NDRV3 Theory: the Return of Warriors of Hope

Please hear me out.

 If you take a look at the monokumas you can see they resemble woh.

We got a red bear = Masaru

a pink bear = Kotoko

a blue bear = Nagisa

a yellow bear = Jataro

and a green bear = Monaka

The red one is in the middle which indicates hes most likely the leader which Masaru also happened to be. He is also wearing a similar scarf Masaru wore when he was roleplaying. Im pretty sure these monokumas are woh, because the colors match them so well,  theres no way it just a coincidence.

They chose the EXACT same colors and decided to choose the red one for the leader.

Also, some of them are wearing a star, which looks similar to woh’s logo.

Also, take a look at the green monokuma. Do you see it looks more like a robot than the other ones? Monaka is known for making robots like monokumas and she was also controlling one in the dr3 anime.