Our school has the pledge of allegiance over the loud speaker everyday. My amazing Script writing teacher always says under gun instead of under god. I though it was funny and ironic definitely true. Him and I tend to see eye to eye on a lot of topics. Today he posted this in is room. Best. Teacher. Ever.

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hi different anon. just curious. what does being a riot grrrl mean? and involve? what's the movement about?:)

Hi! Being a riot grrrl is many things combined. Riot grrrl started as a feminist rock movement in the seattle area (I went there this summer!). Since then the movement has turned into much more! It involves feminism, music, fashion, body positive/self love, and art. Bands like jack off jill, L7, brat mobile, bikini kill, and the lunachicks are knows as the biggestA big part of modern Riot grrrl is Zines! My friend bitter-feminist and I made our first Zine this summer-feminist slut- We are still selling it!