She lifted her head and let the wind blow her hair back from her face. And she remembered Carol saying, I like to see you walking. When I see you from a distance, I feel you’re walking on the palm of my hand and you’re about five inches high.
—  The Price of Salt, by Patricia Highsmith

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Prompt: Therese is the cougar and Carol the cute teenager ;)

(I got this prompt like a century ago (sorry anon) but I only just got inspired because of this by @muffinpines)

1) Click.

There was something so satisfying about hearing the click of the shutter, especially in Autumn. As Parisian winds blew and carried with it the soft chatter and music of a nearby cafe. A young couple caught in her lens just as she was about to take a picture of the street, seemed to bring back bitter memories, too bitter for a gorgeous evening just as the sun was setting. Therese cursed herself for thinking of her divorce at this time, it had been a few months since it had been finalised, she had fled to Paris after that and got a job at Le Figaro relatively easily with the glowing recommendations she had from her boss at The Times. Richard was a doormat of a husband so it was bound to fail. Before the marriage, at least he had silly whims and ambitious plans but soon he realised what Therese knew all along; his own ineptitude. He knew Therese didn’t love him and protested and protested against her getting a job, knowing that would rid him of the seemingly permanent position Therese held in his life and that is where their marriage fell apart. After Therese got the job, he said nothing, meant nothing, did nothing, except get on Therese’s nerves with his overly sweet affection after a long day of work, hoping to keep Therese happy enough to stay with him but she grew tired of it eventually and filed for divorce. It had been inevitable, something both of them saw coming. Therese wished that was the only reason she filed, though. She never told Richard about Genevieve, and maybe she never would.

2) Therese didn’t want to linger on sombre thoughts of divorce and the like so she set her mind back to photography. She looked to the Eiffel Tower, the great purple and orange sky looking magnificent against it, the streets were being lit and it caught a blonde in such heavenly lighting that Therese was struck. She was definitely young, around 21, in a blue dress and quietly smoking a cigarette while looking to the sky. She wasn’t too far away but not close enough to see the title of the book she had in hand, Therese somehow wanted to get closer. She brought the camera to her eye, adjusted with her memorised routine and clicked the first picture with the girl still looking away. Therese adjusted again and framed the shot and just as she was about to click, as if the girl could feel eyes on her she turned around. Therese finally caught her face and those storming grey eyes looked directly at her through the lens. Even with the protection of the lens, Therese felt exposed, as if she had committed a mortal sin and been caught. Therese froze, either waiting to be struck by lighting where she stood or for her heart to stop but then girl flashed her a smile, a shy one but it lit up her eyes in the most adorable way and Therese’s heart couldn’t have beat faster. She clicked the picture and looked up from the lens but her view was suddenly blocked by a group of strangers. Just as they passed, Therese looked again but the girl was gone.

3) Therese went and sat at the outdoor cafe, ordering a coffee and some macarons for her sweet tooth. She pulled out her book for her purse and flipped open to some random page, she had read the book so many times it didn’t matter where she would start. Just as she started to flow with the words on the page in front of her, she felt a presence beside her, it must’ve been her coffee so she didn’t put the book down. Then came the softest “excuse me” she could physically hear and she looked up, it was the blonde from before just closer now, now she could see how well the blue went with the grey in her eyes, how her eyes made her look wise yet at the same time complimented the youthful beauty of her face. Therese said nothing so the blonde continued, 

“Were those pictures of me you were taking just then?” Therese smiled in spite herself. 

“I’m sorry I should’ve asked but it’s what I do.” 

“Take pictures of unsuspecting pretty girls?” The blonde’s eyebrow arched and Therese felt as though she was being accused.

“No, I’m a photographer. Therese Belivet,” Therese offered a small smile and watched the girl pluck a cigarette from a carton before offering it to Therese, she politely declined.

“And yours?” Therese asked just as the blonde took a long drag from her cigarette. It made Therese almost laugh at how unlike the blonde’s youth it was to smoke like that, the young and movies these days she swears.

“Carol.” The girl said smokingly, one hand across her chest with the other arm’s elbow resting on it, holding her cigarette.

Carol, Therese repeated and turned it in her mind.

“Pleasure to meet you, Carol.”

4) Carol seemed to have noticed that Therese hadn’t offered her to sit yet and her confidence seemed to have deflated, Therese watched her wave a small goodbye and saunter off. She smiled to herself, feeling slightly giddy about the whole thing but thinking nothing of it and reached for her book again, only to see that Carol had left her leather gloves at her table. Therese turned in her seat and watched Carol’s back walking away from her, in an instant she decided to grab the gloves and run after her. CAROL, she yelled and strode to catch up to her,

“You left these at my table.” Therese panted a little and looked up at Carol, recognising for the first time that the girl must’ve been a few inches taller than her.

“Oh did I? Silly me.” Carol tilted her head to the side and accepted the gloves and from the look in her eyes, Therese knew she had fallen in some kind of trap.

“You are a star for returning them. How about I buy you a coffee as a small thank you?” Therese had to stop herself from scoffing, she had enough shame to not be bought coffees by a 21-year-old girl.

“I can do just fine with my own purse Carol” Therese watched the glint in Carol’s eyes falter again, but she didn’t have enough shame to say no to Carol yet.

“But I wouldn’t mind some company. How do you like macarons?” 

Therese let the girl lead them back to her table.

5) They sat back down at her table just as her coffee arrived, she stopped the waiter and Carol ordered as if she knew the menu by heart. They sat in relative silence till Carol’s coffee and the macarons arrived.

“So, a photographer? I’ve always wanted to get into modelling myself,” Carol spoke first, leaning on the table towards her.


“But, my father wouldn’t have her darling daughter do such a thing.” Carol dramatically rolled her eyes and Therese laughed into her coffee, spluttering everywhere.


“Oh, nothing.” Therese wiped her mouth before continuing.

“I don’t take pictures of people. I-”

“Am I your first exception then?” Carol playfully cut her off and Therese could feel her eyes widening. She hid behind her coffee mug, cursing herself yet again. She hadn’t a single clue what this girl was doing but she found herself playing along with it. Therese almost found herself sickened. If she didn’t enjoy this so much she might’ve actually puked.

“If you really are so keen, here.” Therese proffered her business card.

“You can call me and I’ll help you build a portfolio.” Therese said blandly, not even looking at Carol. Silence fell over them again and Therese wondered if she had said something wrong but when she looked Carol was looking at her with her head tilted to a side and propped on her loose fist.

“You are strange,”

“How so?” Therese deadpanned.

“As if you are flung from space” Carol almost whispered as she now hid behind her coffee and looked away. Therese could feel the grin on her face and the lightness of her chest. 

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Suicide Squad 2017 Wall Calendar


(uploaded April 12th, 2016)

Instead of the memetic “Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAKE!”, we get the first three “GRAND DAD”s from Joel’s original stream of the infamous 7 Grand Dad bootleg. Immediately following is the sound of a gunshot and Loud Nigra’s screaming.