Days 10/17/16

Gabi in the DiMera study. She talks to a sleeping Thomas. Wait, Ari is w Blanca? That makes no sense. Where was Ari when Blanca was running the ER? Lol. Chad carries Ari in. Lol @ “chess does not compete with Candyland.” Aww, Chad taking off Ari’s shoes was cute. Chad calls Ari beautiful. Gabi says she looks just like her dad. Chad thinks Ari looks like Gabi too; “those big beautiful eyes.” G: “…the shape anyway.” Lol. Gabi thanks Chad for picking Ari up from the hospital. Omg, please stop acting like Ari was w Blanca. She wasn’t. Gabi worries about JJ. We hear sirens. Thomas cries. And Ari is as cool as a cucumber again lol.

Hope & Marlena at the Pub. Marlena has been treating the injured there. Marlena thinks Bo would be proud of Hope. I have no idea why. Hope hasn’t done a damn thing lol. Yes, Marlena ask Hope about her stupid problems because nothing else is going on. Ugh, why must everything be about Hope in every scene she’s in? Hope admits it’s personal, but she isn’t ready to talk about it. Marlena offers to listen when she is ready. Hi, Jenny. Jenn rants about Aiden. Hope thanks her for being supportive. Wow, Hope remembers Jennifer’s having a hard time too lol. Abby will be back soon enough tho. :) appreciate the Abby/Zack connection. Jennifer feels like they’re sitting ducks waiting for Orpheus to make his next move. Laszlo peers thru the window of the Pub.

John, Thrady, Nicole, & Deimos at the Kiriakis mansion. Sooo, no direct follow up w Nic/Deimos/Xander? Awesome. :/ The whole thing w/ Xander was part of the plan. Not surprising. John’s grateful for Nicole’s bravery. Aww lol. Why are we watching Deimos & Nicole tell everyone about what happened w Xander? We saw what happened, so this is boring af. And why do I have the feeling Deimos is gonna go rogue & help Xander? Omg, enough w/ the flashbacks from last week! Wait, Roman is part of the ‘capture Xander’ plan? Xander is soooo gonna get away lol. Deimos gets a call & leaves the room. Brady promises Theresa that if Xander comes near her or their son, “he’s a dead man.” If I were Xander, I wouldn’t be afraid of Brady, but ok lol.

Deimos finishes his phone call in the foyer. And then he leaves the house. Yep, he so has his own agenda.

Xander in the park. He ignores a text from Orpheus. X: “Nice explosions, dude, but it’s every man for himself.” Lol. That didn’t work out so well for Clyde.

Orpheus & Laszlo at the villain hideout. They’re ready for the next phase of O’s plan.

Roman at pier 17. That guy is sooo not Xander. Nope, it’s not lol. Good job, Roman lol. The SPD searched the area; no Xander. Of course, he was tipped off, Roman. By Deimos.

Back at the DiMera mansion. Why is Chad talking like he & Ari haven’t met before? He “made a new friend?” He was “Uncle Chad” a year ago. Gabi & Chad talk about Thomas. Aww, Thomas is the wallpaper on JJ’s phone. That is so sweet & I’m getting a little teary lol. Chad asks if Gabi sees JJ as potential father material. Ew, what? This scene is terrible. The dialogue lately has been so awkward. These 2 have loads of chemistry and it’s nowhere to be found. Gabi & JJ aren’t ready to move in together. Well, duh. Hey, Days remembers she lived w/ Wilson. Eduardo not liking JJ doesn’t make any sense to me. Because he’s a cop? Eddie was a freaking hitman lol. Lol @
Gabi not caring what Dario thinks. Jfc, of course, Jennifer loves Ari! She’s her niece. Ugh, 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Yep, Julie hates you, Gabi lol. Chad thinks if she & JJ really love each other, then no one can come between them. What is w Gabi asking widowers about dating again? Lol.

Xander & Deimos meet at pier 9. Deimos empathizes w/ Xander, so he’s gonna help him escape to Greece. Deimos wants Xander to work for him. From his Greek compound? Wtf? I’m guessing it’s Victor’s compound. Deimos doesn’t want anyone in the family to ever find out. Xander agrees. Xander still wants his revenge against Theresa. Deimos was never gonna turn her over. Idk I wouldn’t be surprised if he had lol. If Xander ever comes after Nicole, he’s a dead man. I think if Nicole ever finds out about this, Deimos will be a dumped man lol. Then again, she was totally fine w/ him harassing her bff soooo maybe not lol. Before he leaves, Deimos wants Xander to do him a favor.

From the hideout, Orpheus speaks w/ Laszlo on the phone. I think they’re waiting for John to get to the Pub.

Back inside the Pub. Hope & Marlena talk about Caroline and John. Jennifer wants Hope to take a break. Ugh, they talk about Aiden’s blackmail plan again. Um, doesn’t Jennifer already know why/how he’s blackmailing Hope? Jenn, Aiden has officially lost it, so there’s no appealing to his humanity. Marlena calls Hope over for help.

Roman, John, Nicole, Thrady at the Kiriakis mansion. Deimos is MIA. John & Roman think Xander was tipped off. Is anyone gonna make the connection between Deimos’ absence & Xander ghosting? Like, come on. Thank you, Theresa for “Uncle Roman.” Brady thinks they should bring Victor in to fix the situation. Honestly, you ppl can’t be trusted to do anything w/o him lol. Nicole defends Deimos. And so does John. Jfc, come on!!! Deimos played you all & helped Xander!!! Hi, Deimos. Sooo, Deimos asked Xander to beat him up? Lmao. Deimos tells them all Xander is gone for good. Yeah, no. Deimos admits to meeting Xander. He says he shot, killed, & pushed him into into the river. Who believes that? No one? Me neither. Lmao. Ugh, they’re all falling over themselves to thank Deimos. Ew, Brady apologizes to him. You’re all fucking idiots lol.

Gabi, Chad, Ari at the mansion. Lol @ G&C being sleepy and Ari is WIDE away. Gabi thinks Abby would be proud of them for being friends again. She also thinks Abby is watching over Chad & Thomas. Interesting that Chad mentions, DiMeras rising from the ashes. Chad calls Gabi “inspiring.” Yikes. Gabi asleep on Chad’s shoulder. Yeah, I’m not gonna be here for Chad playing daddy to Ari, if that’s where we’re going. She has a father. Chad & Gabi getting together is whatever, but I’m not here for an insta-family thing.

Orpheus receives a call from Laszlo. “Our targets are right where we want them.” Uh oh.

Deimos & Xander on the phone. If Xander stays “dead,” “all will be well.”

At the Pub, John tells Marlena, Hope, & Jennifer what happened w/ Deimos & Xander. John gets a call from Orpheus. He taunts O about his plan being a bust. O has Jarlena right where he wants them. He tells John to look under the table in the center of the room. A bomb! O: “Run and you die.”

Literally the only good thing about today’s show was that it left the door open for a Xander return. That’s it. The rest sucked so bad. The dialogue is horrendous.

Days 10/10/16

Deimos & Nicole at the mansion. Ugh. Nicole reads on her laptop that Joey was found, but the convicts are still at large. Nicole mentions her meeting w/ Marlena. Nicole wants to leave, but Deimos wants her to stay & be safe. Ugh, they kiss. Please don’t have sex on the couch again. I’m begging. Does Deimos not have a bedroom? Like seriously? Hi, Brady. I’ve never been happier to see him lol. Deimos leaves to have Nicole’s car moved. Lol @ the way Brady turned around after Nicole finishes buttoning up. Brady warns Nicole to be carful w/ Deimos, but he likes seeing Nicole smile again. Ugh, she’s “happy” w/ Deimos. Ofc, Deimos overhears.

Stayla & Joey at the hospital. Joe was checked out; he’s okay. Stayla need to go to the townhouse and work out a plan w/ Jarlena. Kayla wants Joe to stay at the hospital w/ the rest of the kids. Are they living there or something? Joe wants to go w/ them. Steve’s for it because Joe might have insight on the villains. Mte.

Jarlena at the townhouse. They discuss Orpheus and all the time they lost together because of him. J: “We’re gonna stop him, Doc. This time for good.”

Thrady in their bedroom. Theresa whines about Tate not sleeping. She thinks the stress in the house is the cause. Theresa’s cracking up. She has cabin fever. What did she expect when she agreed to move in? Also, how old is Tate now? Two? She’s talking about him like he’s still a baby. Tate cries; she goes to him. Why isn’t Brady helping her take care their kid? Brady apologizes to Theresa. Why can’t she go outside? Yeah, Xander is on the loose, but can’t she go out in the Kiriakis garden? Theresa is sick of running into a Kiriakis every time she turns around. Again, what the heck did she expect? It’s the KIRIAKIS mansion. There’s bound to be a Kiriakis or 2 roaming the halls. Theresa whines about Victor. WHAT DID SHE EXPECT??? She was immediately on board w/ moving in when Deimos offered. Brady was the one against it. Also, she lived there before! Victor was an ass to her before, why would he magically change?

Lucas & Kate at the Martin House. I miss their scenes. I love Kate & Chad, but it would be nice to see her with her actual son too lol. Lucas is worried about Kate being alone w/ Clyde on the loose. Lucas knows Philip asked her to move into the K mansion. She thinks it’s too crowded. Lucas mentions Chloe’s exit. K: “She should’ve take Deimos w/ her. And Victor and Theresa, should I go on?” Agreed lol. Kate mentions liking Chad & Andre lol. Lmao @ Lucas calling “homicidal maniacs” Kate’s type. L: “You love those guys.” LOL. It’s so true. Kate thinks Lucas’ living arrangement is also dangerous. He wants Kate to move into the DiMera mansion; “the safest place in Salem.” LOL that’s ridiculous. Lucas would prefer it if she went to Europe to be w/ Austin. LOL. Kate refuses to move. She defends Andre; he’s “good company” and he reminds her of Tony. Well, they do have the same face lol. And also when they were friends, wasn’t Tony really Andre? Lol. Lucas leaves.

Chad & Andre in the DiMera study. They discuss Kate’s recent success w/ DiMera Enterprises. Chad, you’re already moving off your righteous path to make DE legit, so stop grandstanding. Andre is on probation w/ Chad lol. Andre wants to help, to be part of Chad’s life. Hmm. He may be sincere idk. Hi, Kate. Chad congratulates her on her success; they hug. It’s sweet & odd lol.

Jarlena, Stayla, & Joe at the townhouse. Marlena thanks Joe for helping Claire. Steve thinks the villains are gearing up for a showdown. The plan involves going after each of the villains individually. Marlena pulls out her profiles on the villains. She begins w/ Xander; she reads the profile aloud. Then moves onto Clyde. And finally Orpheus. She explains what makes each of them tick. Joey mentions talking to Orpheus about his kids. And how angry O was after he opened up. The plan is to flush the villains out of hiding, not search for them. That’s smart. Jarlena want to round up all of the targets to help execute their plan. Joe tells them about the villains infighting.

Thrady in their bedroom again. Ugh, Brady toasts her Theresa’s beauty. Thrady are literally the worst. Ugh, now they’re making out. The phone rings! It’s John!

Nicole & Deimos kissing in her foyer. Deimos gets a call from Marlena.

Back w/ the DiMeras. Chad finishes a call from Kayla. She & Steve on their way over. Chad tells Andre to get out lol. Kayla asked to see Kate & Chad.

Stayla, Chad, & Kate in the study. Steve: “I still can’t believe my sister’s living in this mausoleum.” Lol. Chad mentions Joey. Kayla asks about their “great-nephew.” :) Kayla wants Lucas & Adrienne involved in this conversation. But they’re out. Also, this set is way too small for 6 adults lol. Steve doesn’t want Adrienne involved. They discuss Clyde wanting Thomas. They want Kate to be bait for Clyde. Chad doesn’t want Kate involved. What is w/ these men?? She’s already involved! Stayla stress the importance of them all working together.

Thrady & John at the townhouse. They talk about Xander & Orpheus coming after them. Does John know Theresa’s attempted rape allegation was false? If so, how? Brady doesn’t even know. John thinks Deimos ordered the raid. Nope! Brady admits it was him. Theresa, stfu & stop defending Brady’s stupidity! Brady tells John the Kiriakis/DiMera feud is back. John insists they put that aside and work together to bring down the villains.

Deimos welcomes Marlena into the mansion. Hi, Nicole. Marlena asks Deimos about Xander. She wants Deimos to reach out to Xander. Deimos agrees, if Nicole isn’t involved. Fuck off, Deimos! UGH!!! No, Nic, you’re a bigger target than most of the ppl in Salem. Lol Marlena wants Deimos to do exactly as he’s told. They shake on it.

Thrady back in their bedroom again lol. Brady is optimistic about the plan to bring down the villains. Theresa is not lol. Ugh, Brady wants them to have a joyous life. And he wants one kid every 2 years. Jfc, no. Tho if Chloe’s baby is his, he’ll have the 1 in 2 years thing already in motion lmao. They kiss.

Deimos & Nicole still in the foyer. They kiss. They go upstairs.

Chad reads to Thomas in the study. Chad promises that nothing bad will happen to Thomas.

Kate arrives home. Andre scares her. He wants to know about the meeting w/ Stayla. She won’t tell him.

Stayla & Jarlena at the townhouse. They discuss their respective meetings. John spoke to Roman; he’ll fill in Hope & Rafe. Ugh, why does Rafe need to be a part of this? The plan is to get Clyde & Xander out of the way first and then focus on Orpheus. M: “Please remember that he blames you for losing the loves of his life. Please don’t let him take away mind.” LOVE. Fantastic line!

A mixed bag episode for me. I love everyone coming together to bring down the villains. Loved seeing Lucas. I just can’t w/ Thrady. They’re awful. Sonny and Paul are on tomorrow so yay, something to look for to! :)