theresa rubel

What I want in the next Grimm season

- More Diana & Kelly moments, we got one, then Kelly seemed to be gone the rest of the season

- Juliette actually working through her trauma and what happened to her instead of being pushed into a relationship with Nick

- a huge hug scene between Nadalind where she tells him she’s sorry, and he tells her it’s okay, he gets it.

- Monrosalee to be pregnant with twins

- Hank to find a woman who truly loves him

- Wu to be okay. He should just be alright.

- explanation on full Woge zauberbiests

- what’s going in with the stick?

- bonding time with Adalind and Diana, Nick and Diana

- Nick to kick Seans ass but only enough so Diana won’t kill him

- Sean to be Sean again. Evil or good. But no spineless Puppet

- Bud to be back

- more Trubel

- both Adalind and Juliette to be more than just love Interests

My love for Trubel is massive. Just…Truble…how did I watch this show without Trubel? Trubel going undercover. Trubel eating Chinese food with her hands. Trubel having nightmares.Trubel being an absolute badass. Trubel faking a smile. Trubel taking no shit from anyone. Trubel saving herself. Trubel taking care of scared young girls. Trubel asking Nick for help. Trubel in cute pyjamas. I really want to give Trubel a hug. I think she really needs a hug. Did I mention how big my love for Trubel is?


Kelly: Theresa?

Trubel: That’s not what they call me, but yeah. Do I know you?

Nick: Mom, you know Theresa?

Kelly: *silent for a moment* In a way, yes. She’s my daughter.

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