therese taehee whang


Tumblr Artist

Therese Taehee Whang | on Tumblr (USA) - Ethereal Landscape Series (2013)

The meaning of life/death has been desensitized as we live in a world where death is fantasized as something we encounter in T.V, internet, or somewhere far away from our reality. Ethereal Landscape Series of artist Therese Taehee Whang is based on denial and reoccurrence of death and one’s spiritual journey to confront it. By tracing the evidence of life in the remnants of organism such as seeds, shells, and bones, she is revisiting theses remains as an ethereal place/cave/tomb. During the process, she relies on interaction between her sense of touch, intuition, and the tactility of the object to create this ethereal realm where this ghost of this empty vessel walks around. Taehee has entered her series into “Art Takes Paris” competition. Please follow artist’s Tumblr or support her candidature HERE .

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