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Robert Sheehan on Klaus’ greatest skill.




Road to Infinity War:
⤖ 30. Stephen Strange  

Its amazing that there are alot of posts these days telling straight women that they dont need to have a boyfriend to be happy or feel accomplished in life and that theres more to life than being with a man but i wish there were more posts like that telling wlw that they dont need to have a girlfriend to be happy too, bc i see so many wlw these days being upset and depressed about not having a girlfriend and and feeling like they are “missing out” on the wlw experience by not having a gf and either become sad 24/7 or keep jumping into relationships with other women coz they think that it is what they need to be happy. So this is @ all the lesbians, bi women n other wlw : You are still amazing and not having a gf wont make you less lesbian/bi/wlw than other wlw who have girlfriends. Theres more to being a wlw than having a gf so you dont need to reduce your existence to being/not being in a relationship with another woman. You can still have a lot of fun as a wlw without having a girlfriend and dont let anyone tell you that you are somehow “incomplete” if you dont have a gf. Having a girlfriend wont automatically make your life perfect so dont rush into relationships with another girl hoping that it will make everything better. Live the wlw experience at your fullest instead of being miserable without a gf or with someone who is not good for you!


💀 Black Sails meme 5 themes (5/5)


A story is true. A story isn’t true. As time extends, it matters less and less.The stories we want to believe those are the ones that survive, despite upheaval and transition and progress.


Jason Voorhees

Last Summer

Freddy Krueger’s Daughter

Old Friends


Practicing Makeup

Jason x Self Conscious s/o

Jason x Tall s/o

Jason gets Overpowered

Future s/o saves drowning kid

General Headcanons

S/o kills for the first time

Jason as a parent

S/o that’s afraid of the dark

Freddy Krueger

Freddy x sweet!S/O


Bubba as a parent

Demon s/o

Michael Myers

Michael x sweet!S/O


Practicing Makeup

Michael gets Overpowered

General Headcanons

S/o that’s afraid of the dark

Michael x Dominant s/o

Clingy s/o

Demon s/o

Bubba Sawyer

Fluff Alphabet: Q, O, and L


Practicing Makeup

Bubba x Self Conscious s/o

Bubba x Tall s/o

Bubba NSFW

S/O getting into cannibalism

Bubba as a parent

Billy Lenz

Billy x Sweet s/o

Fluff Alphabet: B, C, & X

“Please Don’t Go.”

General Headcanons

Cuddling Headcanons

Billy Lenz x sick male s/o

Billy Lenz x caring s/o

Stay the Night

The Collector

Fluff Alphabet: B, C, & X

Fluff Alphabet: K-P

New Obsession

The Collector gets Overpowered

Cuddling Headcanons

You’re my favorite

First date

Morning Headcanons

Domestic Headcanons

The Collector x weak s/o

NSFW Headcanons

Shy s/o

S/o tames his dogs

Tattooed s/o

Jealous s/o

Sneaky s/o

More NSFW Headcanons

S/o steals his clothes

Bo Sinclair

“You’ll Be Okay.”

Bo x S/O with Arthritis

Bo x Self Conscious s/o

Bo x Tall s/o

Stand By Your Man

The Moon

One of Those Nights

S/o steals his clothes

Vincent Sinclair

Fluff Headcanons

Vincent x Sick s/o

Please Don’t Go

NSFW Headcanons

One of Those Nights

S/o steals his clothes

Lester Sinclair

Just Being Nice

Dancing with Lester


Pennywise x S/O with Arthritis

Making Pennywise Purr

Baker s/o

General Headcanons

Shy s/o

Brahms Heelshire

Brahms x S/O with Arthritis

Brahms x Promised


Practicing Makeup

Brahms gets Overpowered

Demon s/o

Herbert West

Herbert x Male S/O

General Headcanons

Ash Williams

“We all watched it happen, and time stood still.”

Ash x Musician s/o

General Headcanons

Ash x Flirty s/o

Ash x anxiety prone male s/o

Stu Macher

Poly!Ghostface x Trans reader

Poly!Ghostface x Protective Male s/o

S/o kills for the first time (Poly!Ghostface)

Poly!Ghostface x musical s/o

Billy Loomis

Poly!Ghostface x Trans reader

Poly!Ghostface x Protective Male s/o

S/o kills for the first time (Poly!Ghostface)

Poly!Ghostface x musical s/o

Harry Warden

S/o kills for the first time

Harry receiving gifts

NSFW x Male s/o


Being his s/o

Chubby Reader

Shy s/o

Memer s/o

Tiny Male s/o

General Headcanons

S/o steals his clothes

Fluff Alphabet: G-J

Jonas Deihl (Slasher OC)

Winner Takes All

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

A First Time For Everything

The Talisman

NSFW Headcanons

The Ultracheese (+Nikolas Teravainen)

Curb Your Sentiment (+Nikolas Teravainen)

Reg Morgan

NSFW Headcanons

Leslie Vernon

NSFW Headcanons

The Phantom

Affectionate s/o

Stuntman Mike

Surviving Stuntman Mike

i still think about that song 👀🦋

the foxes as things i've overheard at art camp
  • neil: i haven't slept in two days but i can still hold this pencil [pencil is shaking in hand]
  • andrew: i'm gay and i like this knife
  • kevin: my son has abandoned us for soccer— he's dead to me now
  • aaron: do you think this white pastel is actually just powdered pills solidified again
  • nicky: 'someone called me straight yesterday' <i>'i'm so sorry'</i>
  • matt: not all heroes wear capes, bro
  • dan: <i>'yeah i'm a feminist, i'm wearing pink even though i'm a guy'</i> 'that's not feminism, bitch'
  • renee: everyone is beautiful...
  • allison: ...but some people are more beautiful than others
  • seth: <i>'there's a lot of hostility going on in here, isn't there?'</i> 'oh yes, there is'
  • wymack: i used to avoid them, but then i realized something— i don't give a shit what they think of me
  • abby: do not poison your body with expired plastic and chemical juice or i'll have to hold your hand all day
  • bee: aw, look at you guys with all the life crushed out of you, come chat with me about that if you want
  • jean: my goal today is to be as edgy as possible
  • jeremy: all my professors were like 'ugh, no one uses bright color in serious artwork,' and i was like 'SCREW THAT!' and used Lisa Frank colors in everything
  • riko: i want to use a dead body in my art, like in the horror movies

Every picture of Sarek’s and Amanda’s home make it out to be a sterile, completely Vulcan place. But I will still headcanon that Amanda has parts of the home which are much more human. Decorations everywhere. Bright colors that doesn’t match. Souvenirs from their travels. Sarek pretends he’s not into the sentimentality but secretly likes that she still has the salt shaker she stole on their third date and the statuette of the Bolian goddess with the 5 arms that is said to bring luck because he actually enjoyed that trip a lot. 

Although he still does not understand what a “gnome” is and is puzzled by it’s function, despite them appearing in the garden with alarming frequency. 

there have been many unfair and unjust deaths on The 100.

Wells (the first male lead of color, let’s not forget) was slashed to death by an 11-year-old girl in order to correct the tone of the show’s first four episodes - the writers needed to make up for Jasper not dying in the first episode, to guide the show away from its teen drama roots, and to prove that no one was safe.

Finn was on the path to be tortured to death, but was instead mercy-killed by Clarke, while Raven watches and screams in grief and despair. While his death feels inevitable by the time it happens, and is more or less a joke in fandom now, he was a lead at the time, and it was shocking to see Clarke kill him.

Lexa* was killed by her most trusted adviser, on accident, with a stray bullet, just moments after consummating her relationship with Clarke. She doesn’t survive a wound that should have been survivable, despite Clarke’s previous medical capabilities being near-miraculous in other life-or-death situations.

Lincoln* was put on his knees and shot in the head, brutally executed in the mud, sacrificing himself for unnamed Trikru villagers who are never seen or spoken of again. Octavia is forced to watch.

Jasper commits suicide in an exceptionally sad and brutal scene - he could have lived, but had given up on survival at that point, so he didn’t take the chance. Made worse by the implication that Jasper probably didn’t hear Monty’s final declaration of love.

Luna* is killed by Octavia after an unexpected and poorly foreshadowed heel turn, despite seemingly being foreshadowed for three seasons as a peaceful alternative to the violent society of the Grounders.

Shaw* is randomly killed by a radiation shield, after an entire season of building up his relationship with Raven as endgame - another romantic relationship which is cut short just a few hours after it was consummated. Another man of color killed off in a violent and sudden way.

And Bellamy* is shot through the heart by his canonical best friend (and for a very large chunk of the audience, fanon love interest,) dying alone, an enemy and stranger to his former friends and allies, believing in a faith in which the audience has zero interested or investment.

(*It’s worth mentioning that all of the starred characters were written off in part because the actor wanted to leave for another show. In Bellamy’s case, Bob allegedly “asked for some time off” according to Jason Rothenberg. In my opinion, the number of people leaving the show early or wanting time away does not indicate a very positive or happy working environment.)

So, what’s my point?

Bellamy’s death is absolutely on brand for The 100.

Look, it’s okay to be upset. In fact, it’s natural! It’s clear that Bellamy’s death was intended to be upsetting and meant to spark a lot of conversation, if not outright outrage.

But to say that this was out of character for Clarke, who has already made it very clear that she will do anything to protect Madi, or not fully on brand for this show, which kills characters at an alarming rate regardless of perceived status, is just silly.

Death is an integral part of this universe, and we’ve very rarely seen situations where someone’s death is justified or satisfying. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve enjoyed seeing a character die on this show.

If you were pulling for a happy ending for any of these characters, but especially for Bellamy and Clarke - if you were pulling for a canonical “Bellarke endgame” - I truly just don’t think you were paying very much attention to the actual show for the past seven years. 

This is why so many people who don’t ship Bellarke have been so irritated and baffled by Bellarke shippers for so long. The 100 has never and will never be a romance. JRoth made that painfully, painfully clear in 7x13.

But the thing is, it was already made clear for so many of us, so many times over, who have lost our own favorite couples to unexpected and unjustified deaths. And most of those OTPs were actually canon!

(This show has taken something from all of us. Welcome to the club!)

While we mourned Clexa and Linctavia and Zaven, so many of y’all rolled your eyes and just churned out endless Bellarke content and theories, and demanded more and more and more. 

You stole meaningful moments from other characters. You harassed, bullied, and threatened actors like Lindsey Morgan when she spoke out against the ship. You attacked Tasya Teles constantly, and refused to recognize the significance of Echo’s role in the universe and in Bellamy’s life. You cliqued up hard and ostracized people who disagreed with you, especially those who pointed out the inaccuracies in your theories. Some of you even celebrated Lexa’s death, certain that meant that the door was open for Bellamy and Clarke to get together. Ever since Becho became a thing, you’ve vilified Echo and rooted for her downfall and death. You’ve behaved like spoiled, entitled children.

You convinced yourselves that this sci-fi show was a ship war! And you convinced yourselves that you were winning, that you were destined to achieve that bullshit golden ring of a canon romance. 

But that was never real! No one ever promised you a canon Bellarke ending, or a happy Bellarke ending, or even a neutral Bellarke ending!

If you feel cheated out of something, that’s on you.

Fanfiction and headcanons are great! But assuming you have all the answers to someone else’s creative project, to the point where you’re getting angry and acting entitled and throwing around accusations of baiting, only because things didn’t play out the way you wanted them to/assumed they were destined to, is just not a good look for anyone, anywhere.

You aren’t entitled to any ending in fiction. You aren’t entitled to a happy ending or a satisfying ending. 

Yes, you can criticize a creative work if you don’t like it, or the choices don’t make sense to you, or you wanted something different. You can absolutely decide that you won’t continue to support a creator’s work moving forward, if you don’t like what they do with their stories.

But this melting down in the Bellarke fandom, while entirely expected and very on brand for y’all, is just sad. It’s juvenile and it’s embarrassing. 

I hope y’all move forward from this with some lessons learned. Fanon is not canon. And no amount of screaming and crying and tantrum throwing can force someone to write the story you want them to write.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.

anonymous asked:

Thank u sm for your answer about racebending, I understand it a lot better now!! There's still something I'm uncertain how to feel about though; what are your thoughts on "blackwashing" asian characters? Particularly east asian, and I know this can be a whooole sep discussion (whether or not east asians are poc, privilege bc of (generally) being more light skinned, whether or not anime characters are "raceless", etc), but as an e asian w light skin (in the US) I just don't know how to feel!

This is a good discussion to have and I do feel like it requires more little nuance than when it comes to racebending white characters. I go back and forth on it as a half black half Japanese person and I’m not sure I fully know the answer.

I’ve mentioned this before but there’s a lot of colorism and antiblackness in east Asian countries and communities. I’ve experienced it first hand being that I grew up in primarily Asian spaces. And Asian beauty standards also often align with the practice of skin lightening which is definitely harmful to dark skinned people so yeah it’s not great. Light skin privilege definitely exists across pretty much all ethnicities and a lot of east Asian people do get to benefit from that. 

We see a lot of this antiblackness and colorism in anime. A majority of black men being portrayed as brutes, black women portrayed as much more masculine than their light skinned counterparts (nothing wrong with masculine women but these tropes are good to be aware of), characters with dark skin often being portrayed as demons or animal-like or sometimes they’re just drawn like straight up caricatures. We’re seeing a lot more cool black characters in anime being handled respectfully but,,, still not where we need to be.

All that said, it doesn’t bother me when people racebend anime characters (and anime characters specifically) to have darker skin. Black folks have been done so dirty by anime a lot of the time that I think it’s fair to racebend some of their faves. If being Asian, doesn’t inform who the character is then it’s alright, especially if the anime isn’t really grounded in reality and has a more fantastical approach. I can’t see a situation where I would go after a person of color for giving an anime character darker skin or curly hair. I should probably mention that I don’t actually racebend much and I’m pretty sure my recent drawings are my first LOL and if I were to racebend an anime character, I’d probably make them mixed Asian, especially if they have Asian names, but that’s just me. I find that when I’m drawing anime character in a non-anime style, I just tend to give them more Asian features as opposed to the “raceless” look some anime has (because as someone who lives in the US I do feel like Asian rep is important here)

Speaking of which, I’ve been talking about media from Asian countries, anime in particular. In the US Asian people are absolutely discriminated against, fetishized and and underrepresented in media. When they are represented it’s still very common for them to fall into stereotypes. So when there is good Asian representation here in cartoons or movies I do feel like that should be respected. Like,,, I personally would feel wrong for racebending Jake Long or Juniper Lee or Hiro Hamada or the Avatar cast y’know? Maybe it’s just because western cartoons are typically more grounded in reality and the characters have noticeably Asian traits/features? But again, dark skinned Asians exist, blasians exist and seeing those takes on these characters could be cool~ 

Das my thoughts as a Black and Asian person haha. But I don’t have all the answers! Like I said, this one requires a bit more nuance.

things behind the sun

so i’ve been working on a reverse au where keith pilots the mission to kerberos instead of shiro for a few weeks and i’m so ridiculously excited about it. i’ve  been plotting and writing like mad and i saw some incredible art for a similar reverse au concept today so i was inspired to share a bit of it. 

Shiro doesn’t punch Iverson in the face, but it’s a close thing. Instead, he picks a fight with a wall and bandages his bruised, split-knuckled fist in the cool, lonely lamplight of his room. Interior decorating has never been high on the Garrison’s list of priorities.

Pilot error. It’s a thorn that’s burrowed itself in Shiro’s chest right making a home beside his heartbeat.

Pilot error. From Keith. Keith who had blasted through Shiro’s best scores the moment he stepped into the sim; Keith who had forced the garrison engineers to reprogram their test flights; Keith who took to the crags and canyons of the nearby desert like they were nothing but gentle hills and valleys; Keith—the youngest person to ever pilot a mission this deep into space; Keith who Shiro recommended take his place on the Kerberos mission when it became clear that the cast holding Shiro’s left leg in place wouldn’t come off in time.

Keith who was gone.

The cast came off. The bones healed, but there were bruises and scars buried deep beneath his skin, and there was no cast that could fix those fractures—no cast that could hold Shiro together. 

Should have expected it from Kogane, they whispered. Never should have picked a hothead like him to pilot the mission. When you fly too close to the sun, you’re gonna get burned, they sneered.

But they were wrong; Keith was—is, Shiro’s heart whispers—the sun. Bright, beautiful, and unfailingly accurate in charting its course across the sky.

Shiro knows Keith, knows that he’s no Icarus. Shiro also knows a lie when he hears one.

He drifts through the rest of his day, looking away when he sees a cadet that looks too much like Matt for him keep his face from cracking. He has to get out of here.

deltora quest begins with jarred wishing to explore beyond the palace and concludes with doom traveling through deltora, and i’m just so happy that after everything he’s forced to endure, he finally gets his childhood desire.

Unspeakable Dark Magic

It’s said that humans used “unspeakable dark magic” to kill the Dragon King.

But what kind of dark magic spell?

I was re-watching season 2, and I have a theory.

So, in episode 6, “Heart of a Titan,” in his letter to Callum, Harrow says he got his revenge on Xadia. We can assume that he means revenge for killing Sarai.

Then we have the scene where Viren is preparing a dark magic spell.

This scene.


What do we have here?

First, there’s a spear. But, I assume, not just any spear. It’s Sarai’s spear.

Next, I want to direct your attention to the table in the foreground. We have a glass container. The same container that we’ve seen used for the locator spell.

Then, next to it, we have what looks to be a unicorn’s horn. The creators have said that unicorns exist in Xadia, and they were poached for their horns to be used for dark magic.

Now, this is pure speculation at this point, but in common folklore, unicorns are associated with purity and innocence, and are against or shun anyone who lacks innocence or purity.

Or, you know, anyone who is guilty.

There’s likely more to the spell than what we see here. It would take a LOT of power to kill something as big as the Dragon King, after all.

Still, we have:

1) A spear, whose owner was murdered

2) A locator spell

3) Magic of innocence, an antagonist to guilt.

The “unspeakable dark magic” spell that Viren used to kill the Dragon King was a spell of revenge. A spell to direct the spear to find and kill the one who was guilty of its owner’s murder.

I would like to present to you the following concept:

A modern-day, post-uni domestic AU (albeit with shinier, techier prosthetics) where Jamison and Satya have known each other for about five or six years since meeting at university.

Jamison is a mechanic at the shop across the city, and Satya works for a prestigious company. They are good friends and mesh surprisingly well. A year or two into their friendship proper, Satya had encouraged him to seek a diagnosis for ADHD after learning about his struggles in class, which had resulted in him realizing a whole lot about himself. He’d thanked her by offering her samples of his cooking, and that led to the monthly evening where they’d both show off meals from home.

(They both love spicy food. Satya tries to make him sob with hot curry. It never works.)

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What Your Favorite Tales Game Says About You
  • Phantasia: You're a hoe for the classics. You're not even really sure why, but there's just. something about phantasia
  • Symphonia: you definitely didn't know zelos could die. either this was your first game or you have enough time to make this 88 hour game worth it
  • Abyss: You think that characters and narratives are 10000% more important than gameplay and also probably cry a lot
  • Vesperia: You're still tallymarking your wall waiting for localized ps3 vesperia and/or you're a sucker for "found family" tropes
  • Graces: You really don't know why you're here. This game sucked you into its void and you found Asbel at the beginning of the main arc a bit too relatable
  • Xillia: you still laugh at "teach me about bazongas" and are also constantly crying about how beautiful fennmont was because goddamn
  • Xillia 2: either you're here for julius's tiddies or elle is your daughter and you're not prepared to give her up
  • Zestiria: You're here for sormik. or rosali. or probably both
  • Berseria: you have excellent taste and also want velvet to step on you
On My Lips

It lives! The first chapter of my accidental ‘ashayam’ fic is now on AO3! (Thank you to @thenorsiest for helping me choose a name) I’ve written 4 chapters so far and plan to post one every week until it’s done (planning on 12 total rn).

This time, the sigh that had built in his chest escaped in a soft huff. “Ashayam, this conflict is easily avoidable.” The second the words left his lips, Spock felt a cold dread settle in his stomach. Jim’s face flitted through a half-dozen expressions too quickly for Spock to identify them, but before either of them could say anything, Lieutenant Uhura spoke up.

“Hailing frequencies open, Captain.”