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Last night’s SVU didn’t give you the Barisi or the Carisi or the Barba content you were looking for?

Fear not. I got your back! Fic will be posted in 3, 2, 1…

…hours. In, like, 2 or 3 hours. I’m currently 7.3K in my 19x03 Barisi episode tag, and it’s almost done, and I already went over the death threats and I’m just starting to write about Dodds and lmao it’s such a fun fest :D somebody stop me

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i've ul the email they sent me but no links allowed in asks, so i'll also message you the link, this is actually suppose to be for the $2 drabble, but err... the website also asks for a $2 fee to keep it running and I kinda thought that's ridicules so i put in $10 for the drabble instead... don't ask how my brain works after midnight. So prompt. Sterek, accidental magic, please make their lives crack-ish with some magical friendly fire.

Thank you for donating, I got the image with no problems! You still have 4 more prompts available, so just send them on in when you think of them and I’ll get on them ASAP! For this one, I drabbled a little side scene from a fic you know ;)

For anyone else that would like to get a fic prompt in this fashion while donating to a good cause, I’m signed up for the Fandom Loves Puerto Rico charity auction, where you can buy $2 askbox prompts like this from my buy it now auction until 6pm EST tonight (10/19) as well as bid on longer fics from my regular auctions!


In front of him, the wolves milled around the building like confused dogs, fur bristled and ears up for any sign of danger. Stiles stared up and up and up at the sprawling farm house, none of its outer walls matching any of the others, all of them looking as if they had come from different points in history. Some had vinyl siding. Some were brick. One was cobblestone. There was a spire, the sort Stiles imagined would be at home on a castle in ancient France, sticking out from one side.

“I’m not going in there,” he said. It was the only real shelter they had see in at least two miles.

We don’t really have a choice, Derek said, his shoulder leaned against Stiles’ hip, fur making a small warm spot. Stiles could definitely appreciate the comfort. We can’t outrun this storm.

“And that looks like a better option?” Stiles asked incredulously, gesturing at the zombie-Frankensteined house. A loud scraping, shifting sound carried to them on the wind as the house folded open a wall and began to grow a new room.

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happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

Here, have a thing

michael burnham

  • is the first human to attend the vulcan science academy
  • has a background in xenoanthropology and is a big fat NERD who constantly tries to one-up her chief science officer
  • follows the surakian way but lets emotions inform her logic
  • is curious to the point of impulsivity and recklessness
  • loves her crew and her captain
  • has lost so much to the klingon empire
  • volunteered for a suicide mission so that her captain could remain alive
  • watched her captain and friend die at the hands of her own personal demons and was unable to recover her body
  • is grief-stricken and assumes the guilt and responsibility for an entire war
  • believes in starfleet and its principles
  • is an amazing and utterly unforgettable protagonist even after only two episodes
in defense of the “fake” service dogs

there’s a lot of posts on here and other social media about fake service dogs, how to spot them and what not, and it pisses me off.

when you see a service dog, IGNORE THEM. don’t scrutinize, try to figure out if they’re “real” or anything of the like. turn your head away and act like it’s not there. because your staring is still RUDE no matter your goal.

and if, by some chance they do something outside of service dog etiquette that does NOT make them fake. you can’t know the tasks they are needed for by looking at them, so DON’T judge.

“but the handler is letting people pet it!!” maybe it’s an allergen detection dog and it doesn’t affect their job to let people pet them outside of meals. again, you can’t know by looking at them, so IGNORE IT. you don’t get to decide how other teams operate.

a lot of service dog etiquette is about making the dog invisible, and as unobtrusive as possible. that’s all well and good, but let me make this very clear: disabled people do not need to take up as little space as an able person to be allowed in public. service dog doesn’t have a perfect heel position?? handler still deserves to walk through stores. service dog doesn’t tuck properly?? handler still deserves to sit. just as oxygen tanks, crutches, or any other accommodation can take up space, so can a service dog.

and i’d like to bring up the legal definition of a service dog((in the us)): Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. The ADA requires the animal to be under the control of the handler.  This can occur using a harness, leash, or other tether.  However, in cases where either the handler is unable to hold a tether because of a disability or its use would interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of work or tasks, the service animal must be under the handler’s control by some other means, such as voice control. The animal must be housebroken. The ADA does not require covered entities to provide for the care or supervision of a service animal, including cleaning up after the animal. The animal should be vaccinated in accordance with state and local laws.

that’s it. as long as a service dog hits all these, the handler has the legal right to be in public with it.

dogs that are not task trained, are out of control or otherwise outside of the definition are not allowed in public, but it’s the responsibility of the establishment to remove them, not yours. tell an employee if you’re concerned, but do not take the situation into your own hands. there’s a time and place for sd education, and the middle of walmart sure as hell isn’t it.

is it frustrating dealing with the general public and their lack of respect for your service dog?? absolutely. but don’t blame it on other teams. blaming disabled people for ableism helps no one.

above all else, ignore service dogs. please.

not sure if these are edited or not, but apparently this creepy-ass Bendy is in the hallway Boris hides in before walking out during the cutscene at the end of Chapter 2. Can any hackers confirm this? :P


they know what we want and boy did they deliver