Days 7/1/15

Happy July!!! 🎆

At the hospital, Theresa’s wheels are spinning about the couple who grew closer after their child was sick. Oh, I am terrified that she’s going to do something incredibly stupid. Hi, Anne. Uh oh, she’s noticed that her master keys are missing and she suspects Theresa. Theresa denies knowing where the keys are because she has more important things to worry about “like raising a child.” This is like when Sherri Shepherd didn’t know if the world was flat or not because she was thinking about feeding her child. Lol. Anne is wrong about WHY Theresa took her keys, but not her taking them.

Eve, with Laura Horton’s file in hand, rushes out of Marlena’s office, but crashes into Jennifer before she can make her getaway. Jen starts helping Eve pick up her things, but Eve pushes her away and grabs the file folder. Eve lies about the file; she tells Jen that they’re referral papers from Marlena. Eve shouts at Jennifer to leave her alone and then she leaves the office.

Justin!!! I’m always happy to see him. And this is a storyline (the long road back for Justin & Adrienne) that I’m actually excited about. He’s at home, arguing with someone on the phone. Oooh, threatening someone’s job? Hot. Haha. Hi, Kate. K: “If I close my eyes, I can imagine that I’m overhearing Victor give a tongue-lashing to his lowly underlings.” Haha. There are much worse comparisons, Kate. He basically tells her she better get her act together if she’d like to keep her position at Mad World. K: “Don’t you snap at me just because my son is sleeping with your wife.” Point Kate, but still get it together, Kate. But she won’t. Doesn’t she try to work with Lucas to get Paul out of town? So dumb. Apparently, Justin’s done damage control after they lost their top designer and distributor. J: “So now I need you to close the deal on Paul Narita and make him the new face of the men’s line. Yesterday!…Just do your job!” And he leaves. Seriously, Kate. Stop throwing stones at Justin and do your job! Think about yourself and your welfare. Not Lucas’. Not Will’s. YOURS.

In the HTS, JJ asks Bev about Kyle. JJ is definitely suspicious about him and with good reason. Speak of the devil, here’s Kyle. And his shadow, the creepy guy from the bushes, is back too. Kyle’s having a 4th of July party and he wants to invite JJ & Bev. Hmm. He wants JJ’s number so he can send him the details, but JJ and Bev leave the Square. Is this dude Kyle really a dealer or his he undercover? Hmm.

In her office, Abigail finishes a phone call with Bridget. I still have no idea who she is, but that’s cool. I’m just gonna go with it. Lol. Hi, Adrienne!!! Ab: “Why does everything have to be so complicated?” Well…it’s really not. We make things complicated. Abby tells Adrienne about Bridget and how she wants her to visit in September. Ab: “I think it’s just reminding me of how much simpler things were back then, you know?” Adrienne bring up the fact that Abigail is in love isn’t helping, but thanks for trying. Why don’t you go talk to your son about how in love he is with husband? *rolls eyes* I’m sure that will make Sonny feel just as wonderful as it’s made Abigail feel. Adr: “Honey, what’s got you so upset?” Flashback to Abigail and Chad’s night together. This is a long flashback. Lol. Not that I’m complaining. Adrienne isn’t a bad person to talk to about this actually. She might be the perfect person to talk to about it. Oh, yeah, Abby is just stressed with the project. Or not. Abigail thinks she’s letting her mom down. Oh, honey. I think you’d have to do something really, really horrible to disappoint Jennifer. Like kill JJ or something as extreme. Lol. And of course, Jenny’s here to make it all better. Ugh. J: “…I am just so happy that you found your soulmate.” SOULMATE???????? She thinks Abby and Ben are soulmates???? Seriously???? That is so ridiculous. Maybe I’m living in the past of grand, sweeping, intense supercouple romances. I don’t know. But no way is Ben her soulmate. That’s just nonsense. They are a couple in love. They aren’t a supercouple and they certainly aren’t soulmates.

In the DiMera study, Stefano and Chad continue their stand off about why Stefano chose to come back to Salem now. C: “…you’re here because of me and Abigail.” Stefano, why are you laughing? It’s true and I don’t think Chad will buy you brushing his accusation off as an absurdity. Not after Stefano shouted at Chad for humiliating Abigail. Stefano says he was only upset because Chad really loves her and he wants him to be happy. C: “I had a very good reason for breaking things off with Abigail…I’m looking at him.” Yes, you’re sabotaging your own plan, Stefano. Ch: “I’m not implying anything, Father. I’m stating a fact. You want me to be with Abigail. And whatever your reasons are, I’m worried about them because they sure as hell have nothing to do with me.” Agreed. Stefano maintains that he just wants Chad to be with the woman he loves. C: “You think I really love her.” S: “I know you do.” C: “Then here’s a reason for me not to be with her: if I really loved her, there is no way that I would make her live in this house of horrors.” Stefano, are you really holding up Sami and EJ’s tiny window of happiness in that house as some kind of example or model? C: “For what? Six weeks before he was killed? Six weeks of happiness together. And in case you didn’t notice, Abigail is nothing like Sami. She’s kind and gentle.” S: “And Samantha?” C: “Is as manipulative and duplicitous as you are. She matches you pretty evenly most of the time.” S: “You’re underestimating Abigail.” C: “Do you really think that, that’s a compliment? Sami got, got tough and nasty and mean because she had to living under your roof with my brother. I would never do that to Abigail. So she’s out of my life. And she’s back with Ben and they’re moving in together.” S: “And you approve?” C: “It’s not my business.” S: “Answer one more question for me, alright?…You love Abigail that much, how do you expect to live without her?” Good question, Stefano. So far? He’s putting on his cold, hard, unfeeling façade and making moves on another woman. A horrible, despicable woman. Oh, and Sami had to get tough waaaaay before she lived in that house. C: “So why, with all of the advantages I have as a DiMera, would I want to tie myself down to just one woman? I got what I wanted from Abigail. Revenge for sleeping with my brother. I used her, I dumped her. It’s over. Let it go. I have.” Well, that’s just not true, honey. Chad leaves the study. In the hallway, he dropped his cocky, uncaring act and recalls his night with Abigail in the garden. Oh, honey. You’re so unhappy and lonely. Back in the study: S: “He loves you enough to give you up. Noble. See how long that lasts.” Lol. I’m with Stefano. According to tomorrow’s spoilers, Abby’s drawn to Chad again soooo…there you go. Haha.

Ugh, Ben tells Clyde about using the disgusting tracker app on Abigail’s phone. And how she lied about talking to her mother and went to see Chad. And how he trespassed on DiMera property and overheard Abigail making Chad promise to never tell him that they slept together. Okay, I don’t like Clyde, but I also don’t think he’s stupid enough to assuming that they were talking about way back when, when Chabby were a couple. Especially not after all the creepy, misogynistic conversations father & son have had about Abigail in the recent past. Yep, they had sex in the DiMera garden a few days ago. Oops. Lol. B: “…they slept together more than once.” Yeah, apparently, Chad is very generous and enthusiastic. Haha. And Ben throws his beer bottle at the wall. Red flag! He is dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before he starts hurting Abby. Yeah, don’t clean up the mess, Ben. Great idea. Clyde doesn’t understand why Abigail is still moving in. Ben tells him it’s because she told him and Chad that she loves him & that he’s a better man. Oh, yeah, that makes total sense. *rolls eyes* B: “…last night, she proved she wanted me. Only me.” Oh, I am cringing and gagging. He is so gross. Ben tells Clyde that he’s already seen Chad and he proved that Abigail is all his. RED FLAG. Oh my goodness, his jealousy and possessiveness is terrifying. Ben can forgive Abigail because he knows she’ll never to it again; because she’s committed to him. And she wasn’t in a committed relationships with you a week or so ago when she slept with Chad? Cl: “…you never know what a person will or will not do.” Good point, Clyde. I agree. Clyde is happy that Ben confided in him and he says he’ll support Ben no matter what. B: “You know you’re the exact opposite of Chad’s father.” How so? Oh, because Chad thought you were Stefano when you trespassed & eavesdropped? B: “He said Mr. DiMera should really stop trying so hard to push him and Abigail back together. I know, it’s weird, right?” Nothing and everything Stefano does is “weird,” so this is just par for the course, really. So this is why Clyde goes to the DiMera manse? To talk about their sons and Abigail? Now that’s weird. Clyde says some crap about Abigail being lucky to have a man who’s willing to forgive and forget. No way is this over. Nothing is forgiven and nothing is forgotten. Clyde leaves. Cl: “Stefano DiMera’s back in town, playing matchmaker.” I’m certain his plan isn’t that superficial, but yeah, sure. Lol.

Paige leaves TBD to get some air.

Back with Anne and Theresa. Theresa continues to deny having Anne’s keys, which is true. She doesn’t “have” them; she took them and gave them to her sister. A: “If I find out you did take my master keys for any nefarious purpose that could come back to bite me, you are gonna have a hell of a lot more to worry about than Brady Black hating on you.” Hi, Eve. Anne gets a phone call and walks away. Eve gives Theresa back the keys. She’s pretty confident about her plan having a big pay off. I don’t know.

Eve’s admiring her own ring again. What’s up with that? Hi, Anne. The ring was a gift from “her daddy.” Theresa comes back and saves the day by giving Anne her keys back. Anne leaves. Theresa, calm down. What Eve stole has nothing to do with you. T: “Well, is it something important?” E: “Only to me and Jenny.” T: “Is it gonna knock her down a peg or 2?” E: “I’m counting on it.” I’m all for Eve “knocking Jenny down a peg or two,” but exploiting her mother’s mental health to get revenge is just so wrong. Eve tells Theresa to keep her head down and not to get in Brady’s face now that she’s living in the Kiriakis mansion. You should listen to Eve, T. This is good, sound advice. And it’s way better and way less evil than the plan you’ve cooked up. Uh oh, Theresa is going to involve Eve in her plan. Payback for getting her the master keys. Eve leaves and Anne returns. She wants Theresa to do actual work at work, but Theresa leaves to go have time with Tate.

JJ and Bev are in the park now. She wants to hang out all night, but JJ can’t because he starts work at TBD tomorrow. He tells her that being with her is “lifting his spirits.” And of course, Paige comes by and sees them kissing. Bev notices Paige and she tries to run away. P: “Just so you don’t forget and say I didn’t warn you: once a cheat, always a cheat.” Well, yeah. But do we really need to humiliate JJ again. He’s the bad guy, or one of them, but he doesn’t deserve this constant harassment. Or maybe he does and I’m just sick of watching it when we could have better scenes. Bev leaves. JJ apologizes to Paige for her having to see him and Bev kissing. Paige, if you don’t care, why are you so upset? She starts laying into him, asking him about the other girls he slept with while they were together. JJ isn’t having her crap today and tells her to stop and listen to him. Thank you! I understand that she’s hurting, but all of this ranting & raving isn’t helping anyone. JJ tells her that he ended it with her mom before he begged her to take him back. JJ: “…I was never unfaithful to you while we were together with anyone. I never cheated on you. And I didn’t even look at Bev or Roxanne or anyone girl. No one. Not once. Not ever. I was just with you. Do you believe me?” P: “Would you like a medal? What an amazing sacrifice you made to be with me! Who knew it was such a struggle? Thanks for setting me straight.” Ugh. P: “I was never just you and me. Never.” Double ugh. Why is this scene necessary????? We know Paige hates JJ and her mom already.

Kate meets Clyde at TBD. He’s upset that she didn’t tell him that Stefano’s back in town. Ugh. I don’t care that he’s upset. Why is this so important? I’d rather see Sonny thinking about what the heck he’s gonna do now. I’d almost rather watch Will cry and lie to Arianna again than endure a Kate/Clyde scene. Yep, Kate and Stefano were married, but I wasn’t a lifetime ago. And she fell pretty freaking in love with him. Ugh, quit it with the creepy innuendos and the gross kissing. Days hates me. Haha. Clyde leaves…to go tussle with The Phoenix, no doubt.

Chad and Theo are at the hospital. Are they in Abby’s office? All the offices look the same. Lol. Theo has a therapy session soon. Uh oh, something happened between Theo and friend after school. C: “Sawyer’s your best friend. And friends are really important. Okay? So I want you to make sure you guys work it out, what ever happened, okay?” Th: “You sound like Daddy.” C: “Well, that’s a compliment because your dad knows what he’s talking about. Think you guys can make up?” Theo nods. C: “Hey, I’m really proud of you.” I am getting weirdly emotional about this scene. I love Uncle Chad. Lol. I love when Chad shows himself for who he truly is. Theo asks if Chad will take him to the lake again and Chad agrees. Yep, Theo, Abigail was there and it was a lot of fun. Hi, Abby. Oblivious to Abigail’s arrival, Chad and Theo make plans to camp out; to tell ghost stories and make s'mores. Chad suggest inviting Sawyer along. Aww, they hug. And then Theo notices Abby standing in the doorway. He runs to give her a hug.

Theresa arrives back at the mansion and quickly takes Tate from the nanny. And then the little witch tells the nanny to bring her a sandwich and a soda. Oh, girl, that is not how this relationship is gonna go. “No disrespect, but my job’s with the baby; not you.” Good for you, Haley! Oh, I’m so worried about Theresa’s plan! If she’s going to enlist Eve’s help, I’m thinking a kidnapping? No mess, no abuse, nothing truly horrible could happen. Stop telling Tate that you both have some work to do! T: “Could you just imagine how awesome our lives would be if Daddy loved me too? Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m not gonna put you in any harm’s way, okay? I’m not gonna put you in danger at all. But we might have to lie just a little bit, okay, to give Daddy a little bit of a scare.” Using your child to get what you want is so gross. If Tate were the most important thing to her, she wouldn’t be plotting and planning to get Brady back. She’s an idiot.

Adrienne joins Justin in the booth at the Pub. What’s up, Justin? Uh oh, he slides a big Manila envelope across the table and then quickly leaves. Yep, they’re divorce papers. Come on! You two crazy kids can work it out! You always do. I’m not worried.

Back at the hospital, Maxine gives Jennifer info about a press release about a doctor’s leave of absence. And he’s going to be treated at the same place Laura Horton was.

Eve’s home and reading through Laura’s file. So now she knows all of her symptoms and that drugs can & will cause all of them. Not good.

In the HTS, Kyle talks on the phone with someone about trying to recruit JJ. So he’s a legit drug dealer? Okay.

JJ sits alone in the park, crying. Poor buddy. I can’t help, but to feel badly for him. Partly because Paige is annoying me. Haha. Bev’s back and JJ doesn’t want to talk. She got a text from Kyle about the party; she declined the invitation, but JJ insists that they go. Uh oh. That’s not gonna go well, is it?

Paige is back in her room. She’s on that dating site again. What will work? And why are you crying? Because of your mysterious plan? Or because of the fight with JJ? Or JJ and your mom? All of it?

Back at Ben’s. The place is all clean and he has a lovely bouquet for Abigail. That he’ll throw against the wall like the beer bottle? Dude, you are deluding yourself. OMG why are you having incredibly accurate Chabby flashbacks???? You weren’t there! At least, Sonny’s imagination didn’t conjure up exactly what happened between Paul and Will.

Kate sits in the park, just off the Square. And someone comes to meet her. We don’t see who it is, but I’m sure it’s Lucas. She has a proposition for him. One that he won’t refuse. So it’s about getting Paul out of Salem. Stop trying to clean up Will’s mess while simultaneously putting your own livelihood at stake, Kate!!! It’s not worth it!

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano gets a call from Harold, alerting him to Clyde’s arrival, no doubt. Send him in, Harold! S: “What the hell do you want?” Lol. I like it. Get right now to business.

I so loved Chad today. I love him most days. The Chad/Stefano scene was great. And the Uncle Chad/Theo scene was so adorable and sweet! Abigail knows that, that is the real Chad. Go on and be drawn to him again, Abby! Haha.

Ben continues to frighten me. That isn’t going to change anytime soon.

So Theresa is going to have Tate kidnapped or something, so then she can swoop in and be the big hero? I’m not convinced that Brady will fall into her arm so easily, but alright.

I’ve had enough of scenes where Paige shouts at JJ. Let’s move her strange plan along. And get JJ involved with that Kyle guy. At least, those have the potential to be interesting.

I hope Justin fires Kate. She’s so going to suggest that Lucas hire Paul and then ship him out of town, right? Ugh. She’s such an idiot.

I am all about this Justin/Adrienne storyline! Serve her with divorce papers, gauge her reaction, and then go from there. Smart move, Justin. Haha.

Thanks for reading!

‘til tomorrow 💗 A

Days 6/30/15

At the Horton house, JJ makes plans to meet Bev in the park. Hi, Jenny. You aren’t gonna be too happy about JJ hanging out with Bev again, are you? She thinks he’s moving on too quickly. Oh, honey. A mother/son vacation isn’t going to help him, but you’re sweet to make the suggestion. Jennifer doesn’t think dating a girl like Bev is a good idea either. But JJ doesn’t care because she’s fun. Lol. Yep, Bev knows about him and Eve, Jen. JJ doesn’t want to wallow; he wants to have fun. Jen: “So you think it’s okay to use a girl who’s liked you for a long time? Really?” That’s kind where I’m at, Jenny. Though I’m not totally convinced Bev doesn’t care if he uses her. Then again, that could be a big act and maybe she thinks JJ will like her as much as she likes him eventually if she behaves a certain way. Poor Bev. JJ says that he and Bev are using each other. Jen wants him to come to work with her, so they can continue this conversation, but he vehemently refuses. He tells her that sometimes it feels like he’s going insane. Oh, don’t say that, JJ. You’re upsetting your mother. He apologizes. Yep, now they’re gonna talk about Laura. JJ going to be working for Sonny at TBD starting tomorrow? Oh, that’s so nice. Will we actually see Sonny? *fingers crossed* Lol. They hug it out and JJ leaves the house.

At TBD, Paige shows Daphne a picture of the guy she’s meeting. And apparently, he’s super old and that’s why she wants to meet him. Ew. Lol. Daphne leaves the table just as Paige’s date, Mark, enters the club. Dude, you could be her dad. You’re gross. She’s surprised by his age? Okay? She tells him that it isn’t gonna work out. I’m glad Daphne is nearby. The guy leaves. Daphne: “What happened? I mean, he’s too old for you, but he didn’t look as ancient as he did on his profile.” Wait, she wants a really, really older guy? A guy older than this one? Paigey…honey, no. Yes, let’s go hunting for another old dude, Paige. Yikes.

Eve’s at the hospital. She’s waiting for Theresa. Oh, honey. If Theresa has her way, she’ll never come to work again, but go ahead and ask Anne. A: “…Your sister may never show her face here again.” So Eve needs Theresa’s help to break into Marlena’s office and filing cabinet? Gotcha. Hi, Marlena. She wants to speak with Eve. Uh oh, Eve’s late for their consultation. Eve tells Marlena that she’ll meet her in her office. Marlena heads to her office and Eve commands Anne to have Theresa text her when she finally shows up.

In Marlena’s office, she asks Eve some questions about what happened between her and Paige. Is she really going to tell Marlena about sleeping with JJ? Marlena isn’t going to talk to you about Laura, Eve. Good try though. Haha. E: “I want my daughter back. My little girl. And I’ll do whatever it takes. Anything.” Clearly. Exploiting another woman’s mental illness definitely falls under the category of “anything.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Theresa continue their conversation from yesterday. He suggests she go to work and she flips. She starts going on about wanting to be a full time mother to Tate. Um, working mothers are full time mothers. There are no time outs or breaks. And Brady isn’t just going to throw money at her, so she can play house with him. B: “Whether you work or not, you won’t be a full time mother to Tate. You can’t be because I have it right here in writing.” What? Does that agreement have shifts or something? There’s not such thing as a part time mother, Brady. He reiterates that her stay at the mansion is temporary. Oh, he doesn’t want them to ever have time as a family. B: “If I’m spending time with him, I want you to stay away. And I’m not supporting you. I won’t do it.” Harsh, but fair considering everything. He suggests she call her parents for help, but she’s too proud to do that. B: “If you quit your job, what are you gonna do for money?” She assumed you’d give her yours, love. Haha. Theresa, this is a losing battle. He isn’t going to support you. Deal with it. And maybe if you weren’t such a jerk to everyone at the hospital, then they wouldn’t hate your guts. Brady is not giving an inch. This is temporary and when she leaves she’s on her own. Good for him. Brady is more than happy to pay for the nanny and anything Tate needs, but he isn’t giving Theresa money to spend on herself. Cool the offended act, Theresa. You are a gold digger! She might truly love Brady, but that doesn’t make her not a money-hungry witch too. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Hi, nanny Haley! Time for Tate’s bottle. Brady jumps at the chance to feed Tate and Theresa takes off. Good. This conversation was just going around and around.

Ah, Clyde’s back today! And he knows Stefano’s back in town! Cl: “I handled Victor Kiriakis, didn’t I? I’m not gonna have any problem dealing with Stefano DiMera.” So Clyde’s just as over-confident and dumb as ever. Lol. The only reason Clyde was able to “handle” Victor was because he threatened the Kiriakis family. He tried to kill Sonny and he threatened Ciara, so Victor backed off. If you threaten the DiMeras, Stefano won’t back down. He’ll take you out.

Hi, Stefano. Uh oh, he’s playing chess. I had hoped when he came back, the downstairs would as well. Sadly, I was mistaken. He’s in the study. He’s talking to someone on the phone. Telling them to keep doing what they’re doing. And that “the Deveraux girl will come around” and so will Chad. Hmm.

Ugh, Ben and Abigail walk into the HTS, discussing their new living arrangements. Ben is so creepy happy. It’s disturbing. Ew, they kiss and of course, Chad spots them from across the Square. Poor Chad. Ben sees Chad and tries to engage in a conversation. Weird and again creepy. You can go ahead and act smug for now, Ben. The inevitability of you violently lashing out again is palpable. Ben apologizes to Chad and suggests that they “keep it civil.” Omg, this weirdly calm Ben is almost worse than abusive Ben. Abby, do you really think that Ben is being sincere? That this isn’t for your benefit? To make you think he’s the biggest, more well-adjusted male? It’s just another manipulation. Ugh, Chad shakes Ben’s hand. Yes, Abigail is moving in with Ben today, Chad. Isn’t it wonderful? *rolls eyes* Poor Chad. He’s so heartbroken. Abigail leaves to go to work. Bye, girl! C: “Be good to her.” B: “Oh, I plan too. For the rest of our lives.” Oh, honey…you’re an idiot. You and Abby aren’t always and forever. Chad walks away and Ben flashes back to eavesdropping on Chabby’s fight. Oh, that wasn’t a good look. Yep, I’m gonna remain worried about Abigail’s safety.

Clyde shows up at Ben’s and he gives his dad the news about Abigail moving in. Clyde’s happy for his son. B: “I want Abigail and now she’s gonna be all mine.” Red flag! Clyde can tell something’s wrong, but Ben won’t talk about it. Yep, if Ben doesn’t talk about it, it will fester and come out it a bad way. And we know what that “bad way” could be. Ben’s temper accompanied by physical violence. Ben says that he would never blow up and hurt Abigail. Red flag! Clyde still wants Ben to talk to someone; someone who won’t betray him. Ben tells his dad that he’s been using that disgusting tracker app. Red flag! And about Abigail lying about talking to her mom when she really went to see Chad. Wow, Clyde actually tries to be rational. He says Chad’s on the hospital board and that’s where Abigail works. I’m kind of impressed. Haha. Ben blows up. B: “This didn’t have anything to do with work! I followed her over there. (Red flag!) And I heard them talking outside in the garden. She made Chad promise to never tell me they slept together.”

In her office at the hospital, Abigail tells Jennifer that she’s moving in with Ben. Jen seems less than thrilled, but she understands. J: “I’m just wondering why you’re not happier about it.” Momma Jen sees ALL. Haha. Abigail insists that she’s “so happy.” LOL. You might want to tell your face that you’re happy, babe. Ugh, Jennifer continues the tradition of calling Ben a good man. Not good. Jen gives Abigail a letter from Ireland that came in the mail for her. Bye, Jenny. The letter is about someone named Bridget who cared for Abby when she and Jennifer were living in Ireland. She’s ill. Okay, that name means nothing to me, but I knew they lived in Ireland.

Chad joins his father in the DiMera study. Stefano is still playing chess. Chad wants to ask him something that Kate brought up and that he’s been wonder himself. C: “Why was it so important for you to come back now?” We all want to know the answer to that question, honey. S: “…I am a grieving father, who desperately wants to be with his only surviving son.” Stefano…he doesn’t buy that and neither do I. You’re always on mysterious calls talking about Abigail. You have a grand plan featuring Abigail and Chad. You’re playing chess! You have another angle besides the ‘being with my only surviving son’ one. C: “Why didn’t you want to be with your only surviving son last year? While you were busy globetrotting all over he place with your little, beautiful female assistants.” S: “You know this is getting tedious for me, Chad. I’ve answered the same question repeatedly, but you never, never are satisfied.” C: “I guess that’s because even though I want to believe you, I just can’t.” Me neither. Lol. S: “So if you don’t believe me, why don’t you tell me why you think I chose this moment to come back to Salem?” C: “I don’t think, I know that you are here because of me and Abigail.” Truth. But we still don’t know why.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady finishes feeding Tate. Aww. Brady’s phone rings, so the nanny takes Tate and leaves the room. Brady answers the phone and it’s John, who is outside TBD. John wants to come by and see the baby, but Brady wants to meet him somewhere else to talk about something important. Brady agrees to meet John at TBD.

Theresa finally shows up at work. Lol. Hi, Anne. A: “What are you doing here? Is the Kiriakis mansion on fire or something?” T: “Brady won’t let me quit this stupid job.” A: “The nerve of him.” LMAO. I love Anne. Theresa, stop flipping out. Did she seriously ask if their insurance would cover therapy for fake postpartum depression? That’s messed up. Anne tells Theresa that Eve wants to see her.

Back in Marlena’s office. Marlena starts suggesting doctors, but Eve doesn’t want to see a man. Eve is trying her damnedest to get Marlena to agree to be her therapist, huh? Too bad Marlena is taking the bait. Eve gets a “what do you want? text from Theresa and Eve rushes out of the office. Eve joins Theresa at the coffee station. Theresa starts going off about Brady, but Eve interrupts her with her more important problem. Eve agrees to help Theresa with Brady, if she helps her now. Eve wants Theresa to steal Anne’s master key. Theresa doesn’t want to, but Eve convinces her with the words "payback for Jennifer Horton, big time.” Eve wants Marlena’s schedule as well. Theresa agrees to try her best. Theresa’s back with the master key and the news that Marlena has a staff meeting in 5 minutes. E: “I love you.” Haha.

Is Theresa doing actual work? Hi, Anne. Nope, Theresa is going some online designer dress shopping. A: “Theresa, you have no money. Brady cannot stand the sight of you and he already said he isn’t gonna give you one dime that isn’t for that baby. Now, if you want my opinion-” T: “I don’t.” A: “Theresa, him wanting you to work here? This isn’t about you having your own money. This is about Brady doing everything he can to keep you away from him. Honey, you’re not gonna seduce yourself back into his life and there is nothing in your bag of tricks that’s gonna work this time. Grow. Up.” Loving the real talk, tough love from Anne. And Theresa might just be smart enough to listen.

JJ finally meets Bev. Hi, Kyle? Right? He tells Bev that a Marta needs to talk to her, so she leaves the guys alone. What does this dude want from JJ? Yep, he’s JJ Deveraux? And? He wants to buy JJ list of regular and/or work together. Oh, that’s a terrible idea. DO IT, JJ. Who the heck is spying on them through the trees? Bev’s back; that friend didn’t need to talk to her. Yep, Kyle is totes sketchy. JJ and Bev walk away. Who the heck is the dude lurking in the bushes???

Back at TBD. Daphne asks Paige what kind of guy she’s looking for when Brady enter. Omg, no. Never, EVER gonna happen, Paige. Not in a million, trillion years. Brady asks John what’s going on with Xander. He’s still in custody, but he’s maintaining his alibi. John asks about Tate. I love Grandpa John! Uh oh, Brady tells John that Tate AND Theresa moved into the house. J: “Before I come over to see the baby, would you mind asking Henderson to remove all the fireplace pokers.” B: “That’s funny. I think Maggie took care of it already.” Haha. Brady tells John that Theresa living at the mansion is only temporary. J: “Yeah, define temporary.” My thoughts exactly, John. Brady assures John that he isn’t going to let Theresa get her hooks into him again. Good plan, Brady. Ew, Paige now has her eyes set on Brady. She has good taste, but it’s never gonna happen. P: “…Not him specifically. Just someone his age. Or maybe his dad’s age.” Eww!!! What’s the plan? Find someone her father’s or grandfather’s age and then what? Parade him in front of JJ and/or her mother? And then what? What’s the endgame? Okay, so she isn’t going to date the old guy “exactly.” Yep, Daphne, it’s about getting back at her mom and JJ. D: “How’re you gonna do it?” P: “You’ll see.”

Eve re-enters Marlena’s office and she starts ranting that no one can help her and her daughter wants nothing to do with her. Blah, blah, blah. Marlena gets a phone call reminding her about the staff meeting. She offers to cancel and to stay and talk to Eve, but Eve insists she goes. Eve asks if she can stay and pull herself together; Marlena agrees. Bye, Doc. Eve goes right for the filing cabinet and quickly finds Laura’s file. Eve is on her way out the door when Jennifer comes in. They collide and Laura’s folders to the ground. Uh oh!!! Dun dun dun!!!!

JJ and Bev are in the HTS having lunch. He asks her how well she knows Kyle. Uh oh, he deals more than just weed. JJ: “It seems like he wants something.”

The dude from the bushes is one the phone telling someone that he say JJ Deveraux talking to the kid who’s dealing, for the second time. “Should I keep watching him or not?”

Brady’s back home with Tate. I love daddy Brady. B: “…you’re already the most important guy in my life. Did you know that?”

Back at the hospital. Who the heck are these people? Their kid is getting stitches. Okay. Perspective, Theresa? Or is she going to let Tate get hurt, so she can worm her way back into Brady’s heart? Oh, I hate myself for even thinking that, but it’s plausible. Uh oh, a nurse tells Theresa that this couple was in a year ago because their kid had a fever. They were yelling and blaming the other for their son being sick. And now they’re hugging. “You never know.” Crap. Theresa’s full of schemes and hope for her and Brady. T: “I guess a scare like that can really bring you closer. Amazing.” OMG WHAT IS SHE GONNA DO TO TATE???????

I really hope we get some more Sonny before his big revelation on Friday. Or at least some Paul. Lol.

Ben continues to scare me. He is capable of anything.

I don’t know who Bridget is, but poor Abigail.

Does Jennifer see the file and flip out? Probably not. Lol.

Damn Stefano! Why did he come back now??? And who is he always talking on the phone with?

JJ better watch out and not get involved with that guy, Kyle. They’re being watched!

I don’t fully understand Paige’s I wanna date an old dude plan. But it’s entertaining.

I love seeing Marlena and John, but could they please be utilized better?

What the heck is Theresa going to do to Tate?????? So messed up and scary! Brady better keep an eye on Tate at ALL times.

Thanks for reading!

'til tomorrow 💗 A