The concept of humanity can't be forgotten

One of the most important things that Otherkin/Therian typically forget (at least most of the tumblr ones) is that their bodies are human.

Your soul might be different but you should normally be living within human morality and rules.

Many a times I’ve had dragonkin talk on how humans should cease to exist or that humans are an absolute waste of time.

A few examples.

“I don’t want to go to school it’s full of humans and I’m not one of them, their knowledge is human and I don’t want it!”

Never waste knowledge, no matter where it comes from. Humanity has made incredible discoveries throughout time, I’m sure that the wise dragons would’ve loved this kind of stuff.

“I can’t be strong because this human body doesn’t let me! If only I was a dragon, I could destroy anything in my path with ease!”

If strength is a thing you seek, why have you not been inspired by your own dragon soul to become stronger? Also if you were a dragon and sat around doing nothing, you would be a weaker one anyway.

“Dragon love is better than human because we love our mates forever!”

What if dragons always mated with many other dragons? What guarantees that a dragon’s way to love is the same as humans love eachother?

Discussions like these made me quite upset of otherkins, don’t forget that you are another creature, take advantage of the pros of being human in the very least.

Opposable thumbs guys.

You don't have it hard, Otherkin is SIMPLE

The only big part of being an otherkin that will really hurt is that you are not physically what your soul tells you, really, thats all.

You don’t need to put yourself in danger by eating rocks or by jumping off cliffs…

Phantom limbs are not MANDATORY

People are not obliged to accept you if they are not ok with it.

Stop crying and embrace who you chose to be instead of whining.

ExOtherkin here, and I’m here to clarify some shit.

I’ve seen people say “You only became an Otherkin because you read about it online and thought it was cool.” But I don’t have that issue.

One of the reasons I can completely keep assuring myself about me being Otherkin was the fact that I thought about it when I didn’t even know there was an established term for it.

I know it’s not the same for everyone.

One of the primordial things that Otherkins desire is assurance of their decision. At least at the start of their experience.

Already got my first hate reply, here are some facts.

Tumblrisms are an ACTUAL thing.

I’ll have to reply to them either however, I have an important place to be today and its snowing layers and layers of fuck you over here.

For anyone reaching this Tumblr, here are a few facts

-I was an Otherkin back in the day. This was… uhm… about 4-5 years ago.

-The Otherkin community wasn’t as negative until Tumblr, but there was still some bullshit in these communities that I WANT to address.

-I approve of Otherkinism and Therians too, what I dissaprove of is people taking this as the hip thing to do or putting themselves in danger or saying that this is a super complicated thing to deal with, its not, grow up.

-That is not to say though that the initial phases of being an otherkin are hard. There is a huge self struggle in your mentality, once resolved though, you grow stronger from it.

-I have a plethora of stories to tell you about otherkins, both positive and negative.

Have a good day!

Of Transgender and Otherkin...

I’ve seen tons of people discuss the topic of relating transgender people with Otherkin people.

One thing that is related between the two of them is that pychological studies relate Transgender experiences with Otherkin experiences when studying Species Dysphoria.

And that’s it, they are just studied comparatively but are not the exact same thing.