And theres always my infinite love—You are a sweet person—the sweetest and dearest of all and I love you as I love my vanished youth— which is as much as a human heart can hold— filled with copper clouds like the after-math of cannon-fire, pre-war, civil-war clouds and I feel all empty and bored and very much in love with you, my dear one, my own. I wish you were here so we could stretch our legs down beside one another and feel all warm and hidden in the bed, like seeds beaten into the earth. Why is there happiness and comfort and excitement where you are and no where else in the world, and why is there a sleepy tremulo in the air when you are near that’s promising and living like a vibrating fecundity?

…excuse me for being so intellectual. I know you would prefer something nice and feminine and affectionate.

—  Zelda Fitzgerald in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald.


  • That Time With the Body Paint by wordsarelifealways
    Summary: Even finds body paint and convinces Isak to let him use it.

  • lost without you by isaksavedeven (isaksyakis)
    Summary: theres no summary bc theres no plot it’s just mindless fluff

  • i’ll hold on to the words you spoke of by retts
    Summary: He had never believed people when they said their hearts skipped a beat when they fell in love. Then Even had seen Isak on the first day of school, fighting to get something out of his backpack before engaging in an all out war with his locker, and Even’s heart had done that thing that books and films and everyone else seemed to experience, skipping like a stone over water.

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the shadowhunter’s soundtracks are perfect for every scene BUT WHERE’S MY QUEEN RUELLE THO


Did you know about Beyond Repair? I found these guys just now and honestly.. I’m crying in awe. Their songs are gonna live in my head (and in my heart) forever.

Theres a sudden rush of Cyborg 009 love im feeling… I may watch the entire 2001 series again… but maybe I shouldnt bother trying to find where to watch THAT and just rewatch RE: and maybe the Gods War OVA I dont think I watched before…

I miss my beautiful and tragic sons Albert and Pyunma.

I love and hate that episode where the doctor messes with Pyunmas body to make him more efficient… because im pretty sure he didnt NEED to do that to save his life and Pyunma was so sad…. but then Albert and Pyunma had a heart to heart bonded and over their funky robot bodies and I was happy to see my boys so content and ok with themselves

. (Also everyone taking Pyunmas side on the issue was nice. Even while the doctor was trying to explain why he did it.) 

My favorite episode tho is that one where Albert fights like a dark version of himself. Its so badass. Cuz Als abilities are just cool and seeing him x2. Awesome. Like his whole body is a weapon. Swiss army Cyborg (Except hes German? German Army Cyborg…) its just awesome. Though my fav scene overall is actually from RE: when Al and Chang are together in the hall and Chang blows fire and Al uses his knee… rocket thing… ITS SO COOL.

UGH I love Cyborg 009.

((but there is that time G Jrs tattoos lit up and burned his shirt off… that was… interesting. Very interesting scene….))

Come to think of it… its weird that G Jr aint my fav… I mean hes a huge intimidating bara guy whos actually a sweet heart. But Swiss Army Cyborg and the Tiny Aqua Rebel win out? WTF @Me.

adorable. He is my third fav tho… thats gotta count for something.

I’m not used to wanting to love someone so intensely. It feels foreign and unsettling, like walking into a house you know is haunted. It’s a tug of war between self-preservation and animalistic curiosity. I don’t want to get hurt, but it’s like every time I turn around the universe signals me to pursue.
“Follow your instincts; follow your heart.”
But that’s the problem, my head and my heart want two different things. And I know, that no matter what, I’m going to die.
What I really have to decide is this:
Do I want to die from not knowing what could’ve been?
Do I want to die from trying to let someone else in?


(oh god, not again) // k.m.

Fatburger’s motto always makes me wonder about the Hamburger Wars.

“Grandma,” the littlest Patty asked, “but how did you win?”

How to make these young ones understand what had driven Veggie to fight under the Burger banner in her youth. How the King had fallen. How the MacDonalds had forgotten their oaths, How Wendy had fled the land. How The In-and-Outs sounded the call to aid the Five Guys. And how on that day…that terrible day…that GLORIOUS day…

“My heart,” Veggie continued, the old flamebroil rising within her soul.

“We Gave Them The Works.”

It's pretty fucking annoying how I can't even pick up a to-go order from a restaurant without some creepy old guy hitting on me and asking to take me home.

I walked in and unzipped my jacket and this guy goes

“Look, she’s takin her clothes off already.”

and the guy at his table says

“I have that effect on women.”

and then he gets up and comes over to me and starts hitting on me.

I felt disgusting, I feel disgusting.

This guy was looking me up and down and I just felt like I needed to take a shower because he made me feel so disgusting.

I immediately zipped my jacket all the way up, grabbed my order and left.

It may sound dumb but I wanted to cry because this disgusting, beer soaked guy was looking at me like a piece of meat.

Sick of the Jared Leto hate.

I never speak my mind because of backlash, but Tumblr is being really freaking ignorant about Jared Leto. Please calm down and use common sense. I’ve been a fan of Jared for a long time and never thought I would roll my eyes as much as I have been, reading all these silly comments. Do you really honestly think he would “literally” send those gifts? And you believe all his costars would be okay with them? Honestly?

Did you watch the interviews? Did they look or sound offended? I guess no one seems to understand the use of gimmicks for promotional purposes.

All of a sudden, Jared is ugly. Jared’s music is terrible, and he’s suddenly a horrible person. Why feel the need to crucify an individual you do not know personally. You all are the only ones enraged. It would be a different story if his costars actually had an issue. 

We are all entitled to our opinions but your comments are ridiculous. I’m not even as excited for the movie anymore thanks to all this nonsense. The internet can be a terrible place, he has feelings too. I’ve even read comments of people saying he should overdose and die. And you call HIM disgusting? I stand with Jared, he’s a wonderful human being. That is all.