quotes of bigbang from weekly idol
  • GD: Even if you'd done your best you should know how to let go of things that cant be helped. There's nothing more regretful in this world than regret itself.
  • Seungri: Not giving up with a determination of not being afraid of death, in the end my dreams wont be able to look away from me.
  • TOP: Facing your fear in order (to fulfill) your desperate hope is what's called 'courage'
  • Daesung: 'The moment you embrace hope that is when miracle happens'. Positive energy is both the compass and driving force of my life.
  • Taeyang: Dream of something possible as high and as big as you can, because dreams are chances that's given out to everyone fairly.
  • translated by jezwon

One of my favorite parts of The City on the Edge of Forever. 

Jim quickly jogs across the street forgetting that Spock is either unaware of 20th century vehicles or believes that the driver would be polite enough to stop. Jim has to run back into the road to rescue Spock who seems bewildered about the situation (and the driver’s irritability)  but doesn’t say no to Jim taking his arm and leading him to safety. Spock glances back at the car in such a way you can see that he just wants a moment to study the strange vehicle and discover all its secrets, whereas Jim is apologetically protective, like “You’re my favorite person Mister Spock, so let’s not lose you to your own scientific curiosity, okay?”

  • my entire team: stops what they're doing to save grandma, including using at least 490 ults, all their right clicks, sacrifices to the gods, immediately switches to That Hero They Hate to counter, war music,
  • me: safe
  • match: won
  • playing with a great team: awesome ♡

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I should be studying but instead I imagined a forum where all the Tonys from across the multiverse chat and support each other and give advice. there's a thread "help, I think I just started a Civil War" There are threads where the Tonys gush about their friends, and they all say they're not attached, but then 616!Tony goes "Steve just confessed but hes evil now help" and the others go "we are HERE for you" and they all get really worried when AA!Tony doesn't check in for a while.

I literally have nothing to add to this because it’s so perfect omg

plot twist: the multiverse tonys get so worried about aa!tony’s absence that they use their collective genius to communicate with aa!steve to help him (and the other avengers of course) devise a plan to bring aa!tony home :))) because like hell if they’re going to let one of their happiest counterparts live without his steve :))))))

When I'm on my period
  • Me: I'm dying.
  • Me: *Googles "How and where can I donate or get rid off my ovaries and uterus.*
  • Me: Why the fuck do women have to pay for pads, tampons, period panties, diva cups and painkillers? We can't help it! There's money for wars but there isn't any money for pads.
  • Me: Mom take me to the hospital, i need morphine.
  • Me: I'm the chosen one. I bleed but I don't​ perish. Kneel at my feet you petty peasants.
  • Me: Chocolate has no calories during a woman's menstrual cycle.
  • Me: *Lays down on the bed in the fetal position with one of the cats and deals with it.*

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hello! we really need your help, there's a got7 stan (@ahgase4) going around spreading malicious and misogynistic hate towards girl groups and they're also being transphobic and dismissing racism as a thing as well. i know this is in no way your responsibility or in your control, but can you share this and ask your followers to report their blog? they support underage smut and is creating a bad name for got7 fans, i'd hate for people to view us as a bad fandom just bc of this person. thank you!

ok. everyone, please report it!

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Merlin nerlin i need help there's a man outside dressed like waluigi i think he's following me

thats waluigi. you must pay the debt. you fucked up big time. sending this ask made your debt worse. goodbye

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Can I be legit with you for a moment? You honestly saved my life tonight. I was feeling really depressed and I thought maybe some funny videos would help. There's something oddly comforting about your videos. Thank you so much for existing, my dude. 👌

This is important. It’s not much, but whatever I can do to help people, I’ll be there.

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in the self-help book there's a part where dennis ranks the attractiveness of the gang. mac is a three and i kind of really love that. the fact that dennis thinks that mac is good-looking is important to me and should be more common knowledge tbh.

And the truth is, you don’t need a giant overhaul. I mean, on the ugly scale, you’re a three at best. Which, when you think about it, is not that ugly at all. Mac, for instance, is also a three in ugly… For the record, on the ugly scale Charlie is a five, Frank is a six, and Dee is a nine.