We all know about the Potter men curse, you know falling in love with redheads with a very nasty temper. Well, this curse kind of jumped James (even if I can’t say that Alice had a pretty temper), but not Al. Al fell in love and married Grace Theressa Herondale ( oh, don’t judge I love this surname, okay?) a beautiful ginger Slytherin with green eyes and a totally explosive temper. Ginny and Harry absolutely and completely loved her.

Grace Herondale during Angels&Demons exposition at the Burrow Gallery

Taken by Al Potter. Winter 2035

I attempted to write a poem about myself

Hindi ko alam kung bakit
But writing poems, I can make it
I made some for my family and friends
But realized there was none for myself, shems :(

Hindi ko man gud alam anong ilagay
Just put some words nalang na bagay?
I don’t even know I am doing conyo
Hayszx naman kase walang poem para sa sarili ko

I really thought I could make one for myself thru this
But I’m still just making nonsense, nakakainis!
Fita, nag rhyme pa?! amazing!
Poem nga ‘to kasi may rhyme sa ending

Okay, seryoso na
I’m sexy and tall, Theressa pala
Well I just lied ayoko na gumawa
Basta I believe I’m beautiful, ay nag palag ha?

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blog recs maybe?

sureeeee i always rec the same people i feel like but here we go :)

abadoom - libby is my wife, i love her lots and i love her blog. she’s the best, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, i just love everything about her

clevercosima - sammy is the sweetest! she’s nice to literally everyone i love her 

felixdawqins - i love prisca she’s so damn cute and i love her blog and i just love her okay 

vivacosima - christine has an amazing blog, p much great taste in everything and she’s great

floorplan91 - i love rita she’s one of the sweetest people ever

agaysongbird - noa’s great and hilarious and super cute yep

sarahbloodymanning - i love kathy, she’s always really funny and super nice too 

sarahcosima - ameliaaaaaaaaa. the sweetest. quality blog quality person all the love for amelia

delphuck - ella’s amazing, i love her a lot okay

sharkodactyl - natalie’s v talented, hilarious, and super nice as well you really can’t go wrong and i love her blog as well 

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - caseyyyyyy. she’s smart, pretty sure she knows everything. and she loves pugs so i love her forever 

cloneinstitute - love theressa, she’s great and talented in pretty much everything. she’s amazing 

aparadoxinflux - love leigh! love her blog and love her, her headcanons and stuff are always great 

mannhaus - alysse loveeeeeee her. all love. love her blog as well

soitgoeschild - ena’s really rad and v cute 

tittymalaysia - jaymes has an amazing singing voice, is hilarious and just an all around sweetheart

fee-lixdawkins - love katy, she has great taste in music and has a great blog as well 

ne0lution - my music soulmate, we pretty much like all the same stuff and she’s wonderful 

lumberdudecal - rado is a cool dude and super nice to everyone. go follow him immediately

captain-jaybird - great taste in tv shows and comics, super nice and just a cool dude all around

324b21-clone - JJ my love. she’s amazing and always super friendly to everyone. pretty sure she knows everything about film as well. 

bettervillains - yo mads is super cool go follow her right now 

meatheadmanning - lovely, super sweet and just a great person. love the blog as well 

jennifer-fitzsimmons - jillian is really cool, love her and love her blog

eatingpizzawithcophine - rin makes amazing songs, love her voice, and she’s rad. i mean she loves pizza so she automatically becomes cool in my book.

quidpropunk - sam is super nice to everyone, has a great sense of humorous and just all around great!

queeniehaus - maj. is. the. sweetest. love her and she is v cute. 

cosimamehaus - really cool, love the blog and love the person!

cheekyniehaus - Isabelle, is super nice. love her!

cloneclubbing-with-helena - mar is the coolest. v v rad. love her. 

cheeky-geek-m0nkey - they love pugs so i love them forever plus they’re super nice as well!

watching-crazy-science-fiction - miriam is really rad. i love her, she’s very cool!

valentinemichaelsmith - love kristen’s art, seriously go check it out right because it’s amazing. she has a extensive knowledge of horror films as well and is just a cool person all around 

mirrormanning - drew’s a cool dude and always has smart stuff to say. go follow!

alisonisthegreateststar - analysis always on point. very smart and always nice to everyone 

cosimahellaniehaus - jenny’s art is rad and she’s the sweetest!

detectivechilds - jasmin is always there for her followers and such a lovely person i love her lots

tinytmas - maria is really nice and i love her blog. such a cool person

calmorrison - a-ma-zing art and a-ma-zing blog.

yerawizardsarry - hayley’s always super sweet and i love her blog

killergrades - love scout, one of the nicest people!

tatianazmaslany - randy is v cute and makes amazing covers. she has the voice of an angel i swear

ronaldweezly - jaime is adorable i love their blog! super cute and super sweet 

littlesestras - hannah’s really rad yep. so rad!

immunologie - sian is so cool. so so cool. love her and love her blog. 

cosimageekhaus - yo i love irma and i love her writing 

i-effed-it-all-up - the essential ob blog to follow pretty much. shelby’s cool and hilarious and always runs a quality blog 

tatsrathat - love her. super sweet to everyone and v adorable 

sanetwin - sam is the sweetest, always being super nice to everyone out of the blue. just lovely!

punk-rock-science - meghan’s really cool i love her a lot okay 

lisathevampireslayer - lisa. love lisa. one of the best blogs and i love her so so so much 

genetically-identical - makes tons of cool stuff. talented in so many areas and runs a great blog! 

prettyaveragewhiteshark - jillyan’s super sweet to everyone, i love her a lot and her blog is p rad

prolethean - clark is rad, love her blog and her writing/headcanon stuff as well 

monkeykira - always makes rad edits and a lovely person

clonesbians - mapee is super sweet! and i love her blog, she always finds the latest info somehow, bless her

lets-have-crazy-science - makes the raddest art, i love love love the tattooed cosima thing they did. also rad as fuck. 

attack-on-titiana - makes rad art as well. always love seeing her stuff on my dash!

tatianathevampireslayer - love her writing and aimee is super nice!

soccercopping - talented writer and i love devon’s blog. hilarious as well.

alanabloomsperpetualangryface - super sweet and super smart. love her!

lesbian-geek-spiral - we are bonded forever because we are both from Massachusetts, love her blog as well!

puppyniehaus - jessie is a youngin but already super talented. go follow do it

tinymanning - yo gen is cool and v talented at guitar

clonebanana - steph makes amazing art and is super funny. love her!

geekdawson - yo such a cool dude and always has thoughtful things to say!

a-nice-little-cigarette - lia’s cool, love her edits and she’s v nice as well

butthedeadgofaster - soph is rad as hell, loveeeee her 

eorroxsox - yo love their songs and love them. so rad.

wethecurious - emily is the sweetest and makes such pretty edit!

safecosima - such a lovely person, love the blog and love her

kaldwins - one of the best video game blogs, love her as well. 

tonyswicki - yo anna is rad and makes the best edit. they’re like magic seriously

this is a long list, but i tried to include as many people as possible! there’s probably a ton more so i may reblog later and add some people if i forgot! :)

Secrets, secrets, who DOESNT have a secret?

Once again, Theressa awoke in a cold sweat, shivering against her silken sheets. How many years had it been, since the nightmares began? How long had it been since shed rested peacefully? Far too long, and longer than she cared to remember. Theressa always knew her work with the sunreavers was not pleasant, nor something to be particularly proud of. She knew what the risks were, going mad the least of them all. Yet she followed that path, eager to prove her worth to her people. She followed it, and now she was paying the price. Theressa thought back to when she was a young girl, so eager to share and learn secrets with her friends and giggling when she found out something she knew she ought not to know. But now, in her adulthood, she realized secrets were dangerous, terrible things, and knowing them was far more of a curse than a blessing. Her mind calmed, Theressa rolled over and fell back into a dreamless fitful sleep.


(my first attempt at writing an RP story >< hope you all liked it, its the introduction to my priest Theressa Heartsong)

Movie List
Movie List… 115/239

SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 70 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list and paste this on your Tumblr. Then, put x’s next to the films you’ve seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click post at the bottom….

        (x) A Cinderella Story
        (x) Another Cinderella Story
        (x) Step Up
        (x) Step Up 2
        (x) High School Musical
        (x ) High School Musical 2
        (x ) High School Musical 3
        ( ) Hannah Montana Movie
        (x) Enchanted
        (x) Sydney White
        Total: 9

    (x) She’s The Man
       ( ) Licensed to Wed
       () The Break-Up
       (x) 13 going on 30
       (x) 27 Dresses
       () P.S I Love You
       (x) Made of Honor
       (x) What Happens in Vegas
       () Get Smart
       () The Princess Bride
        Total: 14

 ( x) Camp Rock
       () Wild Child
       (x ) Ella Enchanted
       (x) The Princess Diaries
       (x) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
       (x) 50 First Dates -
       (x) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
       () Hotel For Dogs-L
       (x) Just Married-
       (x) Freaky Friday
        Total: 22

     ( ) The Hot Chick 
       ( ) Sleepover
       (x) Confessions Of a Shopaholic
       (x) Twilight
       (x ) Nancy Drew
       () The Devil Wears Prada
       (x) No Reservations
       (x) Perfect Man 
       ( ) Australia
       () Never Been Kissed
        Total: 27

    (x) Yes Man
       () Bedtime Stories
       () The Pink Panther
       ( ) The Pink Panther 2
       (x) Marley & Me
       () Cheetah Girls
       () Cheetah Girls 2
       ( ) Bratz
       ( ) Haunted Mansion
       ( x) Paul Blart Mall Cop
        Total: 30

(x ) The 40-Year-Old Virgin
      (x) Night in the Museum
      (x) Night in the Museum 2
      ( ) Evan Almighty
      (x) Bruce Almighty
      () White Chicks
      (x) Neverending Story
      (x ) Meet the Spartans
      () Meet the Parents
      ( ) Meet the Fockers
        Total: 36

      () Scream
      () Scream 2
      () Scream 3
      (x) Scary Movie
      (x) Scary Movie 2
      (x) Scary Movie 3
      ( x) Scary Movie 4 
      (x) American Pie
      () American Pie 2
      ( ) American Pie Band Camp 
        Total: 41

(x) Harry Potter 1: The Sorcerer’s Stone
      (x) Harry Potter 2: The Secret Chamber
      (x) Harry Potter 3: Prisoner of Azkaban
      (x) Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire 
      (x) Harry Potter 5: Order of the Phoenix
      (x) Harry Potter 6: Half-Blood Prince
      (x) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
      (x) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
      (x) Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King
      (x) Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
      (x) Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
        Total: 52

  () Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
       () Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
       () Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
       () Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
       () The Mummy 
       () The Mummy 2 
       () The Mummy 3
       (x) Journey to the Center of Earth 
       (x ) City of Ember
       (x) Finding Neverland

        Total: 55

     (x) Pirates of the Caribbean
        (x) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
        (x) Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End 
        ( ) X-Men
        () X-2
        () X-3
        (x) Spider-Man
        (x) Spider-Man 2
        (x) Spider Man 3
        () King Kong
        Total: 61

 (x) Hellboy
        (x) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
        (x) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
        (x) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
        (x) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
        (x) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
        (x) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
        (x) Underdog
        (x) A Series Of Unfortunate Events 
        () Batman: The Dark Knight
        Total: 70


        () The Matrix
        () The Matrix Reloaded
        () The Matrix Revolution
        (x) Terminator
        (x) Terminator 2
        () Terminator 3
        () Ocean’s Eleven
        () Ocean’s Twelve
        () Ocean’s Thirteen
        () Casino Royale 007
        Total: 73

 () Bourne Identity
       ( ) Bourne Supremacy 
       (x) Underworld
       () Butterfly Effect
       (x) Death Note
       (x) Death Note 2
       (x) Death Note 3: Change the world 
       () Resident Evil 1
       () Resident Evil 2
       (x) I, Robot
        Total: 78

        (x) Rush Hour
        (x) Rush Hour 2
        (x) Rush Hour 3 
        ( ) Mission Impossible 1
        () Mission Impossible 2
        () Mission Impossible 3
        () I Am Legend 
        () Predator I
        () Predator II
        (x) Signs
        Total: 82

     () Saw
        ( ) Saw II
        ( ) Saw III
        ( ) Saw IV
        ( ) Saw V
        (x) The Grinch
        () Texas Chainsaw Massacre
        () Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
        (x) The Ring
        (x) The Ring 2
        Total: 85

        (x) Final Destination
        (x) Final Destination 2
        (x) Final Destination 3 
        () Ghost Ship
        () From Hell
        (x) Child’s Play
        (x) Seed of Chucky 
        (x) Bride of Chucky
        () Gothika
        (x) Nightmare on Elm Street

        (x) The Grudge
        (x) The Grudge 2
        () The Haunted Apartment
        () Siren
        () Silent Hill
        (x) The Mask
        () Son Of The Mask
        () Alone
        (x) Omen
        () House Of Wax 
        Total: 96

        () The Eye
        () The Eye 2
        () Shutter
        () When a Stranger calls 
        () The Fog
        (x) The Orphanage
        () The Skulls
        () Cruel Intentions
        ( ) Cruel Intentions 2
        () House of 1000 Corpses
        Total: 97

  (x) Lilo & Stitch
       (x) Ice Age
       () Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
       () Madagascar
       () Madagascar 2
       () Kung Fu Panda
       (x) Bolt
       (x) Wall-E 
       (x) Monsters Inc
       () Shark Tale

        Total: 102

        (x) Shrek
        (x) Shrek 2
        (x) Shrek 3 
        (x) Finding Nemo
        (x) ET
        (x) Cars
        (x) Ratatouille 
        (x) Toy Story
        (x) Toy Story 2
        (x) The Incredibles
        Total: 112

        () Little Miss Sunshine
        () I Am Sam
        () The Day After Tomorrow
        () Coach Carter
        ( ) The Last Dance
        (x) To Kill A Mockingbird

        () Conrack
        () Midnight Sun 
        () Little Black Book
        () Hotel Rwanda

    Total: 113


        () Ten Things I Hate About You
        (x) Titanic 
        (x) Romeo & Juliet
        ( ) Frankenstein
        () A Midsummer Night’s Dream

       Total: 115

i have no llife :c poo …. at least i didnt get 164 like taliaaa :P:P:P


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I just started watching Orphan Black an I need some blogs to follow, do you have any good recommendations?

sure here’s a bunch, all very talented and/or amazing individuals, so follow them immediately cause wow they’re all great <3

  • clevercosima - LOVE sammy,biggest sweetheart, just the one of the greatest people ever
  • vivacosima - christine really cool and writes lots of cophine stuff
  • sapphicscience - charlotte’s rad, another great fic writer
  • sharkodactyl - great headcanons, great blog, great minifics ALL OF IT
  • felixdawqins - love prisca, love her love her blog, love her presence  
  • delphuck - ELLA love herrrrrrrr so much
  • sarahbloodymanning - kathy’s hilarious and an amazing person as well
  • soccercopping - devon’s a cool dude and hilarious, also writes tons of stuff
  • tatianathevampireslayer - love the writing, lots of cool cophine stuff here as well
  • sarahcosima - AMELIA is amazing and kind to everyone go follow her immediately 
  • cloneinstitute - love theressa and she made a pretty cool vector ob thing so go to her redbubble and buy it yep
  • cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - love her, very smart and we share a bond for eternity over pugs
  • aparadoxinflux - LEIGH’S GREAT, go talk to her about marion/mrs s headcanons, GREAT STUFF
  • tinyhendrix - aw love her and she’s always there for her followers so sweet
  • tinytmas - makes cool soccercop gifs like seriously it’s magic 
  • lionsarah - great blog and has planned some cool stuff for the fandom like obsnapchats so GO FOLLOW HER
  • alliehendrix - just a lovely person and blog, dooooo it
  • monkeykira - always makes cool stuff, love her as well
  • clonesbians - somehow finds all the latest info and makes cool edits as well
  • i-effed-it-all-up - great person, great writer, love her
  • krazyhippo66 - another great writer, amazing person as well
  • cosimageekhaus - very talented and lovely person, LOVE IRMA
  • alisonisthegreateststar - does great analysis stuff and v v smart
  • rachelduncann - makes soccercop gifs that are serious wizardry like how so gooood
  • calmorrison - talented artist, did a really cool beth in a zombie au drawing thing that was rad
  • tatsrathat - lovely blogger, love her love her blog yep
  • tatasmaslany made this ob au gif where cosima and delphine have a child that’s one of my favorite things ever
  • valentinemichaelsmith - AMAZING ART love her style love love love
  • attack-on-titiana - great art as well, been doing some hella cool ob/attack on titan stuff
  • cozniehaus - love the blog and amazing person
  • geekdawson - rad dude, always has good stuff to say and is v smart
  • ne0lution - my music soulmate as well as amazing person/blog GO FOLLOW
  • tittymalaysia - love her music she pretty much has the voice of an angel wow
  • cheekyniehaus - love her love her blog so adorable 
  • dawnofthetmas - sam’s a lovely person, she’s always on the cloneclubcompliments being nice to people so sweet
  • rachels-pencil - love her blog and wonderful person as well
  • genetically-identical - makes awesome gifs/everything, super talented
  • yeah-ditto-obvs - great blog love her yep amazing person
  • cosimahellaniehaus - made a real cool piece of art for the ob pride thing a little while ago, lovely person and very talented
  • eatingpizzawithcophine - just a lovely person, love the blog as well
  • abadoom - LOVE LIBBY one of the kindest people, she posts spn and btvs too just go follow her rn 
  • floorplan91 - aw rita’s so sweet i just love everything about her
  • mirrormanning - just a cool and smart dude, go follow
  • agaysongbird - love noaaaaa so much just everything 

probably more, but that’s my preliminary list (i may add people later if i forget)

Sup Clone Club. In our preppin-for-the-OB-premiere week, today is all about YouTube. We all know how creative, talented, and stunningly good looking Clone Club is…

So today let’s all go to YouTube and spread the OB love as far as we can. 

Go to YouTube and search for Orphan Black, Clone Club, etc., and spread a ton of love to your fellow OB fans, whether it’s on a review, song parody, skit, music video, or just someone vlogging about how much they love OB. Leave comments and likes and make some new Clone Club friends! 

We’ll be posting and sharing a bunch on Tumblr too, so post any videos you like to your blog because we’ll be checking the tags all day.  

Why not check out this BBC America playlist to get started?

(Videos in our gif are from FlowersDivine, Theressa G, FRAN&I, & SurviveTheChange)