what i said: i like cute girls

what i meant: i’m! just! so! attracted to women!!! fat women, thin women, buff women, women with short hair, women with long hair, women in dark colors, women in pastel colors, cute women, pretty women, handsome women, there are so many attractive ladies out there i’m! so! gay! for! girls!

About OnS Chapter 52 manga fan translation edit...

Guys I’m really sorry about my long absence–since again with school which is irritating and again with whatever free time I hae I spend it on playing games gdi

There was one thing I really looked forward to however–to edit the new mana update for OnS but

The link to the raws may have come out too late and I’m not sure if @panadabro will have time to finish the translation by today or do it at all D:

I mean I’m ready to edit and have everything ready I just need the translations, but I don’t think they’ll be provided in time or at all…

I’m sorry but I’m really not sure if I’ll be able to edit this month’s update D: I mean probably I will be able to but not in time before the actual translation comes out…

If there’s anyone who is either fluent in Korean or Japanese willing to work for a bit and provide the translations for me then please don’t ask just go ahead and do it! I really want to edit and feel devasted that I most likely won’t be able to in time D: By all means feel free to translate the chapter and send it my way, it’ll be a huge help! I also wouldn’t mind if you helped out whenever you can with every month’s chapter update–you’re not entitled to do it either however.

I just…really need translations by today, because tomorrow I won’t be free at all and thus I won’t be able to edit.

If it turns out I can’t make it, then I give everyone my most solemn apologies. I am sincerely apologetic and sorry about not being able to make it this month D: I’ll see to it that I make it up with January’s update!

I’m sorry again but hope that I can be saved last minute by someone providing translations D: Anyone up for the task?

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"I have met so many people today. I'm afraid I forgot your name..."

Bella & Sean

“No biggie, mate.” A soft laugh spills from her lips as she looked at the man. “Name’s Bella Montague.” A hand cards itself through blonde locks as she practically drinks in his appearance. “At a party like this, all you really need to know are the host and the party favor provider. Lucky for me, I happen to be the latter.”


this is me ;;;)))
felt like I should post these, I like these pictures
first pic: other day
second pic: earlier today (got my bangs cut so now I can see again)
this is my signature pose
pls don’t h8 me im fragile


I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦

I said I’d make a post if needed, and, well, it’s needed.

I’m going back to France, it’s official and non-negotiable, sadly. My departure should be on the 19th or 20th of December, and I need a little financial help, if you feel like it or have a few coins to spare.

All that is a lot of money (around $2500), and my savings can barely cover my bills and my rent for December (still gotta pay it). I have some commissions to finish, but I don’t have time to take more to get enough money in time.

(Before I go home: in the next 2 weeks, I’ll warn you before starting the spam!)


Donation button also on my blog if the link doesn’t work, the button works for sure! If you can’t find it, try de-zooming the webpage because some screens create a problem with my blog theme, the button is under the right column!

If nothing works, my paypal email is:

I might reblog this post from time to time if needed, you can blacklist “back to france reblog” to avoid seeing it all the time! Keep a clean dash ♥


okay so this got out of hand but anyway


Junghope in Memories of 2015 // for @hopekookofficial



happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Thank you for your ambition. Thank you for your patience (with us readers and yourself). Thank you for letting us be a part of your creative process. Thank you for not giving up, even though I know the fandom can be exhausting. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for letting us fall in love with our favourite characters all over again. Thank you for making the fandom experience a better one. Thank you for all the little extras, drabbles and headcanons. Thank you for making us cry and laugh and letting us go through a whirlwind of different emotions. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your words. 



“I will not fight you father.”

…unless you don’t put that on the fridge. And don’t say it’s shitty because I tried okay what more can you expect after you cut off my damn hand.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016)


Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (2006)



39 cities. 43 shows. a hell of a long time.

getting stuck on a bus for hours on end sucked, but at least there was fun music about travelling and being with your best friend to pass the time.

ft. the doodles and commentary of two very bored guys stuck in a bus. i’ll let them tell you what happened. (click for hd!! this took hours!!)

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