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Mikoto stood on the shore near his old house, his eyes focused on the horizon. The wind was cold so he pulled his coat tighter around his body as he sighed softly. “How long are you going to stand there and continue watching me? It´s slowly getting creepy.” He asked with a calm voice as he slowly turned his head towards the young woman who was standing a few feet behind him. He had felt her presence a while ago, but had let her watch him, curious what she was going to do.

→Hail that primordial Shadow

“Tonight there will be more resurrections.”

The woman in black, in a voice that resounded through the cemetery, walked slowly. She wondered, where would her lantern take her this time? Will she resurrect a dancer, a gangster or butcher? “Shame. I was looking forward to reading that new how-to book on knitting. Something to do for the night.”

Customarily, the mystical item glowed and swirled in its light – until it suddenly sent a spark out into the night and towards to an unknown destination.

“…uh-huh. I don’t think that’s new. This doesn’t bode too well, now. Who would it–”


The cup rattled in her hands, as she tried to calm down. The refrigerator door almost went off its hinges as she peered inside. No tea tonight, no water – just possibly good old fashioned mixture of coke soda and tonic. She’s never even found out whatever tonic is, save for that one time she drank scotch and tonic but that was just her being nice at parties. Just something to drink is what she wants, something to get those images out of her head so she can stay up all night again.

As someone obscure once sang, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’.

The green light had other plans for her, as it broke through one of the apartment windows and struck her back. Barely a response came out of her mouth as her blonde locks flowed upfront and her body started to dissipate into the green light. Spectrums merged as she felt herself being thrust again through inter-dimensional pathways, across the Bleed, and out to wherever the lantern saw fit to take her.

It’s a sensation she had grown accustomed to, but not particularly liked where it left her at times. Case in point: Lia popped up under a very oddly-looking large bell and–


              –into some sort of well.

To Lia’s credit, what she hadn’t realized is that she appeared at an entrance to a Shinto shrine; the bell, a Suzu, came at the end of a red-and-white entwined rope. The well in actuality was a box, in where people would offer money to whichever animistic deities they prayed. So…breaking the box was a very bad thing indeed.

“Ow!,” she clamored, trying to get a leg up in the air. “Like, what just happened?!”

a certain kind of itch

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((Might be good to make a thread)) Mayu looks at her. “A certain kind of itch?” she tilts her head, a slight tinge of pink coming to her cheeks. “W..well, I don’t know, but are you staying anywhere nearby? It would be embarrassing to discuss this in public, I think.”

  Kari nodded a bit, “I’ve been living in the room above Naomi’s Cafe down the street…” she states a blush on her own face.


The Gate that fight's back!

Ranma was walking aimlessly  around Nerima as he usually did when he pisses off Akane so with no wish to stay home with the tomboy on a war path he escaped before she could send him in low earth orbit

Just as he was about to jump away on a roof he heard a roar behind him and turned just in time to see a big humanoid looking monster coming at him with the intention to grab him

“I found you Gate!”

Evading the monster with a bored expression Ranma could tell this guy was all power and no skill whatsoever maybe strong as Ryoga but not even a forth of the skill Ryoga used his strength with

“Buddy I really think you chose the wrong guy to pick a fight with”

The monster turned towards Ranma rage on his beastly face

“Stay still and let the fear of death drive you to despair!”

The monster tried to hit Ranma with his fist but he simply jumped evading the hit altogether and landing on the monster head

“Man your slow dude did anyone ever told you that?”

The monster comically punched his own head as he tried to hit Ranma again but the martial artist simply jumped again and this time gave him a axe kick that sent him on the floor cracking the very pavement they were standing on

“Sigh buddy I don’t know what the hell a Gate is or why you’re doing this but you should really give up before I get serious cause really…”

Ranma grabbed the monster as he was about to stand and pulled him in a judo throw that sent him rocketing against a wall

“you don’t stand a chance”

As this was going on thought Ranma couldn’t help the feeling of someone watching him

Out of Medals: You know, the more and more I think about it...

the more and more I realize how uncomfortable I actually am with sexual RPs, and sex in general really.  I mean I’m alright with saying the characters  did it or whatever, but I don’t know how I feel so much about RPing it out etc.

so I’m sorry to everyone who may have wanted to be involved, the current M!As are cancelled.