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hi my neighbors dog is named munchie and shes 8 years old and shes a french bulldog and the first time i saw her i picked her up and she smelled like corn chips cos it was hot and anyways. i love her. we're best friends and i had to tell someone

aw how cute. frenchies r good

my dogs feet smell like cornchips. apparently its pretty common. americans call it frito feet

can everyone smell their dogs feet for me i need to know who else has a dorito dog 

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran for my first half (½?? idk, i’m not v good with fractions), of the art trade w/ @nlckrhodes 

i think im having gay feelings

Homestar Runner is having a 20th anniversary show on Ralph McGill this Friday and like… I can’t go because 1. I do not want to go downtown on LABOR DAY WEEKEND in Atlanta and 2. I’m going to be skipping town to head to the beach.

I really would love to go though, Limozeen will be there and… I loved Y-O-U… and Homestar Runner… 

( You know what I don’t like? People roleplaying as wrestlers and only writing smut… It’s just hella cringy for me )

But it ain’t even that deep right?

Hey, @c92 I know how much you love essays. I’m choosing to not message you because I think should be out in the open.

Although it’s come to my attention over the past couple of days that what you’ve been saying about my sister on your blog is not out of character for you and that you regularly attack people personally when they defend themselves. Today I’ll just use my own personal experience with you and Emily(sorry but enough is enough) that I’ve been living with, in my own home for the past I don’t know 72 hours. Although I don’t know why you feel need to jump on people who are different from you or stop following you because they want to. I think it’s a little off base to attack someone personally when all the did was not agree with you and then defend themselves. 

I’m going to talk about this post that you keep saying had nothing to do with me. Emily and I spoke after I continued to push the subject and I know everything. I know she referenced my post because of someone you two used to mutuals with liking and reblogging it. You recently called my sister conceited for linking to a post that just about her claiming it was photoset (you should have kept scrolling) but how conceited of you to assume that the only reason she liked and reblogged was because you were named. We have since spoken and she agreed with my points on the subject. I can whole heartedly say it wasn’t about you. So when you say you don’t want to create drama and you that’s the past, that it’s over, why are wasting your time referencing it? And in doing so you’ve done what you said didn’t want to do. I’m unsure of if you know this but after @porkofchanyeol commented on that post, Emily asked if I knew her and to tell her that post the isn’t about her. I explained that she’s my sister and she knew she just wanted to say her peace and have it be seen. Everyone commented on that post. I had assumed it was over because it everyone had said their peace.

But you kept going. I’m not sure if it’s because you hadn’t spoken to your friend but even so, people who were in support of Emily and spewed garbage in my ask box I attack that person or Emily. But for someone reason when some anon tried to defend her  you tore Nat apart personally(also even if she called her personality ugly that’s still an attack on her because that’s her). Someone you know nothing about who runs a shit posting blog that’s 98% sarcasm 2% serious. This is the same girl 20 minutes in our front in a red chubby suit dancing to monster/lucky one and 3 hours editing to make other Exo-L’s laugh. You don’t know the pain she’s been through in her life or the happiness but it’s cool she’s a white cheerleader so dive into a stereotype but she’s also the kid that was pulled out school and homeschooled during middle school because she’s very tall and skinny and my parents were done with having to deal with her being tortured regularly so what stereotype is that? I’m unsure of what her race has to with anything but I’m sure you have your reasons. I’m sorry you see confidence as conceitedness/narcissism and the ability stand up for yourself and your beliefs as a threat. She’s worked hard to obtain the confidence she has and I’ll be damned if I let anyone try to diminish it. Considering you’re a PCY stan you’d think you’d understand living confidently and truthfully so you’re capable of being the happiest you can be. But I guess you don’t. 

You claimed that all of this wasn’t that deep but how could not be deep when you attack someone personally. At that point, they decide how deep it goes not you. They chose if they defend themselves or not and you can’t be upset because honestly, that whole thing had nothing to do with you. I figured you wanted to defend your friend the way I’m defending my sister because you felt loyal to her. However, in this case, it’s not simply loyalty I’m not blinded by that. You continued afterward.  After finding out that you do this sort of stuff to other people and are malicious to people who are trying to build a community for themselves I’m not sure why you live that way? I’m not sure why you chose to find you happiness in trying to rip someone else apart especially when they’ve done nothing to you. She’s done nothing to you and simply involved yourself in an argument between two other people.

Maybe you should find a new way to be happy instead of trying to hurt other people. No one deserves and this shouldn’t have had to happen.


I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦

Thank you for your ambition. Thank you for your patience (with us readers and yourself). Thank you for letting us be a part of your creative process. Thank you for not giving up, even though I know the fandom can be exhausting. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for letting us fall in love with our favourite characters all over again. Thank you for making the fandom experience a better one. Thank you for all the little extras, drabbles and headcanons. Thank you for making us cry and laugh and letting us go through a whirlwind of different emotions. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your words. 



critical role | fave percy one-liners (1/?)

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