Today was my last day at Six Flags. Words cannot even describe how much love I have for this place for one reason: the friends I’ve made through the whole experience. This was my first job in CA and it’s the first family I made. I will miss seeing your faces everyday. Complaining about stupidity and 10-38 won’t be the same without all of you. Thank you for making me feel loved and welcome when I took the risk to move 3,000 miles from home. I know we won’t be strangers. It’s a “see ya later”, not a “goodbye”. I love and miss you already!!!!! @a_gee89 @aj_o9 @markie_marc24 @calilegit @king_dom101 @brittanyknudson @andrewdelgado12 @pahlola #sixflags #magicmountain #theriddlersrevenge


Waiting to ride #theriddlersrevenge with my baybeh. :D

Today we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my BROhemian rhapsody’s @onenightinkevin and @petedoas and rode about a billion INSANE roller coasters! My heart’s still pounding. Best day ever! Great way to end this leg of the trip! Tomorrow we’re off to San Francisco! #sixflags #theriddlersrevenge #x2 #magicmountain #themepark #batman #batmanride #goliath #rollercoasters #california #fuckyeah