Neimongosaurus yangi


Name: Neimongosaurus yangi

Name Meaning: Nei Mongol lizard 

First Described: 2001

Described By: Zhang et al. 

ClassificationDinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Maniraptoriformes, Maniraptora, Therizinosauria, Therizinosauroidea, Therizinosauridae

Neimongosaurus is pretty much exactly what you would expect. It is known from two fragmentary skeletons. It was found in the Iren Dabasu Formation in Inner Mongolia, dating to the late Campanian and early Maastrichtian ages of the Late Cretaceous, about 72 to 68 million years ago. It was bipedal, herbivorous, and was about 2.3 meters long. Originally it was placed more basally, in therizinosauroidea, however since it has been relocated to a more advanced position in therizinosauridae. 


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