Hey everybody.

So you know that D&D podcast I’m part of—Dungeons & Randomness? It’s still pretty great, and getting better by the day. My character—Marrek—recently went on a solo retreat in the forest, fought a pack of wolves, renounced his deity, walked across the continent to find his friends, stopped a fight by making a paladin disappear into thin air, and cooked the rest of the group pancakes.

Here’s the thing. The world in which our characters live, breathe, fight, and perish—it’s called Theria—can be an extremely nasty place. Around every other corner are deadly orcs, greedy bandits, tank-like trolls, crazed despots, magic-infused metal golems, nefarious archmages, mafia-like powermongers, and—for some reason—a hell of a lot of werewolves.

BUT….every single day there are a few more people in Theria who’ve simply had enough. They’re frustrated with the status quo. And that’s where this new campaign begins, starting Monday, 9 Feb. Check out the trailer we made to kick off the very next chapter of the Therian Saga, and get as super excited as we are.


First pass at the alien Theria creature. I’m trying to tie all of these guys together some how, like maybe most of the creatures don’t have eyes or see the world with some form of sonar? So this creature would act more like a prey animal with eyes on the sides of his head. So the large flat planes on his front sides emit sonar left and right from some internal organ (or maybe the petal form on his back emits the pulse and the head area picks up the signal?), whereas the HH creature acts more like a predator with eyes in front of its face emitting sonar forward. I imagine this guy eating more like an ant eater, some long weird tongue coming out the front to eat plant life in the area.


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