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stuff from the original heathers ending

i have been obsessing over this little snippet of the original heathers script ((pls daniel waters,, i’m begging you,, release the whole thing)) and there are just so many things that fell out of place just because so much changed between the script and the movie and i feel the need to share them

  • heather mcnamara Also hooks up with david from the remington party
  • there are five suicides. obviously three are heather chandler, ram, and kurt, but since this scripts was written under the assumption that the reader has already read all of the script leading up to this point, it does not expound at all on who exactly the five suicides were. we can only speculate (and i’m guessing heather duke and peter because there are some lines that suggest it)
  • martha dunnstock is paralyzed up to the legs
  • it’s implied that veronica killed people because she wanted the other students to learn something
  • ms fleming attempted suicide five times
  • instead of the doll, jd hangs the bedsheet noose,, which has even more of an “and then there were none” vibe
  • jd makes it very clear that when he was planning to kill veronica, he was going to make sure it was quick and painless
  • veronica’s mom slaps her for faking suicide
  • jd sits nude while holding a family portrait and admiring the bomb he built and in the next scene veronica sits nude while holding a gun
  • jd sets up thermals all throughout the school and at one point a hall monitor stops him and asks for a hall pass so jd shoots him and hides the body in the boiler room after stuffing a thermal down his pants
  • veronica decides to blow herself up after witnessing the typical horrible things that go down in a hallway during a passing period, but what stands out to me is that she also witnesses betty finn holding hands with a guy and heather mcnamara “in melancholic but eerily heroic contemplation” which to me seem like things that would make her not want to die
  • in her final moments, veronica helps a beetle that got stuck on its back
  • betty finn and heather mcnamara simultaneously find veronica’s suicide note while everyone else is freaking out
  • then the prom in heaven sequence starts and shit gets weirder
  • i think peter and some character that was not in the final movie named shannon have a baby?? (might be worth mentioning that she was a member of the yearbook staff)
  • there are so many more characters that i feel like i’m supposed to know some of them have descriptions but most do not and i am Confused
  • there are so many reconciliations between characters going on in this scene and then kurt has his prom picture taken with the cow he tipped
  • Also! mr. dawson is mentioned in this script and if you keep up with the reboot cast list there is a character there by the same name that i was wondering about a while back. it’s possible that the reboot my draw a bit from this original script (although i doubt jason micallef has the whole thing but he does please share jason)
  • jd does a guitar solo
  • leaders of the united states and the soviet union come on stage with big fun and fly their flags 

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Partisans au head canons you have.

The first time Jyn has to kill someone at close range, she’s just turned 15. Saw’s kept her in the background until now, but her skill and fervor has propelled her to the front lines, as have the diminishing ranks of the Partisans. She’s set up thermal detonators, fired blasters rifles from long range, but she’s never been there breathing the same air as her enemy when they have died. Until now.

It’s a Stormtrooper and he’s bigger than her by a foot and almost a hundred pounds, but she’s quick and resourceful and a twist and a crack of a truncheon and a choke hold drops him, Cassian running to her aid just as the trooper falls dead at her feet.

It hits her when she gets back to their base camp what she’s done. She never saw the trooper’s face but she heard the death rattle, felt his body thrashing for life as she pressed and pressed the baton against his windpipe. She looks at the cuts on her hands, feels the bruise on her face, and stares out into the darken wood before her.

It’s a beautiful night when it feels as though it shouldn’t be. The sky is clear and the field of stars extends forever. Cassian tends to her wounds wordlessly and sits nearby to keep her quiet company. After an hour she finally comes to sit next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. “It won’t be the last one,” she says simply, and he nods because he knows that’s the truth. She takes his hand and they walk back to the camp, laying out their bedrolls next to one another, staring at one another until it becomes too dark to see or they are too tired to keep their eyes open.

Colorful Emotions

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Prompt: Bones rescues an alien child!reader from her abandoned planet and they both get attached.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,551

A/n: I’m such trash for Daddy!Bones. I need it to breathe. It’s in 3rd person and also, 2 fics in one night?! It’s a miracle.

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Coming Home, Pt.3

Summary: Bucky sets out to find you with the aid of Steve and Sam. None of them are planning on coming out of this with clean hands.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2251

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Swearing. Graphic violence. (It got real dark, my friends)

|| PART 1 || PART 2 ||  PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 ||

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                        Promises, promises
                                                                          …safe out there
                             …you come home to me…
                  I love you…
                                     I love you

His words repeated and echoed throughout your mind, floating untethered as you began to slip back into a conscious state. You were waking up. Your head was spinning yet anchored in place, a heaviness weighed down on you that made you feel sick to your stomach. Your vision was dark and you couldn’t distinguish whether your eyes were open or not. The only sound you could perceive was that of your own heartbeat, beating steadily in your ears. So there’s one certainty out of the way. You were alive. But in what capacity? Where? What the hell happened?  A tingling sensation started to course throughout your body and you could feel your extremities again. You felt a distinct pain emanating from your left leg, dull yet enough to ground you into a more alert state. At least they set your bone back into place and wrapped the limb. You tried to move but couldn’t, you were bound to a chair and the restraints on your wrists chaffed roughly on your skin. There was a slickness there and you realized that the rope was probably coated with your blood, so you halted your movements.

Now that you were fully alert you could sense that you weren’t alone. There was a sudden shift of movement in front of you and in one swift motion, you could see again. Blinking rapidly, you adjusted to your surroundings thankful that the lighting was dim. From what you could tell, you were in a garage or maybe a bunker. Four men were stationed around you, three were standing while one sat before you. He was sitting casually in a backward-facing chair, like a stubborn teenager rebelling against etiquette. He had taken off his mask, fully exposing his sweat and blood stained face. You narrowed your eyes coldly as you shot daggers at him with your gaze, paying the same respect to the other men. You cleared your throat and broke the silence, your voice was steady and harsh.

“You guys are fucking idiots.”

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Just a Robot // 01

Just a Robot // 01


surprise surprise! i wanted to start with an au that came to me a while back, which is inspired by @babyitsbts! there’s a slight twist to this besides it not being a jungkook scenario, but a scenario with all the members of bts. before anyone asks there will most likely be an ending with all the members for you to read so that all the boys get a chance to shine individually hehe. i hope it’s not too terrible.

word count : 1,760

A whirring sound and a click.


A bright flash behind the back of your eyelids.


Another click.

You struggle to open your eyes, not being able to no matter how much you struggled.

Another click.

You feel a whirring sensation at the place where your neck meets your shoulder. Something has been put there. How you knew this you did not know. Cold touches are being made all over your body, the sensation and sounds that they were making left you restless and aware of every little thing.

You feel a touch much warmer than the others place something in what you assumed was your arm, locking itself in place with yet another click.

Another whirring sound and then silence.


You realize you can now open your eyes, a painfully bright white ceiling being the first thing you see. Your eyes focus and you slowly try to get up. You see a blanket is covering your body and pull it closer to you as you finally manage to stand.

Looking around to survey your surroundings you make out the four strangers in front of you. Scanning their faces, a profile appears next to each of them. The one to the far left was named…

Woo Jinyoung, 26 years old, married and the oldest out of the five. His eyes were cold looking behind his rectangular shaped glasses, a small light starting to shine in them for a reason you did not know.

Next to him was a man taller than all the others, a disbelieving smile on his face. His dimple is what stood out the most to you. Kim Namjoon, the profile read, 21 years old. He was very smart from what you read, his IQ very high.

After him was a kind looking man, his pillow-like lips turning up into a smile that fit his handsome face perfectly. Kim Seokjin, his profile stated. He was roommates with Kim Namjoon apparently, and was 24 years old, the person in charge.

The last person’s file was Park Jihoon, the youngest of all of them at the age of 19 years old. He had graduated through high school and college at a young age, a prodigy, the file said. His eyes were bright and he smiled as well, revealing deep dimples.

You silently stood there as the five men started cheering in excitement, granted Woo Jinyoung stayed on the side, a small smile on his face.

“Wait, wait.” Kim Seokjin said, his cheers going down. “We need to see if she’s properly programmed before getting too excited.” The other three quieted down, walking up to you for inspection.

“Jihoon, the thermal system.”

“On it.” Park Jihoon makes his way up to you, gently moving the blanket down so he can investigate the back of your shoulder where the thermal settings were, checking the thermostat.

“All good to go.”

“Good. Jinyoung, the eye focus if you please.” Jinyoung brings a flashlight up to your eyes, putting it down when your pupils focus in and out properly without any signs of failure.

“We’re good.”

“Great. Namjoon, the body structure and anatomy, if you don’t mind.”

You notice the other three men turn around as Namjoon quickly makes sure everything is in order, wrapping the blanket back around you when he finishes. You start to pay more attention to the blanket, seeing its light blue color and how soft it looks. “Pororo” the blankets logo read.

“All good here. Your turn, Dr. Kim.” Kim Namjoon’s voice was starting to fill up with glee again.

Kim Seokjin walks up to you again and opens his mouth to ask you a question. “What is your purpose?”

Your mouth moves on its own, the words coming out automatically. “My purpose is to help those that require help, and to protect them if necessary. If I go against these orders, I am to shut myself down and go into permanent hibernation mode.”

“Good. What is your ID number?”

“I am number 98225680, subject 16.”

“And your name is..?”

“My name is Y/N.”

A smile spreads upon Kim Seokjin’s face. “Well boys, looks like we’ve done it.”

You had been given clothes by Kim Seokjin, after having been taught how to put them on by one of the female doctors. They had quickly explained what a bra was to you, even if you technically didn’t need one.

They had given you a medium sized plain white wool sweater, which felt just like the Pororo blanket you had on you earlier. Your jeans were skinny but comforting as well. Luckily, there weren’t white like the rest of the lab, but instead a pale blue. They had even given you a pair of socks and slippers to wear, sadly the both of them were the color you were quickly getting sick of; white.

They chose not to take away the Pororo blanket when they saw how attached to it you were, whispering that you at least needed something to hold onto.

In the other room, the four doctors were whispering about what to do with you now that they had finally succeeded in making a real human-like robot. Your sensors were able to pick up sounds from far away it seemed.

“We can take her in with us, can’t we hyung?” The voice belonged to Kim Namjoon. “Jinyoung hyung is still technically on his honeymoon with Jihye unnie.” He pauses for a moment. “And we already know Jihoon can’t take care of anything outside of the lab properly without losing it right after.”

“Hey!” a sound of protest came from Park Jihoon. “Not all the time…” he mumbles.

“Then I guess I don’t see a problem with it then,” You hear Kim Seokjin say. “Maybe next time, Jihoon-ah.”

You hear more grumbling coming from Park Jihoon and footsteps beginning to approach the door to the room you were in.

The door opens to reveal a smiling Kim Seokjin and Namjoon.

You turn your head to them, automatically greeting them. “Hello, Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon.”

A small frown etches it way onto Seokjin’s face. “There’s no need for formalities, Y/N. Just call me Jin, and Namjoon here, well Namjoon.”

“But that is not what I was programmed to call you, Kim Seokjin.”

Jin couldn’t help but be slightly unnerved by your blank stare, but he still gave you a smile anyway. “Well it is now. Give me a moment please.” He walks up to you and gently grabs your right arm.

You remember this warm touch from when you couldn’t open your eyes. Curious as to what exactly was so special about your arm you look down to see him pluck out an SD card from where your wrist is. Your vision goes dark for a moment, your other senses heightened again.

You wait silently until the warm touch is back and your vision has returned. You scan the two’s faces, their profiles now different. Kim Seokjin, Nickname: Jin. Jin was in bold, most likely highlighted so you would remember to call him that. The same was said for Namjoon’s profile, except for him it was only Namjoon that was in bold.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, let’s take you to our dorm shall we?” They both carefully lead you outside of the lab and to the parking lot.

You can’t help but be amazed by your surroundings as you make your way to Jin and Namjoon’s car. It was a full moon outside and snow was everywhere. The lab had a nice layer of greenery around it, beautiful flower bushes here and there.

Their car was a black SUV. They probably shared their dorm with more than just the two of them to need such a big car, you guessed.

Jin opens the backseat car door for you and helps you settle in, helping you with your seatbelt. He seems to have remembered something and looks down at your feet.

“That’s right. You’ll need better shoes than slippers in this cold,” Jin turns to Namjoon, who was still waiting next to him, still outside.

“Do you think there any pairs of the boys’ shoes in the trunk?”

“I’ll check.” Namjoon opens the trunk and searches for a few minutes, successfully finding a pair. “I found Jimin’s converse from a while back.” He hands the faded yellow shoes to Jin and mumbles something about telling Jimin to stop buying converse lows.

Jin takes the shoes from Namjoon and puts them on for you. “Hope they don’t smell too bad,” he says apologetically.

“It is okay.” You tell him. “I am grateful for what you have given me. Thank you Jin…” You pause. “Is ‘Oppa’ the correct term?” Jin nods. “Thank you Jin Oppa.”

“No problem.” Jin gives you another smile and closes the car door, getting in the driver’s seat. Namjoon gets in soon after, making himself comfortable in the passenger seat. You hear a click, sitting up straight in your seat in alarm.

Namjoon sighs, turning to Jin who was now starting the car. “Do not tell me that you just turned on child’s lock, hyung.”

“What? You never know if she might get curious and open the door.” Jin starts to pull out the parking lot, them being the last ones to leave the lab. “You must always be prepared.”

“Hyung, I doubt she would do that.” But this must be a normal thing to happen for him, because he soon gives up and slumps back in his seat, pulling out a pair of earbuds from his jacket pocket and looks out the window.

You continue to stare blankly ahead at the headrest in front of you, your Pororo blanket still wrapped around you until the car stops and your car door is opened for you once again.

It is Namjoon that helps you get out this time, closing the door behind you after you got out.

“It’s about 12AM now, so the others should be sleeping, but you can meet them tomorrow.” Jin says as you get on the elevator leading up to their dorm.

“You will stay with us in our dorm for three months. This’ll be a surveying period just to make sure everything is all good with you and that you fulfill your purpose well. This will also help us in reference to when we make other robots that will hopefully succeed this time just like it did with you,” Namjoon explains.

You nod in response to all that they said.

“All right then!” The elevator doors open.

“Let’s go shall we?”

Dramione Christmas Aesthetic

Draco: Softly falling snow on Christmas morning, packages wrapped in shiny paper, heirloom ornaments passed down through generations, expensive pea coats, figgy pudding, hot apple cider with anise stars, green peppermints, an elegant dining table with silver settings

Hermione: Knitted stockings hanging over the hearth, colorful Christmas cards arriving by post, strands of twinkling lights, thermal pajama sets, gingerbread men cookies, oversized mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows, candy canes, trees trimmed with red and gold baubles

Friendly compromises

The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKneesHome


It was a draining case. Not as horrific as the previous one, with the headless corpses and the corpse-less heads but still terrible in its own right: victim abduction-victim rape-five minutes of sheer terror in the end with guns out in blinding fear followed by five hours of fruitless interrogation and finally, a confession that made the hairs on the back of Scully’s neck stand on end.

“Mulder?” When he didn’t respond, she tried again, “Mulder?”

Instead of a typical, ‘yeah?’ he came back with a hauntingly quiet, “sometimes I wonder what keeps me from killing these people? I wonder why I don’t just say ‘fuck it’ to my livelihood and beat the living hell out of these soulless nightmares of human beings, to be generous in their classification. Why do I not just snap and make them suffer? Instead I follow rules and get confessions and arrest them and pay taxes so their sorry asses get to live in this world and do their time and get free and do all that shit again. Why do I do this damn job in the first place? I know how it all ends. I know exactly how the cycle goes yet I just keep doing it. Over and over.” With a deep, vibrating breath, “we need a damn vacation.”

He’d drifted through these thoughts before but for some reason, tonight’s version set her stomach to tightening, her nerves frayed enough from the last five days that she couldn’t quite convince herself that he was okay under his angst. Ignoring her aches and pains, she felt in the pockets of her coat, coming up with the only thing she could offer in their darkened car with still an hour drive to home. Holding out an M&M from her secret pocket stash, “I’m sorry.”

Mulder looked, then did a double take before taking the candy, “if it’d been red, it could have been love.”

The next one she handed him was orange, “sorry. There aren’t any in the bag.”

“Story of my life, Scully. Story of my life.”


Once they were back at his place, Mulder disappeared to his bedroom, emerging a minute later already wrapped in pajamas pants and a thermal. Tossing a set of clothes at her, “here. Meet me on the couch in five minutes. I’m ordering a deep-dish and you can’t stop me.”

“Salad, too, please.”


Full of excellent O’Reilly pizza a half-hour later, Mulder went to toss the trash but after a minute, he didn’t return to the couch, sending Scully in search of him. She found him contemplating the large map they’d marked all to hell the week before, “did you put on the latest place?”

Pointing with his pen, “yeah.”

When his conversation stopped there, she scooted up beside him, “are you okay?”

“Not really.”

Trailing her hand down his arm and teasing his thumb between her fingers, “I’m sorry I didn’t have any red M&Ms in the bag. I usually eat them all first because they’re my favorite.”

“I’ll bet I can order you a whole bag of them from whoever the hell makes them.”

Moving to simply grip his thumb, “I’ll share ‘em with you.”

This finally elicited some kind of facial expression other than borderline depression, “thanks.” Looking down at her, “I see our options right now as two very distinct choices. Would you like to hear them?”

“Of course. Lay ‘em on me.”

“We can either go to sleep or stay awake?”

Wrinkling her nose, Scully wondered where this could possibly be heading because it was too simple, too black and white and too totally not her partner at all, “is there a door number three?”

“Drunken Scrabble and melancholy soul torment.”

“Please tell me there’s a fourth door, then. Pretty please?”

“Three’s all you get.”

Scully moved her hand from his thumb to wrap her arms around his waist from the side, “I would like part of three intermingled with section two followed by part one, if that suits you?”

“You had to say the word ‘suit’, didn’t you? Had to bring work back up. Thanks.”

She squeezed him as tightly as her tired bones would allow, “sorry, partner. You look good in a suit though, so that’s saying something.”

With a guffaw bordering on chuckle, he patted her arm, “it’s probably too late for liquor though, isn’t it?”

“It’s a Saturday night. We don’t have to be anywhere until Sunday dinner.”

“Bring it on.”


First order of business, find a Scrabble board … and tiles … and a pad of paper.

The board itself turned out to be the most difficult to hunt down. Scully couldn’t help asking more than once why he had the tiles sitting innocently on his bookshelf but the board was nowhere to be found.

“Why you gotta ask me these hard questions, partner? Just accept that I keep them in two different places.”

“But you’ve forgotten one of those places.”

“I’m questioning more why, when you’ve been through my bookshelf numerous times, that you haven’t once asked me why I had the bag of tiles without the board? Hmmm? Got an answer for that one?”

“I think I like melancholy Mulder better right now.”

Giving her a semi-playful smile, “we can return to him at any point in the evening. He’s hovering just below the surface.”

“I’ll draw the board myself first, if I have to.”

Soon, they unearthed it, innocently folded up and being used as a shelf for jeans in his closet, the flat surface held up with stacks of old textbooks, “ahh-ha. I forgot about that.”

Looking at the poor man’s shelf he’d build, “you realize you actually earn a paycheck now, correct? You could just buy a metal shelf. $15 at the hardware store.”

“Well, if we’re going to keep using the board, I will but if this is a one-time thing, perfectly good shelf right there.”

“Just go find me some liquor, would you?” Once she’d cleared the coffee table and set up the board, she called out to Mulder, “ready when you are.”

Appearing in the door almost instantly, looking sheepish, “um, so, what would you say if I told you the closest thing I have to proper libations is a fermented bottle of white grape juice that is decidedly not white anymore?”

Scully rubbed her hands together devilishly, “then we stay sober and I kick your ass in the best game ever invented for geeks like me.”

As he settled on the floor beside her, “how about a friendly compromise of no scientific jargon from you and no psycho-babble from me? Straight up, normal people words.”

Counting out her seven tiles, “but our straight up, normal people words are scientific jargon and psycho-babble.”

“Well, then, I guess we play to the death, genius vs. genius, liberal arts vs. science, Scully vs. Mulder in the battle of the century.”

“You’re on, Spooky.”

“Eat my dust, G-Woman.”

The first word that landed on the board was ‘cat’.

Marksman unit based on random palette generator. 

A human Spotter and alien anti-materiel sniper, a part of the forced conscription program run by the local military Garrison in conjunction with the planets stationed police. Mandatory conscription of capable races by human militaries is a common sight. It is usually a mutually beneficial exchange of soldiers and technology for a stable capitalist planetary government and capable law enforcement. However rare resistance may be some intelligent races either wish for no involvement with human governments or overtly oppose any partnership and are ready to engage in planetary skirmish. These displays are usually cut down through displays of the gross amount of nuclear prowess human governments posses. 

Currently this race of cold blooded amphibians serve as marksmen of all kinds due to their excellent eyesight and steady aim. Being cold blooded they are hard to spot through thermal optics, further giving them an edge in first strike combat. While they had developed ballistic firearms of their own the human government was able to provide much more advanced options such as automatic ranging, Thermal and NVG combi-sets. The most common is an anti materiel magnetic accelerator that uses nuclear power packs to power magnetic rails that propel an 8mm slug up to mach 7. These packs act as both the magazine and power source, each only having enough power to fire the 6 slugs in said magazine. Weapon remains inert unless powered, even if the proper ammunition is used. unless the enemy is capable of manufacturing their own power cells it will be useless. 

The human spotters are members of the stationed police force who are selected based on their ability or team work skills. It is a non negotiable position that must be taken and conditions are often poor. This leads to many harboring a deep dislike for the conscripted races. In face many spotters harbor a specific disdain for the Amphibian marksmen, as their attitude is often “passive and hesitant” . The spotters take issue with their cold blooded nature as well. While most of the planet is humid and forested this is only during the day, nights are cold and wet. Housing is not always available so the snipers will seek out to warm themselves with the nearest heat-source, more often than not this happens to be the spotter in his temperature controlled suit. This invasion of privacy not appreciated and further fragments relations between local conscripts and the assigned officer. The assigned officers usually return to the force with only disdain for the entire operation and a new found dislike for the local populous.

#BestGiftEver: Comfy PJs

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why is it that people with long hair are consistently the worst customers? actually I know the answer to this. it’s because they’re so protective of their length and never cut their damn hair. so when they come into you and ask for you to take off the dead ends, you see the bottom 3 or 4 inches are completely fried and you show them how much of the ends have to come off (and they nod like “you would know better than me”) & trim them. and then they get mad?

also they’ll say things like “blow dry my hair so it has volume” AND I WILL TELL THEM that because of the weight of longer hair it’s really difficult to put volume into it without back combing it or doing a roller or thermal set or a chemical texturizing service (extra $), and that if they want volume in their hair then the best thing for them is to get a long layered cut. and they turn it down every time and get nippy when their hair doesn’t have a lot of volume it in. im sorry! I’m a beautician, not a magician