now,” piped up Auditor Yrpp, its crest at full height.

Qroo chuckled a little. She hadn’t been that excited about a system scan for some time. The greatest minds all agreed, on Kllauw and amongst its allies, that there were no more sapient races waiting to be found. The 7 great species and their vassals had searched all of the most likely stars. All that remained were the borderline systems, theoretically capable of supporting life but practically so hostile that life rarely progressed beyond single-celled organisms.

The Varl 386.9827 System was one such outlier. It’s star was a little too young, and a little too energetic. Odds were any life that tried to start here would get blasted away by a coronal mass ejection before it could amount to anything. But, she had a job to do.

Clerk Ryn and Auditor Yrpp huddled together over the monitor, their crests almost touching. ‘Not that they would know what to do with them if they did,’ mused Qroo. ‘Ah, to be young, genderless and carefree.’

“Preliminary scans coming in, Librarian,” Ryn said. “Four gas planets, some look like they might have moons, there’s a lot of small ice formations at the system halo. Might have been another gas planet out there at some time.” Its voice became very small. “Oh, no. There’s an asteroid belt right in the system’s habitable zone.”

“Stay the course, crew,” said Qroo. “We have to be certain.”

“Yes, Librarian,” it replied. “ Detecting two or three small planets beyond the asteroid belt. Hard to make out any specifics till we get closer.”

“Take us in, Clerk,” said the Librarian, settling back in her chair. “Let’s see what the inner system holds.”


Qroo was in her stateroom, eating her second shift ration when the call came in. “Librarian to the bridge. Impossible signal detected.”

Qroo’s crest dipped in annoyance. ‘Overexcited cadets with their flaps still wet. Now what?’

She pulled her uniform jacket back on and slowly made her way to the bridge.


Before she even reached the bridge, she could hear it. A strange, rhythmic sound full of distortion and noise, but underlying it, a clear pattern, a musical beat.

The doors to the bridge slid open and she could suddenly hear much clearer. The beat moved swiftly, and it was accompanied by a variety of noises higher and lower in pitch. It had strange tonal structure and she couldn’t begin to understand the lyrics, but one thing was certain.

This was music!

Coming to her wits before her crew could see her standing in the doorway, crest flaccid with shock, Qroo strode in and took her seat. “Auditor, where is that coming from?” she barked out.

“It’s a planet well past the inner edge of the habitable zone, looks like the second world in this system, unless there’s another one closer to the star we haven’t seen yet. Calculations are uncertain on that as yet,” Auditor Yrpp spoke quickly but precisely, subsuming his excitement in his professionalism.

“Somebody thinks it is habitable, Auditor. Get me more information.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

No one had stopped the music playing from the bridge speakers, and truth be told, no one wanted to. It was wholly alien, exotic yet tauntingly familiar. The chord structure and melodic arrangement spoke to their computational instincts, daring them to find the patterns and decipher the structure of the alien sounds.

“The planet appears to have a molten core. I’m detecting thermal venting from the core in several spots around the globe,” said Yrpp.

Ryn piped up, “They have a moon with over 1% of the planet’s mass. This planet must experience enormous tidal forces.”

Yrpp came back with the next insane fact, “The proximity to the star is causing severe atmospheric disturbances. I am observing twelve storms of category 14 or higher. Two of them are category 18.”

Librarian Qroo leaned back in her chair, frantically processing all this information. Kllauw’s volcanoes were a billion years dead, and its moons together were only .004% of its mass! The worst storm recorded in the planet’s history was a category 7!

“How is anything still alive down there?”

Qroo and her crew kept working, cataloging the impossibility of this little world they would come to call Earth. All the while, the Andrews Sisters sang, and Glenn Miller played.


Deep-sea mermaids though (◡‿◡✿)

  • mermaids with bioluminescent scales that hunt for giant squid in packs
  • mermaids with numerous pale and unseeing eyes
  • mermaids that use echolocation to find thermal vents for warmth and valuable nutrients
  • mermaids that only know what upper-sea creatures look like from the half-decomposed corpses that fall to the ocean floor
  • mermaids with semi-transparent bodies because color isn’t needed in the dark


My Sun, My Moon...

Fire Sun, Fire Moon: The Star

Individuals with this combination are enthusiastic, passionate, and active. They know what they want, and how to get it, and don’t hesitate in doing so. They can be rather egocentric and arrogant at times, but also have a genuine concern for their family, friends, and other loved ones, and have a knack for taking care of and protecting them.

Fire Sun, Earth Moon: The Meteorite

Charming and tactful, these individuals have the ambition and drive to attain anything they desire. They’re often torn between following impulses and thinking things through, and often succumb to the former. These individuals are strong and tough, though it may not always be apparent at first. They’re also very genuine and nurturing to those they care about.

Fire Sun, Air Moon: Heat Lightning

Energetic and spontaneous, those with this combination of Sun and Moon Signs radiate optimism. They’re active and tend to be rather extroverted. Sometimes rather unpredictable, and often quite hot-headed, these individuals can have intense mood shifts, but calm down rather quickly, too.

Fire Sun, Water Moon: The Obsidian

Individuals with this Sun and Moon combination are intense and passionate. They are compassionate, generous, and genuine. They have a soft side beneath their bravado, that only a select few get to see. They’re kind and sensitive, while remaining proud and true to who they are.

Earth Sun, Fire Moon: The Volcano

While individuals with this combination appear aloof and detached, there’s usually a fire burning within them waiting for the perfect moment to manifest itself. They’re the type of people who invest themselves into what they care about, the type to get things done. They can have rather explosive tempers, but it usually takes a lot to get them to that point.

Earth Sun, Earth Moon: The Plains

Strong and stable, these individuals aren’t prone to mood or personality shifts. They’re reliable and consistent. People with both their Sun and Moon in Earth Signs are also warm and nurturing, providing welcoming habitats for the loved ones in their lives - much like the fertile plains.

Earth Sun, Air Moon: The Cave System

These individuals are logical, through and through, relying mostly on what they know rather than what they feel. They can be rather complex, much like an underground labyrinth, and take patience and skills to navigate. They often appear aloof or otherwise unattached, but are easily brought back down to Earth.

Earth Sun, Water Moon: Underground Lake

On the surface, these individuals appear calm, cool, and collected, but often have much more going on internally than they let on. They often feel a struggle between emotion and logic, and prefer the latter. They tend to be rather secretive, but are compassionate, nurturing, and protective over their friends, family, and other loved ones.

Air Sun, Fire Moon: The Thunderstorm

Energetic, social, and passionate, individuals with this combination tend to enjoy life from center-stage. They’re passionate and driven, though often conflicted between following what they know and what they feel. They can be a bit unpredictable, much like a lightning strike. They often have a presence that makes itself known.

Air Sun, Earth Moon: The Tornado

Individuals with this combination of Sun and Moon Signs are known for their aloof and logical natures. They have an ability to be compassionate towards others, while still taking care of themselves. They’re determined, like the mighty Tornado, and nothing can stop them when they  set their mind on something.

Air Sun, Air Moon: Wind

Individuals who have both their Sun and Moon are social, and energetic. They have a lively nature to them, and thrive on intellectual stimulation. A bit unpredictable, these people can go from 0 to 60 in a relatively short amount of time, and sometimes the stimulus causing it is unapparent to everyone else.

Air Sun, Water Moon: Hurricane

Unpredictable and compassionate, individuals with this placement are known for following their own paths. These natives can be rather intense, and are known for fighting for the freedom they know they deserve. These individuals are a powerful and passionate blend of following what they know and what they feel.

Water Sun, Fire Moon: Hydro-thermal Vents

Individuals with this combination are passionate through to their core. They’re intuitive and impulsive, often acting based off of what they feel more than what they know. Similar to Hydro-thermal Vents (or Hot Water Vents), which are created by water being super heated by magma and then erupting from the vent, these individuals can be rather hot-headed, most often when they’re watery emotions are compromised.

Water Sun, Earth Moon: The Islands

Individuals with Water Suns and Earth Moons are a blend of emotion and logic. Much like underwater mountains rising up from beneath the waves of the Ocean, there’s an underlying steadiness to those who have this placement.

These people, much like tropical islands, are warm and welcoming, but are prone to stormy weather.

Water Sun, Air Moon: The Clouds

Individuals with a Sun in Water, and a Moon in Air are compassionate and friendly. Like the clouds gently drifting above, they have a knack for seeing everything. Their Watery intuition combined with their Airy logic gives them quite an insight into the affairs of others.

Similarly to clouds, these individuals can change with their moods. Sometimes they’re light and calm, other times dark and ominous of impending storms.

Water Sun, Water Moon: The Iceberg

Individuals with both their Sun and Moon in Water have a lot that lays under the surface. There’s much more to them than meets the eye - much like the Iceberg, where 85% of it’s mass resides below the surface of the water.

They tend to drift through the waves of the ocean peacefully, but can be lethal to those who underestimate them.

Perhaps it is time to rebuild our civilization and reach out to interstellar travelers once again

Queen Luxia

So this has always been interesting to me, because this one sentence raises so many world-building questions about the mermaids and their planet and their history and their past contact with other races

Did they actually go to space themselves or did they just welcome travelers onto their planet? And if they were a space-faring race how did they manage it? Ships full of water? Or are the mermaids semi-amphibious and they can get around on dry land? Maybe their tails are muscular enough to support them on land so they could have ships that don’t need to be completely flooded, and instead just have pools to swim in when they need to

Or if they only stayed on their planet and people came to them, what did that contact look like? Were the mermaids traders? A popular vacation destination before the planet froze? How did they accommodate visitors? I would assume not everyone would be as comfortable under water as humans are; did they have facilities on land for visitors who literally couldn’t go in the water? Is there even any land on their planet?

And assuming they were in contact with other races before the baku came and the planet froze, what did those other races think when suddenly there was no more contact from the mermaids? Did they assume the Galra got to them? Did they send probes to see what happened? Or maybe they sent recon teams, and maybe the baku ate them too and when the explorers never came back those other races assumed the mermaids were all dead and the planet had turned inhospitable? Did they mourn the loss of an entire race?

And then there’s the question of how exactly did an entire planet freeze over? IIrc there’s a mention of hydrothermal vents. So did it used to be a warm planet? Or maybe it was always an icy planet but with certain warmer oases where the vents were? Are the mermaids we saw the sum total of the planet’s inhabitants or were there other mermaid tribes? Maybe each warm vent had its own tribe living around it? And if so what happened to them? Has the baku been doing this for far longer than we thought? Eating its way through tribe after tribe of mermaids and once there are none left in one area it moves to another, leaving behind a dead thermal vent, which eventually lead to the freezing of the whole planet?

I love world-building so much, it’s such a fun sandbox to play in. Please talk to me about the mermaids and their planet and their civilization pre- and post-baku


The First Sphere, the Second Sphere, and the Third Sphere.

The First Sphere is an infinite cosmos, stars and nebulas line the halls, doors to glorious rooms are nebulas guarded by the cherubim, and the gargantuan rings make paths that the hypernova ophanim spin down wherever they please. The seraphim, serpents flaming with starlight, with black hole faces concealed by nebula wings and bodies composed of constellations, sing praises to God here, spinning and dancing for eternity. Bonus:

Aziraphale, in his True Form. Armor is a contained, eternal solar flare, with a sun at his core. I like imagining that he used to guard a burning star that a high ranking Seraph prized. He and the Ophanim that was assigned to him (since cherubim and ophanim are paired) never got along.

The Second Sphere houses angels that seem mysteriously absent from the bizarre geometric maze of mirrors. This isn’t the case; since the Second Sphere is responsible for the management of physical law and miracles on Earth, every angel is spread out as thinly as possible, their consciousness refracted in every surface; from the tiniest spinning electrons to notifying Gabriel that 40 policeman have gone to sleep, the Second Spheres need to know what’s happening, and make sure that everything is going in working order. If someone goes into the Second Sphere and sees no angels, be warned: all of them see you.

The Third Sphere is an ocean; the cradle of life, as it were. The holy water, the Flood water, when it comes to Earthen affairs, it will always come back to the water, where life first came. The angels of the Third Sphere are under the jurisdiction of the Archangels. The principalities, the archangels, and the angels are all mostly aquatic in nature, their appearance ranging from the beautiful comb jelly to a strange yet graceful basket star, to a many eyed kronosaurus. If fossils were jokes that scientists haven’t picked up on, these are what’s being referenced. The result of the first “organic” life. As well as angels, there are things resembling thermal vents, which burn with holiness, and third spheres cluster around them to share company in between giving humans divine visions. Thankfully (or not), most of these third sphere angels are well equipped for human interaction! Like angler fish, these angels have a bioluminescent attachment that doesn’t look unlike the Sea Butterfly, hanging on the end of an appendage. Its mouth moves, and it delivers messages to humans through a softly glowing image of what appears to be a winged humanoid. Nothing to fear!

(Sometimes, when a human’s sight is too keen, they see… something else. Behind that beautiful vision.)

Forge of Gods

The Fever of revelation. —“Alright Cayde, give it to me straight.” Cayde-6: “Suicide would be putting it kindly. This mission, it’s more along the lines of voluntary obliteration. We only burden you with this because there’s no one else. Time’s Conflux, the Prince of darkness, Kell of Kells, the Taken King, Aksis and SIVA. Again and again its been you, who delivers us from evil. The innocent out there, they look to you as their salvation. At this point, we all do. And now, after everything you’ve done, we have to ask your legend to venture an uncharted course. To give once more, everything that’s left. This mission, it’s martyrdom.
The Speaker: "Years ago the Vanguard received reports of increased seismic activity at the base of Olympus Mons. The readings were disregarded as atypical, and filed away under anomaly. It was too late when they realized, the scale of that activity was inconceivable, and the true nature of the planetary shifts, was sinister.” Ghost: “At the core of the Cabal War Machine there is a heat unlike anything in existence. A legend smoldering in darkness, an emperor with a heart consumed by hatred. You see, the cabal are born with an unnatural heat. They speak in demolition, and revel in the fury of destruction. They worship the prophecy of a warlord wielding hellfire, commanding the madness of an entire species, all burning alive with a shared rage.” The Speaker: “A force of such magnitude demands immediate attention. And so a summit was held, where the mission became clear. A journey would have to be made. It would be a hellish pilgrimage, the travelers, engulfed in flame the whole way. Their fates were sealed. No retreat, and no surrender, just a final destination at the heart of that furious furnace. Their journey was codenamed, Forge of Gods.” Cayde-6: “So what do you say Guardian? You know how to fight fire, don’t ya?” Embrace the fury of destruction in, Forge of Gods. Journey to the center of Mars, via the Cabal’s immense subterranean empire. Explore the weaponized landscape and test the strength of enraged Cabal on their own territory. Cannibalize an army of hellfire on your warpath to extinguish the legend of the Cabal Emperor.

Unearth the forbidden relics of fire-team Ein-10 and their legacy of overpowered weaponry. Take advantage of the savage inheritance to decimate your opposition, before the Vanguard institutes safety regulations on your newfound war prizes.

mask of the Sandman “Sweet dreams are made of this.”
Exotic trait-REM cycle: Increased Armor, precision kills have a chance to turn you invisible.

Heretic’s holster “Of all the parables none withstood the flame.”
Exotic trait-Deep pockets: Increased ammo carrying capacity, picking up ammo reloads your weapon.

the machinist “there’s no substitute for skilled hands.”
Exotic trait-Quitting time: Grants quickdraw.

ATS/6-ATV Widow’s Peek “Rumble Motors. Gravity defiers. Quad thrust lifters. O2 maximied intake. Stylish design. Now in black.”
Exotic trait-Web slinger: Increased weapon handling, and accuracy while airborne, aiming your weapon will slow your descent.“

Abu Al-hawl’s cowl "the visual prowess of Abu-Al-Hawl is feared throughout time and space.”
Exotic trait-Infinite mystery: ADS to highlight targets, marked enemies suffer increased precision damage. Radar stays active while aiming down sights.

Vestiges of Volition “Even if we lose everything else, not this.”-The Sacrifice
Exotic trait-Will and testament: Dying generates an orb, gain bonus super energy while critically wounded.

Sheer simplicity “To sever without remorse, to serve destruction itself.”-The Heathen
Exotic trait-Savage Ritual: Grants improved Soul rip.

Gravedancers “Don’t stop now, the reaper is behind you.”
Exotic trait-Dia de los Muertos: Increased armor and movement speed while supercharged.

Infernal Warden “Tempted to throw away the Key.”
Exotic trait-Broken Seal: Activate your super again to detonate your ward of dawn.

100 proof “this rounds on me.”
Exotic trait-Last Call: Taking damage has a chance to drop ammo.

01100011-AN/Openers “Smell whats cooking?”
Exotic trait-Cant stand the heat: Grants thermal vent, and stoke the forge.

Trouble Stompers “Pain, pain, go away.”
Exotic trait-Winning in the rain: Sprint faster, jump higher, and slide further while wounded.

Torch of Ares “To bear the torch is to wield holy fire.”-Scorched into the hilt
Exotic trait-God of War: Kills grant bonus damage, and generate ammo. Dealing damage consumes less ammo.

(Scout Rifle)
Climbing Silver “the only move we have left.”
Exotic trait-Checkmate: Shots deal bonus damage while critically wounded, dealing damage temporarily increases recovery.

(Pulse Rifle)
Valkyrie 9-11 “The power to choose, life or death.”
Exotic trait-Halls of Valhalla: Reloading starts health regeneration, bottom half of the clip deals bonus explosive damage.

(Auto Rifle)
PHNX-44 “Guaranteed to grind some gears.”
Exotic trait-Dishonorable Discharge: Weapon damage briefly increases melee damage. Melee damage grants bonus weapon damage.

(Hand Cannon)
The Lost Cause “A righteous bullet, rules a cruel world.”
Exotic trait-Justified: Precision damage increases fire rate and stability, kills increase handling speed.

Black Jack “All in.”
Exotic trait-21: dual wielding increases accuracy and fire rate, when shooting from the hip.

Sawtooth “On the road to war, sanity is the first casualty.”
Exotic trait-Interceptor: targets suffer increased knock back, precision damage increases range and impact.

(Fusion Rifle)
Molten Majesty “It is said the effect of time on creation is like that of a dragon’s flame.”
Exotic trait-Scorched earth: fully charged rounds deal lingering burn damage.

(Sniper Rifle)
Depth Perception “Stay out of the deep end.”
Exotic trait-Don’t blink: A precision kill returns the round to the chamber. Increased bullet damage the further it travels.

Consequence “…thats on you.” - Crux to Lomar
Exotic trait-True lies: Superheated rounds detonate on impact.

Magma “The force to withstand destruction, the conviction to bear it to the end.”-Carved at eye level
Exotic trait-Ultimate defense: Creates ricochete damage when taking fire.

Voltron Theories Season 2 Updated.

Okay so the fact that we have an echo in the dialogue gets me to wonder two things at the very start. Are they deliberately doing that only for the trailer to make it sound like Shiro is in a metal place that has an echo chamber, or is he really in a place where there’s an echo and he’s talking to Keith somehow while they’re escaping something. For me it’s a toss-up here honestly. On the one hand I can see this being a real moment in the series with them in the black lion or in a fight of some sort. However this could also be a set up for the fans to freak out over since “Space Dad” has become a fan favourite.

Honestly the likelihood of Shiro outright dying in this series is 50/50 right now for me. Reason being is that the production has said that they are going to pull from Go Lion which has a darker ending for Shiro’s expy Shirogane, however this is also being based on Voltron where his fate is less tragic but also just as dire. (There’s also a case where both can turn out to be true but that I’m saving for another post.)

So after this we get the shot of Keith crawling up on the head of the Red Lion and this time (thank you clearer trailer) we can see that he’s in a place where there’s a gray white set up. Now this is sort of important. This could either be the ice place that Pidge sees later, or this is rock planet. We’ve seen in other pictures that the Black lion is on a rocky planet, so that at least tells me that this place where we see Keith is probably the same place, making it where Shiro and Keith both landed in the same location. Or at least that’s what it’s implying here.

This is quickly followed by an underwater shot of Yellow (Hunk) and Blue (Lance) landing on the bottom of an ocean. Something caught my eye now that I can see it far more clearly. There are pods, mini underwater thermal like vents (or chimneys) that are glowing pink with energy. A few things clicked in my mind. Firstly –as someone who has read (and watched) various underwater comics – there is a precedent within shows and comics (especially with science fiction) to have an underground energy source be used to power the likes of an underwater city. We’ve seen it with Star War’s Gungan civilization, with DC’s Atlantis and Marvel’s Atlantis as well. On top of that several anime series also has used the idea of a thermal source being energy for a civilization.

Secondly the fact that they’re falling down so deep means that the lions were designed to not only handle the cold and antigravity of space, but also the pressure of being deep under water, which means that whoever designed the lions knew that they would have to be fighting not only on solid ground and space but also possibly underwater and made it so that the lions could withstand that.

We can also solidly say that we’re going to see more relationship building with Lance and Hunk in at least one episode and one where Keith has to grow and help Shiro.

Next shot we have is of the Green Lion being tied up. Or wrapped up by vine, not rope in this case. A few new things that I noticed. Firstly the place that she’s in is clearly not vegetative and it looks more like the clay desert set up that you might see in some areas of the South west. What’s important about this fact is that the vines are wrapped in a strange way. There’s none over the lion’s mouth to keep it from snapping. It’s only around the head, the legs the body, neck and tail, and it seems somewhat loose. If this was being used to hold her in place or secure her then, whomever wrapped her up didn’t do a good job and, it’s not gonna hold.

Secondly given the curve of the ground it looks like she’s in a river bed of some sort. The ground doesn’t look like the lion impacted on the spot, meaning that she made her way there from somewhere else. Thirdly there’s a group of people there examining the lion, and the way it’s resting sort of is like a cat so it’s not in a aggressive or defensive stance. There are eight people around the lion: two by the tail and the back legs, one by the front right paw, the rest between the mouth and the front right paw. It’s hard to make out here but it looks like they’re wearing very simple outfits, sort of like the Balmerian’s were in the first season.

Who these people are I’m not sure, but we do see at least two of them again in a later shot, so that’s telling a bit right there.

Following this we get two very important, I think scenes:

The first one focuses on Keith with the Black lion, his hand is either out at, or on the Black lion and it’s clear from this background they are the same planet/asteroid/location that Keith was in in the earlier shot confirming that, at least for this episode, the Black and Red lion are both in the same location, meaning it’s likely that Shiro and Keith are there as well.

The second shot is the one that has me interested. Keith looks both worried, concerned and it’s as if he’s concentrating on something. Either he’s worried about Shiro or he’s trying to get the Black Lion to let him in. Whatever the case is he’s sweating because of it, meaning that he’s either run very far or he’s actually trying to actively bond with the Black Lion for some reason. Why? My only guess is that he needs to pilot it for some reason. Or at the very least get inside of it to check on Shiro. If this is the case then that means that Keith creating a bond with the Lion could actually protect the whole integrity of Voltron as the Black Lion is the main head and body of the lion and the others follow after him.

Next sequence is another interesting one for various reasons so I’m going to try to split this up.

First off we see all five lions: Black, yellow, blue, red and green flying in a semi formation towards an unknown planet. What’s interesting about this moment is that the color of light that covers this scene becomes important later on as that same lighting and color comes into play in several moments in the trailer. I thought this might be a flashback, I’m not so sure anymore, however I do suspect that several frames of the trailer come from one episode and this may be part of that.

Following this we can see two sections of the planet which I want to highlight. The first is on the left past the mountain range. Here you can see some strange shapes. These honestly look like roads to me. When flying in a plane you can see land set up based on layout of roads and broken into sections. The land on the left side looks like it’s been tended to and fixed up. There looks to be roads or some sort of wall or cut in to the land that stands out creating areas to walk and possibly buildings and the like. On the right side of the mountains the ground looks more wild, less tended too and more open and untamed. There’s also implications of lakes down there as well as forested areas.

The last thing of interest about this strange planet is that there’s either an atmosphere where the mountains are growing up into space, or that’s a barrier around the planet as the look of it seems to show the atmosphere cutting around the peaks of the mountains. We can see clouds going around them so that does indicate an atmosphere but it could also be both at the same time. If it is a barrier then that does mirror what the original Voltron and Go lion had for Altea where there was a barrier around the planet that Voltron had to get through.

The next shot we get is Hunk and Lance underwater staring at a strange building. Again, this is probably part of the same episode where we see them land in the water together. The interesting thing is that right away we see that same pink glow from a large rock right in front and capping something. There’s moss or some sort of seaweed or plant growing on top, and we can see to the left more pink energy radiating from the bottom of the crust.

As I said before I’m theorizing that that is some form of thermal energy coming from under the ocean floor.

Next we see the building before them. A structure that really does feel like something out of Star Wars Gungan city. There’s a set of curved holders that are holding a star shaped decoration at the top, over a Arrow shaped decoration that is being held up with what looks to me like some sort of clam or muscle inner body. It’s clear that the front of the building is the one with the yellow windows and it looks to be a door way that the two boys are facing. The building is rounded and because of the distance we can’t tell how big it really is.

Another bit of interest in this is the fact that Hunk and Lance can stay underwater for as long as they are outside of their lions. Again that means that the suits are equipped to handle the pressures in space and other terrain. Which could be a very important bit of info if you couple that with the possibility of the group having to be outside of their lions for a time and in space or in a situation where if they take off their suits they will die. Clearly whoever came up with the designs of the lions and the uniforms for their pilots must have been thinking about the possibility of locations that the Paladins would be called to. Which also makes me, again, wonder who built them in the first place?

Now comes the most, or possibly most, controversial moment in this trailer. Or at least why I think it will cause some major questions to come up later. We see the red lion being clearly sucked into a hole. Now there’s a few questions on hand that come right up. Firstly when is this taking place? Clearly that is not the same worm hole that we saw Allura create, and also that’s not the same worm hole that Haggar attacked, so when is this happening?

Well honestly I think this is going to be happening before we see the four lions get together to do something rather big. There’s a moment that comes up a little later in the trailer. In it we see four, not five, lions flying for some strange yellow sun/gas giant planet. Of these lions we see the Black, the Yellow, the Blue and the green. The Red is nowhere in sight. Why is that, well again I’m going to be a tad bit controversial here. I think it’s used as a bit of a sacrifice by possibly Shiro to keep the others safe.

Let me quickly explain. We know that there are several shots in the trailer where we see the lions in action, and normally the red is among them. There is however only this moment and one other moment that I can’t account for all five lions, and that’s the scene where there’s a shot in a space ship grave yard. This leads me to believe we’re going to lose the red lion before the season is out and probably have to get it back by the end. I’m taking a wild guess here but I’m going to assume that Shiro may have something either planted on him, or planted in him that is allowing the Zarkon Empire to follow them. He figures this out and realizing that they’re going to want him and d the Black Lion, takes Keith’s red lion and allows it to fall into the black hole with himself in order to be lost to them.

However the likelihood of this happening is very slim. The other possibility is that the lion has to be let go of in order to save the others and possibly them planting something on it so that it can be located. We know that all five lions are needed to form Voltron, but what do you get when you only have four. There is a possibility that we see in this trailer but more on that later. Reason I think this would be so controversial is that it would mean we would be losing out on a lion for a while and Shiro’s fate, if he did pull that off, would be unknown.

This also might not be a sacrifice so much as he’s letting himself be pulled into that vortex for some unknown reason. Whatever the case maybe I think that here’s the point where we see the red lion vanish for a few episodes.

The four strange men in the scene with the green lion. We can clearly see a very pointed headed man in the foreground with elf ears wearing an orange and white shirt tunic that has short sleeves and possibly an apron tied around his waist as you can make out a bow on his back where one would wear an apron. I’m theorising here that he’s probably some form of worker (Baker, carpenter, something that would work in a shop and need to wear an apron) that came to see what’s happening.  We can see that he’s watching what’s going on with the green lion, and near by the lion is a tall thin man wearing a purple and white robe like top with a hood on the back. He like the first man has pointed ears and a pointed head, so they are clearly from the same race. It’s hard to make out but it looks like he’s touching the paw and there’s energy glowing from his hand. The last two are very small but there are two people near the lion’s jaw and where the air vents are. Both have pointed ears and heads.

By the way it looks like the energy is coming from the ground, so to the Anonymous person who mentioned the Balmera and healing I think you’re onto something here.

We then get a shot of Hunk’s Yellow lion swimming alongside a giant sea creature. This is certainly part of the same episode where we see them land in the water and with the strange looking building. It’s clear that the two may have to deal with something of that size at some point, because why show it if you’re not gonna use it.

Next shot is something I was wrong about. I thought it was the Black Lion forcing up the red lion, however it clearly is Voltron pushing up some form or rock or dirt as we see dust falling off. There’s a red hue to the scene so I’m guessing somethings burning or that it’s in some place with fire.

So the next scene is the shot I mentioned before. We only see four of the five lions in it. Red is nowhere to be found, and they are flying towards what appears to be a giant planet that seems to have some sort of crust left on it. It appears to be breaking apart, or was broken apart as we can see the rocks all over the place indicating some sort of explosion. There’s also no ship there either so that begs another question. Where’s the ship and why are they heading for a large, possibly gas giant? If we assume that the red lion has gone missing then did the ship get sucked in as well? Also where is this place? It looks like there’s another shot where the ship does come into the rock area, but is this also where all the destroyed ships are? Is this what remains of Altea?  Hard to really tell at this point.

Another questionable scene follows were we see a graveyard of ships and, what I assume is the black Lion standing on a platform of sorts, roaring up at the heavens. On it’s back looks like some weird weapon and that go me really examining the weapon. 

There are parts on there that look like lion legs, however because it’s not going to let me zoom in properly and it’s a fast pan scene I can only make some assumptions here. Given that this  might be happening while we’re missing the red lion it could very well be that we’re going to see the four make some sort of special weapon that mounts on the Black lion’s back. It’s really hard to tell for sure.

What’s also interesting about it is that it doesn’t quiet have that yellow look that the gas giant planet did so this might be another episode. There’s the fact that the weapon seems to fire up, have a brilliant light flashing with a spiral galaxy like effect while it fires up. 

Also of importance we get to see a quick shot of the top which looks very much like a gun weapon. It shoots up a straight and wavy beam into the sky and it looks like it has a satilite dish on the very top of it.

This quickly transitions into a large flash and a worm hole opening up for the green lion to go through. This one is most certainly allura’s as we can see the markings for the Altean ship around the hole. Green lion is looking at some sort of domed ice world and a beacon of light flashing up into the sky. This could be the water world that we see Lance and Hunk in as the ice and water could be all contained. Or this is a different area all together. Though it is interesting that this could also be pidge making her way to find the others, and that the lions are giving out sparks to get it’s attention. There’s also the matter of Pidge having enough energy to create a rift to travel through, which, if we’re right about the infusion and healing of the lion, then she should.

The ship landing for certain is the same gas world we see the four lions fly at earlier. Not much to add here.

Again I was wrong on something in my intial theories. I thought that it could be Lotar or the strange sword person that we were seeing. But in fact is was actually Shiro looking over the crystals. This at least means that Shiro will be around for a while and that at least at the start of the season he’s a’okay. Although it looks like he’s studying something and trying to figure out how they can best get through there.

We get a shot of Haggar and Zarkon watching something. I’m not 100% sure here but it looks like he’s not wearing his helmet but his skin looks like it has the same markings. Maybe I’m off. The planet is very Jupiter like, and I have to wonder if this is the episode where several of the scene we keep seeing in this trailer are coming from. Again I’m not sure, but it looks like lighting going on at the bottom of the screen between them. There are red flashes there too, so I wish I knew what was going on for sure. We can at least see Zarkon’s ears here as well. Or that might not be Zarkon at all, who knows.

So we have an invasion on our hands. It’s clear that the large ship is dropping smaller ones planet side. There’s also a shot of a very small glowing ball on the right of the screen. Again hard to make out but it looks like it’s glowing. Maybe a ship rushing in for the invading ship?

Boots on the ground so it’s a straight up invasion on some red planet. Maybe the one where Pidge was on, or where Voltron is hanging out at the moment. Regardless there’s going to be a lot of fighting. This could very well again be a flash back.

However Shiro’s isn’t. We see him, probably kneeling on the ground, sweating terribly. Something clearly has happened to him that has caused him to need to cool off that much. Taken prisoner, being exchanged for something. He doesn’t look defeated more worried about something. And again the color scheme makes me think that this might be connected to the group that’s attacking the planet. We see it clearly that the light is shining from behind him, so he’s running away from something. Maybe he’s escaped again?

Thrace is watching something, probably spying, but he’s not happy at all by what he sees and narrows his brow s for some reason. He’s clearly annoyed with someone and the way that the red glows on his face makes me think that he’s going to be a threat, either to someone we know or one of the bad guys. Whoever it is will not be long for this world with the glare he’s giving them.

The next shot is something that again I have to wonder about. Is it a flash back or at this time? We see a world, possibly the one that Voltron landed on, possibly Altea and a fleet of invaders is coming in. There’s also the fact that there’s a glowing center there that is linking down to the core. Could this be some connection to the Quintessen? Maybe it’s the core of the planet? Hard to tell at this point, but whatever that is it’s probably going to be a plot point at some point in the episode.

The blue lion attacking one of Zarkon’s ships in the yellow broken planet zone was tricky for me to figure out. It’s clear that the camera follows lance and spins as he runs through the whole thing. So we know that he is going to at least be doing some heavy hitting in this episode.

Zarkon flying through space. 

We see a strange planet with large pipe like structures jutting up into the heavens 

and then an asteroid field

 followed by a burst of possibly a sun.

 This might be them warping to the strange Jupiter planet to catch the others. It’s an interesting montage showing that he may know where they are or at least the way to the planet. Which means he could have been there before. If this planet they go to is Altea, then this should be something interesting to speculate about. How long ago he was there last and what does he know about the planet that the others possibly don’t? Does this give him an advantage or no?

We then have a shot of the castle firing on something, again, not sure what that is but it looks like there’s some sort of explosion happening as they’re hitting it? Maybe it’s connected to the crystals episode?

Allura’s also meeting with someone very tall. As I said before this could be Lothor or this could be some form of another general. Clearly it’s not Thrace because the uniform is all wrong. He also seems to be bowing to her showing her respect while she’s scowling and not happy to see him. There is the matter also that her eyes follow him up from the ground as he stands, so clearly there’s some indication that she’s keeping her eye on him. Also of importance is the fact that she’s not “captured” at this moment: ie. locked up, but it does look like she’s on the enemies ship. The uniform he’s wearing seems to indicate someone of authority but it doesn’t match any of the soldiers we’ve seen thus far. This could also be a rebel group that was mentioned in the first season, the colors though again say otherwise.

I can say this honestly that sword weilder is almost certainly female. They have the body that indicates that they will be, and they have a smaller form then the other male members that we’ve seen before.

 On top of all of this their outfit implies a set of hips and probably breasts at the top, although smaller in size, 

There’s also the added fact that the face plate seems a lot more narrow and femine and the outfit also seems to have this feel to it as well.

Another interesting factor is that the end spot with Shiro walking forward has the same purple on the walls as does her suit. Most if not all of the members of Zarkon’s crew have a pink neon color to their energy, this swords person is the first I’ve seen to not have it.

Lance and Hunk are firing at something but the backgrounds are different. Lance’s is a metal area, 

where as Hunks is a clay color much like where the green lion was held.

 There’s also the issue of the green goop that is being thrown from Hunk’s blasts. Plant like substance? That’s a possibility although I don’t have anything proof positive yet on that front. The one thing I can say is that it could be connected to the vines on the green lion.

Pidge fighting in front of the green lion (or blue or black as the paw color is hard to make out), in a room that has the green colors makes me think that it’s a docking bay of some sort. Whose I’m not sure, but it’s clear that she’s ticked off and ready to attack based on that.

Keith piloting either the red or black Lion. 

Still betting on the black at this point because red was out of energy.

 Following this is a shot of the crystal exploding as Voltron hits it. This is most certainly from the same episode that has Shiro on the bridge and the crystals in space behind him.

Following this is four shots of the four paladins looking determined and a possibly completed Voltron in the background. The color of the sky indicates that same planet where we saw earlier the strange landscape with the half being pretty lawns and the other half being strange wild growth.

We end the whole thing with Shiro walking down what looks like a dock with Black lion’s color and Keith calling out to him, which I think is again enhanced along with the blue glowing light. Unless that’s something Keith is hallucinating.

Additional info from New York Comic Con to add into all of this.

Firstly apparently the second episode is going to be the water episode and called The Depths. It will be focusing on Hunk and Lance. 

There be Mermaids that look a bit like Nyma from the first season. What’s interesting too is the fact that the Mer-queen in this case says that Lance is their savoir, and this does mean my theory about the thermal pink being some form of energy for a civilisation. Or at least it stands more of a chance as a chance of being a probability.

We also learn during this episode (or at least from a clip of the show) that Lance will have a new weapon for the blue lion. How this is going to come into play later in the season we don’t know right now, but if anything it’s probably going to signal the change in the way the team sets up it’s fighting at distance.  If Sentai has taught me anything it’s that second seasons and the “Lancer” usually gets the distance firing weapon for the team.

My theory about the strange place with the graveyard of junk was almost correct but the New York comic con panel seems to have put that to rest. Pidge will be showing up on a Junk Planet (Transformers reference) where she builds versions of the group (or at least Keith)

 to keep her company. Weird Al’s supposed to be in there. 

So that weird gun that we see that I thought was connected to possibly the four Lions, wrong. It’s actually something Weird Al and Pidge build, possibly to give her range to make a warp hole to get her out of there. Although it’s a cool thing to have happen.  

It looks like Episode one will focus on Shiro and Keith and their struggles, meaning that episode one is going to be an emotional one and probably it’s going to push Keith and Lance forward through the events to see who will be the leader in the end.

Less important info we got was that Lance was Cuban, which does at least explain the skin tone and the info that he gave about the beach. Pidge is a Horder which actually ties into her connection to the Pidge from the first series as he used a lot of junk to build cool things and fix things. Hunk being a good cook also connects to his older character as he’s supposed to be the better cook of the five guys in the team.

So over all we can at least say we know a few episodes of the series.

We have one major one with Shiro and Keith bonding and growing as a partnership.

We have the Depths giving more added depth to both Lance and Hunk.

We have Pidge still determined to find her family but also proving she can handle things on her own and that she’s starting to see the guys as much of her family as Matt, her father, and her mother.

We’re getting at least one episode that’s dealing with some place ice like. This could be connected to the Depths though as well.

We know that there’s going to be some form of at least two show downs with Zarkon. One on a planet that might be Altea, and one on some other form of planet that probably was destroyed by him.

We know that Shiro’s going to be physically struggling with something along with emotionally, but we can at least say he will show up for several episodes as we see him with the crystal episode and we know he is in the first episode.

We know that the swords person is most likely female and is probably connected to the episode where we see Pidge fighting as well as Shiro walking away because of the color schemes.

We know for sure that Pidges episode is the one where the weird cannon is shot off. But there’s still so many unanswered questions, chief among them, why nothing about Allura in all of this. We are given only one major moment with her physically shown in the trailer, which makes me think they’re saving a lot of plot development for her this season.

anonymous asked:

I'm working on a story that focuses on the events taking place in a galaxy. I've looked around your tags but I don't see any world building that's on such a great scale. How would I go about creating moons, planets, solar systems, stars, that work together in a way that seem realistic? This goes along with designing different planets with unique features that can still provide life. What exactly goes into building a world as large as this?

Sorry about the absence — I was retagging a bunch of posts for the brand new space tag. Congratulations, first reader! There are a few more links in this masterpost (look for the settings heading).

Disclaimer: most of what I know is based on the single star solar system, but you can use more than one sun or no sun at all (see tube worms, thermal vents, etc.). 

The smallest unit of a solar system is the sun, so we’ll start there. The first thing you’ll want to choose is its stellar class, which is basically a measure of how hot and bright it is. Most suns are along the main sequence or supergiants. Using a Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (the image in the link) will even tell you how long the sun has until it explodes. Sol is G2, if you’re making an Earthlike planet.

After you decide which sun to use, you can start using math to figure out planets. The first thing you’ll want to figure out is the star’s habitable zone. This is the area where liquid water and the greenhouse effect could exist and Earthlike life could arise. You shouldn’t confine yourself only to liquid water as a life-starter; scientists have theorized nitrogen- and ammonia-based life could exist.

The habitable zone is

  • d = √L (d = distance in AU {149,597,871 km}, L = luminosity relative to Earth)
  • L = M^3 (L = luminosity relative to Sol, M = mass relative to the sun {found in HRD}, e.g. 1.1 sun masses, 5.7 sun masses)

The edges are 95%-137% of the resulting distance and the distance will be in AU. 

So you have a place to put your planet. But what will it be? Most scientists think life-supporting planets will be relatively Earth-sized and rocky (vs. gaseous). Again, you don’t need to confine yourself to what Earth science says, unless you’re writing really, really hard sci-fi. Look into theories on extraterrestrial life/living conditions and assume a few of them are true. At the very least, it’ll make things interesting.

After you’re done with your habitable planet(s), add a few other planets to make a solar system. The details for making them in accordance with how far they are from the sun(s) are in the previous links. After you have a solar system, you can repeat that step several million more times to make a galaxy. That would be the right scale. But, since I doubt you want to die before plotting out a quarter of your worlds (let alone their cultures), pick 3-5 really important planets that you spend time building, 5-10 kind of important planets you spend a bit building, and 10-15 other planets that at least have names. That way you can reference some other cultures and planets to make your galaxy seem larger.

I wouldn’t put too much thought into figuring out how the galaxy came to be, why there are planets in any particular place, or how it’s held together unless you want to make a career out of it. Between the sources here and some extra research, you can fabricate a feasible galaxy and only hardcore astronomy nerds will know otherwise.


Scaly-Foot Gastropod,      Chrysomallon squamiferum

A remnant of the distant past when all animals were made of metal, in the deepest most-crushing depths of the ocean, blacker than the blackest black times infinity…

Enter, the Wolverine Snail

The only known animal to have a metal skeleton, this creature thrives in the gateways to hell that lie at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  The Wolverine Snail (also known as the Scaly-foot gastropod) leeches toxic chemicals from the region surrounding thermal vents and feeds it to an internal array of symbiotic bacteria that convert the poison into food.  The lifespan of this creature is yet unknown, one can therefore assume that they, like the true Wolverine, are immortal.

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Sound Navigation and Ranging, paul/teemu

“I love you,” Teemu says cheerfully. “You know that. Don’t die in a volcano.”

Paul pauses in putting his boots on. “I won’t die in a volcano,” he says finally. “It’s not that kind of volcano.”

“All volcanoes are that kind of volcano. And you’re supposed to say it back,” Teemu reminds him.

Teemu has been on board the NOAA research submarine Judge Nahar for six months and fourteen days when the Canadians swap out for the Swedes. He’s been fixing broken camera equipment and rewiring computers for half a year when they all stand up and introduce themselves in the cramped mess hall, one by one, enthusiastic, ridiculous faces all here to do the best science they could imagine.

“Hi,” they say, waving their hands in aborted, defunct gestures of greeting. “I am Don; Andre; Hannah. I am here from all kinds of places. I study thermal vent systems; I study ignimbrite eruption in La Pacana caldera; I study the ecosystem effects of ocean acidification. I am so happy to be here.”

Teemu greets them all with a smile: they should be happy to be here. The Judge Nahar is amazing.

The last one to go is a man Teemu’s age, dark-eyed and oddly wary.

“Hi,” he says, not even pretending to wave. He isn’t smiling; he does not look like he quite knows how. “I’m Paul Kariya. I… study rocks.”

Teemu has been working on engines since he was four, working on boats since he was ten, and a mechanic for twenty-six years, and he has never met anyone like Paul Kariya.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense for mermaids to be like, pale white?

Not white-people white, though.

These are creatures that would have very little, of any, reason to come up to the surface for long enough to even have the biological capability to produce melanin… 

Most sea creatures at significant depths (where they are most likely) are either see-through, fluorescent, or that odd white colour that’s almost luminescent. 

(Or perhaps seal-dark, maybe? It’s a matter of evolution and adaptation)

Also, if they lived down towards the bottom, near volcanic vents… then they might be eyeless, pallid white creatures that have never seen the sun and probably don’t believe it exists?

Heck, there could be entire tribes of mermaids down there; those that live up near the surface and adapted to semi-above-surface life -having melanin-coloured skin of different shades and hues.
Those that live upon the reefs, colourful as the coral and tropical fish that find their homes there.
Those that live in the depths, with fluorescent bio luminescence and predatory adaptations to lure in prey…
Those near the thermal vents with blinding white skin that has never known light, and no eyes…


Also, mermaids without that segment between mermaid and fish, for some of them; as not all conform to human bodytypes.

Some in colder waters or greater depths are, not fatter, but instead more insulated in an all-over capacity.

Those who have to be predatory to survive, are slimmer, more agile and mostly powerful muscles; sharklike, almost. Built for speed and death.


…I have no idea why I am thinking about this rn. But there you go… random mermaid conversation…

I dare you to write a story taking place deep in the sea

Be creative! Is your character a sea creature? A human researcher? Is your setting one of fantasy, scifi, or both? What kinds of deep sea environments fascinate you enough for you to explore them in your writing? Sunken ships? Deep thermal vents? Dark, infinite chasms?

Think outside the box!

If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag I dare you to write and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

If you’re particularly brave, include or elude to your piece or this prompt in your NaNo project!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve finally gone back and rewatched the Fortune Nookie scene to see if I could really make sense of it. While I’m disappointed as hell that I felt compelled to go back and frame-by-frame study what was going on here in order to come to these conclusions, at least SOMEONE involved with the production of this scene knows us well enough to expect we WILL go and do stuff like this in order to get a full reading of what the hell is actually going on here.

Not sure if anyone else has already done this, but for anyone who knows me, my screencapping abilities basically consist of borrowing caps from Home of the Nutty, or pausing my tv and taking pics of it with my phone. I know I know, I’m so freaking high tech. Pffft.

Warning below the cut, where I try to figure out how Cas ended up at Fortune Nookie (ew), but the warning is more for lots and lots (there’s a buttload, actually) of my terrible photographs than the actual Fortune Nookie content. Here we go!

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