therian meme

Wing Ask Meme

A - How many did you have?
B - What shape did they have?
C - Describe their material (feathers, dirt, silk, scales, etc)
D - Did you have different types of wings at different times?
E - Your favorite thing about your wings
F - Your least favorite thing about your wings
G - Do you experience shifts?
H - Did you lose them in your life or did you keep them?
I - What’s your best memory about them?
J - What’s your least favorite memory about them?
K - Describe their coloration! (I bet they’re beautiful!!)
L - What was your way of travel? (Flight, swimming, hopping, etc)
M - Were there any intimate experiences with your wings that you feel like sharing? (Mainly for divinekin + sensitive wings)
N - Best shift experience?
O - Worst shift experience?
P - How did you use your wings to your advantage?
Q - Rate your wings 1-10 (10 being the best, pssst, they’re all 10s!!!)
R - Do you remember anyone else’s wings significantly?
S - Who had the most beautiful wings you’d seen?
T - Did you ever hit anyone with them?
U - ^^ On purpose????
V - Give your wings a compliment
W - Any embarrassing experiences in public with them?
X - Three words that describe your wings
Y - Do you miss flight?
Z - Do you regret your wings?

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I guess we do this now?

1. What is your name/chosen name?

I go by Anders or Andersen, but most people call me AJ

2. Where are you on the beautiful rainbow of gender?

Nonbinary :)

3. What animal do you feel you relate to the most?

Basically any sort of canine, domestic or not.

4. What animal do you feel that you are mentally/spiritually?

Grey/Timber Wolf

5. When you shift is it usually indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors. The only time I shift indoors is when I haven’t been outside in a long time.

6. What would you say is the hardest part of being mentally/spiritually not-human?

I always get a bit nervous what people would think of me if I do anything odd, or say something that seems off.

7. What would you say is the most enjoyable part of being mentally/spiritually not-human?

It’s brought me closer to nature and given me a new love for my old home on the Algonquin Reservation. 

8. What are some of your not-human habits that interfere with your human life?

My constant urges to howl, my strong taste for meat, whining/panting. Nothing too extreme.

9. How long would you say you have been aware that you are not entirely human in mind/spirit?

My whole life I’ve always sorta been like this and shifting, but I didn’t realize that this was spiritual until freshman year of high school. 

10. What is one of your most memorable moments related to you being not-human? (can be past life memory or current life memory)

Lats night my friends and I went out to dance in the pouring rain. It was so wet, and the rain was heavy and you could barely see. But as we ran and laughed, suddenly, without warning, we all started to howl perfectly in sync. 

11. If you have a mate/partner are they also in some way not-human?

Nope. My girl is human all the way.

12. Do you have any close friends who are also not-human?

I do have several therian friends, but none of them are extremely close.

13. Does your family know about you being not-human?

No. And I don’t see much reason to tell them.

14. What are some of your favorite pass-times?

I like drawing and writing, sewing plushes, being outside for hikes, going to parks/reserves.

15. What are some of your favorite not-human related recipes?

Anything with chicken or salmon. Doesn’t even matter how its cooked.

16. If you could live as your not-human animal type where would you live? (any era/time period, any place)

Back home, in Algonquin National Park in Canada.

17. Share a picture of what you think you would look like in your not-human animal form.

This guy in front looks the closest. 

18. Do you have any pets/animal friends that live with you or that are or closely related to your not-human animal type?

Not really no.

Antikin: *makes a harmful joke about otherkin*

Otherkin: uh hey that isn’t a very good joke and we’re kinda offended so if you could please sto-

Antikin: haha are you triggered??? Get a life you guys are PATHETIC you’re way too sensitive lololol it was just a joke

Otherkin: *makes a joke about otherkin being more ridiculous/special than it actually is but makes it obvious it’s just a harmless joke*

Antikin: wtf you guys know that’s harmful right??? Wtf you’re delusional and need to be locked up.

Otherkin: it was just a joke-

Antikin: even if it was a joke it clearly shows you guys need serious help *continues to completely disregard the fact that the joke didn’t mean fucking anything and take it as “proof” that otherkin are “mentally ill”*


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