Top tips from someone who’s been playing too much Pokemon Go.

You can pick up dropped pokeballs. (EDIT: In the tests i did of this I *thought* it was working but people say this might be expectational bias and actually they’re just vanishing.)

Pokestops refresh ever 5 minutes or so so if you’re short of balls, just hang about near a few and collect a few ever few minutes. If theres a shirt circuit you can do to hit a half dozen or so, even better. 

If there aren’t too many near your house go to town, they’re put at ‘points of interest’ which can be literally anything, but theres more likely to be loads in towns.

You get lures, lucky eggs, incubators and incense when you level up, but not that many so use them wisely!

Lucky eggs double your xp, so when you want to level up, start ‘saving’ your evolutions. Get enough candy to evolve as many pokemon as possible, then switch on your lucky egg and let ‘em rip. Double the xp for every evolution AND double again for every new kind of pokemon added to your pokedex. That could be several thousand xp in a few minutes.

Use your infinite incubator for 2km eggs, save the 3 use incubators with longer 5km and 10km eggs for max efficiency. 

If you’re running into server troubles and being kicked often, take note of the time of day it’s happening. It may be that you’re logging on after work or during lunchbreaks, at the exact same time other people are doing the exact same thing, causing server overloads. If you can eek out an unusual time of day, like over breakfast in the morning, you may get some problem free time to yourself. 

Throw pokeballs into the smallest loop you can for ‘nice’ ‘great’ and ‘excellent’ throws! These are worth extra XP and a higher chance of catching your pokemon. 

How to find the grey’d out SUPER pokemon you can see tantalising you on your radar: 

You have to track it down, Its tricky to get the hang of but once you do it makes a lot of sense. Be prepared to end up in some unusual locations but BE CAREFUL. Cities are full of creepy side streets, and maybe just leave that Blastoise for later if he happens to be down there.

Open up your radar to full screen. if its near the bottom of the list its ‘farthest’ away and if its near the top its ‘closer’ than all the others. Try walking in one direction. if it moves to the top of your radar, you’re getting closer. If it drops off or drops lower on the list, go back to where you started and try the opposite direction. If it WAS getting closer and is now getting further, go to the place you were when it was ‘closest’, and pick a new direction. As you get closer and closer, you can start to circle in on where it might be.

When a pokemon has 0 ‘footprints’ left, click on it and it should appear within 10 seconds.

If you’re sick of pidgeys, zubats, rattatas and drowzee, go to the nearest large body of water for a ton of poliwags, psyducks, magicarps and goldeens. 

You can often drop off a pokemon to ‘defend’ any gym of your own colour! Once you do, open up the shop and click on the shield in the top right corner to get a defender’s bonus of 10 Gold and 500 Stardust per day. 

You can drop off up to 10 pokemon at gyms for a potential daily bonus of 100 Gold and 5000 stardust, but you can only collect once a day so time it carefully!

Battling your own gym strengthens it, so get a team together to defend yours.

Errrrmmmmm ok thats all i can think of for now, I’m sure people will add to this. STAY SAFE, have fun, bring drinking water and suncream, don’t follow strange lures into dark alleys and enjoy the training life x

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I struggle with the concept of core shadow (i think thats what you call that thing where shadows have darker edges?) when shading things. Could you explain how it works, both in terms of real-life and artistic application? thank you!

these questions all have some overlap, so i’ll be answering them together!

First off, these are all questions that ultimately come down to understanding light.

With light theres a few things to understand - i explain light in a little more depth here:

so im just going to quickly refresh!

point 1: light travels in a straight line, until it hits something and bounces off

this is how we get shadows, as shadows are the absence of light.

Light bouncing into our eyes is how we see!

point 2: light will bounce indefinitely - but with diminishing return.

every time light hits something, some of it is absorbed by the object. Therefore, bounced light is always weaker than the source.

Think about how when dropping a ball, each bounce is smaller than the one before

Because it’s weaker than the source, you can’t see it where the source light is shining - as the source light overpowers it.

However, if this light bounces into the shadows where the source light can’t reach, you can see it!

Also, the further light travels, the weaker it will get. this tutorial explains this neatly []!

Now then to address the first question:

The core shadow is simply the true shadow where the bounced light hasnt reached,

for a real life example, here’s just a living room photo from ikea lmao []

and here are the core shadows on that sofa

can you see how they’re in places the light can’t reach?

now then for the next question!

what you are asking about is the bounce light I discussed earlier - that lighter edge before the dark linework is actually bounced light!

I’d recommend reading this tutorial to see how they do it: []

If you just add light before every dark line without thinking about a light source, it’ll look very flat. But if you determine a lightsource first, that should help!

lastly - with cel shading, with simple cel shading you’re just focused on that core shading without any bounce light

As long as you get that single block shadow down, it’ll be fine. From there, you can add more layers of shading []

and you can use gradients [] []

But as long as you get a grasp of how light works, your celshading should look much better.

For further reading, I recommend this tutorial: []

I hope that helps! And if you’d like, you can leave me a tip here [] so i can keep running the blog!

Jinyoung Kink Profile

Day4 Jinyoung
Half way through, how has it been so far? 
Hopefully the master list will be updated this weekend.
also theres a new theme ^_^ its still a little rough but hopefully it’ll be done soon.
~ahgase Omma

Dom or Sub
Dom in bed, but acts like an innocent everywhere else.

Turn ons
both of you being naked around each other as much as possible, not only does he like being able to look at you, but being able to touch you too. nothing is more comforting than feeling your bare skin against his. lip biting, or really anything biting… that includes during oral too. boob groping, softly, harshly when ifs about to cum, any sort of touch gets rougher at that point. he loves watching your face as he enters, how your expression changes when you adjust to when he starts moving. “good things to those who wait” kind of teasing dominant. being risky around the group. he never ask ‘do you like that?’ because he already know what you loves, and he’s not going to deny you of it, just make you wait for it a little bit. he’s doesn’t mind you being noisy, but you have to know when to be quite, he doesn’t want to stop just to get you to quiet down, which he would do, ‘you brought it upon yourself’. he would have sex in public places, mostly backstage. he wouldn’t use restraints much, he’d rather hold you in place. loves cumin on your stomach and giving pearl necklaces.

other than and blindfold, jinyoung wouldn’t really care to play with other toys, not to say his not experimental, its just not his style, he works hard for your orgasms and they are all his, no help from toys needed. he wouldn’t mind if you wanted to, but at the end its him and only him that gives you pleasure.

When/how he tells you
5-8 months after first time. he would wait to see how comfortable you where with things, he wouldn’t rush into things, and if you were to mention it first then he would be more than happy to. but he wants to give time to get to know each other and see how things are without all the embellishments. he would be very coy about asking you, he would talk how the members keep going on about their love lives and how somethings has crossed his mind but only if you wanted to.

Kink Experimentation  
Sensory kink, when he puts a blindfold on you and teases softly with all sorts of things. a slight daddy/protector kink, he wants to be the one that you rely on, and if that may come with titles like daddy, master, sir however sir is more disconnected than he would like. shower sex all the way. innocent play/damsel play, where your basically the princess that needs him. innocent play more in the terms of, ‘you heard her scream daddy last night…what do you take me for?’ even thought its clear to the whole apartment building that theres a daddy on the second floor. biting always and forever, only in places where it can’t be seen, or just slight visible, no one needs to know, but they can guess and imagine all they want, and thats the sexiest thing ever, people speculating about it, and imagining what your like in bed, but only he will know. with the members knowing whats really going on, theres no need to tease, he would say it out right in front of the others, and if your not too comfortable with it, he would at least whisper it just to you.

Safe word
If things went wrong-
He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if anything happened to you because of him. he would become distant, seeing you and remembering what happened, he owuldnt get better until you reassure him that its ok. 

How does it change the relationship
he would become much more outgoing and mischievous. there would start to be very distinct lines between, public playful jinyoung and private playful jinyoung. even though he would still be protective over you, and he would still wake up early to make you food, but then breakfast in bed would just end up all meals in bed.
*looking at the random nudes you just sent him, whilst he’s on Vapp*

Your kink?
he would be very curious about your kinks, wanting to hear about them, see if he would like them too. he would try more than once if he wasn’t deterred the first time around, and he would be willing to surprise you with them on days where you’ve been stressed, not just a special occasion thing, but when you need it.

Gifs are not my own

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hey uh... youve reblogged some really pale lances today... i know theres a Lot of art thats too pale and its easy to get excited about the concepts anyway, but since youve said before you dislike whitewashing, i thought id just point out to watch out for colorism more.. 'darker than keith' is a really low standard, since keith is pretty pale and lance definitely isn't

Yeah I just went back through my Klance tag and I found a couple of fanarts where Lance was pretty fucking pale. Sorry for not noticing at the time, ur right I was distracted :/

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Okay saw your bullet journal but I still don't get the idea of it, like, I searched in Google and it's something like Write your days in it?

okay it’s a more than that.

‘Bullet journal: a method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as the core structure’

a bullet journal is whatever you need it to be. it’s everything from to-do lists, calendars, diaries, to habit trackers, reminders and/or grocery lists.

in it, you bullet point the shit you need to get done as well as anything else you wanna add to it. 

the whole point is that it’s not only an organisation tool, but also an unwinder as the pages take a little while to set up so you can sit down in the evenings and make up your next page, or add in a new module for whatever you need (eg budgeting or finance idk)

idk what else to add so here’s some low quality spoiler photos (bc it’s like 2am) of my unfinished bullet journal for you to look at:

i dont understand when people say “theres no point in staying with ur datemate if u know that theyre not the one you want to be with forever” like.. loosen up a little and experience life dude. literally you might not meet someone you wanna stay with forever until youre in your 40s! or maybe youll find more than one. if you love them right then and there, just enjoy that specific moment. because waiting for your “soulmate” can get really fucking lonely, and if you find someone you really like and connect with, just go for it in that moment. just because you might not feel the same later in life doesnt mean you should just avoid the experience. idk


Alright so right off the bat sorry if there’s grammar mistakes and shit I’ve been riled up for the past 2 days and I don’t care anymore of this is done right or not but anyways,,

So I’ve seen a lot of shit go down in this fandom but I’ve stayed out of it but now this getting out of hand from my stand point at least, okay so as you may know I haven’t had Internet so I dont exactly know what’s been going on but from what I’ve heard it’s been shitty and I don’t even know where to start to be completely honest.

So first the shipping since it seems to be the biggest problem.
The thing I like about this book is that there’s 100 and 1 different characters you get mix and match and get creative with, we also don’t exactly know how strong relationships were with certain characters so we can imagine what it could be like.
But no apparently in this fandom if you don’t ship a “popular” ship your in the wrong which is pathetic. I see why people usually go for bigger ships because more canon behind them of whatever but seriously if someone isn’t shipping one of your favorite ships or whhatever who cares let them do there thing, as long as it’s not bad like abusive, pedophila,etc. And if it is knowing this fandom which is mostly young kids like 13 year olds who are most likely new to tumblr or shipping and don’t understand what there doing is bad in which yeah of course tell them that it’s bad but don’t fucking call them down to the dirt. Incest seems to be another problem that’s come up lately and right now all I’m going to say is incest isn’t good. But there’s always going to be that one incest shipper or whatever and you can’t stop that no matter how hard you try. You can still call them out about and stuff but if they don’t stop then block them or report them or leave them alone even though that may not be what you want. I don’t really know what to say about incest so I’m leaving it at this. I don’t even know what else to tackle except the amount of petty bullshit people get on with is unbelievable which is sad cause there’s so much great stuff I guess you can do in this fandom but you all shoot down anyone who doesn’t ship what majority of most people ship or have a headcanon that differs from you like my god let people do what they want as I said before as long as it’s not hurting anyone leave them alone. Anyways that’s my rant, there’s more stuff I could go on with and stuff I can get more in depth with but I don’t want to make this too long or get too ‘salty’ so I’m done

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would u say theres more overall support for cishet aces or lgbt ppl within the q slur discourse? bcos i get really angry thinking that the general consensus could be that straight people are allowed to call themselves q*eer

I mean, obviously I don’t have a very objective view because all of the LGBT people I know are like “cishets need to shut the fuck up always, they shouldn’t say a single word in general let alone our slurs,” so I don’t… really know.

I think most LGBT people would be taken aback by straight people saying queer. I went to a very liberal university and like The Straight Knew Better, so, I never really got to test it out?? Idk.

A lot of the rhetoric surrounding most things is “personal empowerment is more radical than the harm of the thing itself.” Like, wearing make up is radical if it makes you feel good, even though make up upholds western beauty standards and thus racism, fatphobia, and misogyny. In the same vein, being “empowered” by using the q slur might be seen as ~radical~ even though it’s a slur.

Rhetoric is shifting real fast when it comes to this kind of stuff, so, y’unno, I can’t say anything confidently besides “in my social circle, I think the overwhelming consensus is smack any straight person across the face if they pull out slurs.”

Maria: Allene, do you see Bluebell and Brenton? Look how happy they are! Isn’t it wonderful to see love in full bloom?

Allene: “BLEH!”

Maria: …!

Maria: Allene, I am surprised at you! Look, I get it. I understand how you feel, Allene, but this is their day. Don’t ruin it for them, alright?

Allene: …

Maria: I think I made my point clear.

Maria: O du frohliche, O du selige.