Path of communism

You will redistribute the wealth even if you have to physically steal it all

Lvl 3- friend of the working class
Thieves are often as fed up with capitalism as you are,so they taught you thieves cant as a language
Lvl 6- that’s designed to sell you shit, its not art
While raging you gain advantage on attack roles against pop culture icons(Santa counts,especially Santa)
Lvl 10- Whats an overgrown bat need all this money for?
Dragons love for hoarding things angers you to a great degree, Dragons gain disadvantage when attacking you(including Charizard,Gyarados and Thundurus therian form)
Lvl 14-Comrad
You and those around lose the ability to say names and are compelled to use comrad in the place of any name

Alola Everybody! (Introduction)


Um… hello? Is this thing on? Whew okay. I guess I’m a little nervous making my first ever post, but here goes nothin’! Hi! My name is Burnet and I research dreams– (no, that’s too tacky.) *she clears her throat* Hello! My name is Burnet and welcome to my Tumblr– (no I don’t need to include the website in the introduction… they all know what site they’re on. Okay. For real this time) Alola, everyone! My name is Burnet and this is my blog! (YES!) You may have already heard of me before, but if not allow me to introduce myself. (wait, I already introduced myself) erm anyway! I’m the head of the Akala Dimensional Research Lab and I umm… well I’m relatively well-known for my work in Unova and my discovery of Therian-form Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus. Either way, welcome! I’m here to answer any question you might have for me, as well as to get to know you folks! I have– *Rockruff’s cry is heard and then there’s crashing sounds in the background* AHH Rockruff what are you doing!? Oh shoot *she can be heard getting out of her chair and scolding rockruff in the background all the while the pokemon is barking at her. The audio then cuts out for a second before she returns, presumably after moving rockruff to another room. She clears her throat to start again* Anyway! I hope to get a chance to speak with you all! Don’t be shy now, alright? *Rockruff barks and she laughs*

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Day 263 - Voltolos | ボルトロス| Thundurus (Therian Forme)

Lightning is churned from within Voltolos’ body. Using stored static electricity, it connects electron feelers to the ground to guide its bolts. When there is a powerful storm, that is Voltolos’ anger manifesting itself.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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