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tips for writing bilingual characters
  • there are different types of bilinguals
    • the All Around: speaks, reads, and writes both languages pretty well
    • the Conversational: one language is stronger than the other; can speak the other language a lot better than they read/write it (a lot of kids of immigrants are this type)
    • the High Schooler: understands what’s being said to them in the other language, can’t really speak it
  • don’t have your characters randomly drop words from their other language mid-sentence around people who don’t speak it lol
    • languages are a mindset thing. like personally if i’m around english-speakers, i’m speaking english and i don’t really switch to my other language (which is portuguese)
    • so like if you’re writing a bilingual character who speaks spanish and have them say something like “hey chad let’s go to the biblioteca” to an english speaker i’ll probably spend 5 minutes laughing and then close your story lmao
  • exception: the character is speaking in their weaker language and forgot a word (”where are the…? uh… llaves…. keys! keys, where are they?”)
  • otherwise really the only time your character should be randomly switching languages mid-sentence is if they’re talking to another bilingual
  • like i don’t speak spanish but i’ve legit never heard a spanish speaker say “ay dios mio” to gringos lmao
  • conversations between two bilingual people can take a few different forms:
    • Pick One: they pick one language and kinda stick with it for the whole conversation (a conversation i might have with my portuguese-speaking mom: ”you okay?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “i’m fine, but your dad-”)
    • Back-and-Forth: someone says something in one language, the other person replies in the other (”tudo bem?” “yeah, i’m good. how’re you?” “tou bem, mas o seu pai-”)
    • Combo: they speak a combo of the two languages, a popular example being spanglish, though basically every bilingual has their own combo language (”tudo bem?” “sim, tou bem. how’re you?” “i’m fine, mas o seu pai-”)
  • when in doubt: just ask a bilingual to look at your stuff and tell you if anything sounds weird

wolf 359 mysteries we’re still waiting for a resolution on:

  • the unseen, unknown thing from hera’s “am i alone now” speech
  • the hephaestus changing and nobody remembering but minkowski
  • box 953
  • whether jacobi is human or one of the dear listeners
  • eiffel starting to cough again
  • the first contact event from the black archives
  • the transmissions coming from the dorado constellation
  • the star turning blue
  • how ‘lovelace’ ended up back on the hephaestus
  • just lovelace in general, actually

wanted to share my fav gayest official art of kurama and hiei


R e n d !! 🔪 🔪

Yatogami and his Yukine ♡♡ 
I wanted to draw some meaningful/Japanesey things for the backgrounds aha. I hope it is fun figuring out what they mean ^^

 Watercolours on 200gsm


what really happened during s5
they reunited and ducked out to go on a space roadtrip :DDD

mac10514  asked:

Can I ask for some cute Stephew facts??

Oh god you guys are srsly testing my memory recall skills here.

-Matt said he wants Stephanie to be the happiest girl in the world.

-Since there’s now been two videos of it, it’s a safe assumption Stephanie regularly wears Matt’s jackets.

-Matt said he spent their entire wedding trying not to cry.

-They take holiday pictures with Skip.

-Matt said that, when he started doing YouTube, Stephanie had given him the best advice and he still follows it.

-Stephanie thinks they work better as a team than seperate.

-Matt would follow Steph home in college in an attempt to woo her and this somehow didn’t result in a restraining order.

-They were long distance for about 18 months after college.

-They’re turning 30/31 and still give each other hickies.

-They’ve taken yoga together.

-Matt is jealous of Mr. Darcy (a fictional character) because Stephanie likes him so much.

-Matt can, has, and (judging by the try not to cringe challenge) absolutely will, with no prompting, pick Stephanie up.

-Stephanie will anthropomorphize food and guilt Matt into finishing his meals.

-Stephanie got Matt into nuggets, and Matt got Stephanie into pepperoni pizza.

-Matt said he was first attracted to Stephanie because of her work ethic.

Yikes yes sorry I’m afraid I’m starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel of facts, but I hope these are good enough!

Should You Play Darkest Dungeon?


•Absolutely gorgeous art style. Actual animation hovers around 3~4 frames but you likely won’t notice due to the camera work.

•Character design is Great and monster design is A+

•A very enthusiastic narrator with a great voice.

•Amazing musical score that sets the mood perfectly.

•Gameplay is surprisingly deep through a simple inventory management interface and skill screen. It IS a nightmare for people that can’t stand to throw things away and make room for new items, though.

•Beating a boss or even just a tough encounter feels like an actual accomplishment.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action so there’s no risk of lost progress if you have to quit in the middle of a dungeon delve.

•Has all the graphical demands of MSPaint and can be run on Windows 7 or higher.

•No demands for fast reflexes or split-second decision making, since it’s RPG-style combat.

•You can make up whatever names or headcanons for each character that you feel like.


•Can be punishingly difficult for all the wrong reasons due to the prevalent RNG behavior.

•A run can be made or broken by nothing more than a few bad dice rolls or miss-called coin tosses.

•Minimization of RNG (investing in equipment, removing negative behaviors, etc) requires heavy in-game investments, making it difficult in other ways. Some may revel in this difficulty, but it’s not for everyone.

•The game auto saves after pretty much every action, so once a decision is made there is no chance to go back. You’re stuck with your choices forever.

•Some scenery and monster attacks can be nauseating for some. The game runs very deep with body horror in all its forms, from physical mutilation to monstrous mutation, and attacks featuring projectile vomit are very common. Granted, the puke isn’t detailed, but still. the sounds

•Giant grubs, maggots, spiders, snails, and mosquitos make up a portion of the monster encounters, which can be a deal breaker for some.

•The narrator can get grating at times, especially if one of his lines comes at a time that just salts a fresh wound.

halo | happy international women’s day

2 do list

Just as a guide

◘ art-trade with @treefin and @thecrowned-starprince  (sketch and lineart done, just color)

◘ sansfrisk comic Spring-cleaning - might be the last UT comic I do ;_; (need to trim to fit it into a shorter oneshot)

◘ UT music video in collab with @reethaa  ♥ (still just planning, but heavenly voice already recorded)

◘ one day requests (during some random savage day.. I’ll let you know!)

A Human and their Star comic

◘ more of Sprouts

headcanons for trolls in homestuck (if ur confused just think of how @rose-ebottles draws kanaya its basically that with some extra shit):

  • skin is hard and rigid, chitin-y, and hairless
  • seams around the joints, softer skin & tissue shows through
  • spines and other rad shit in certain places
  • basically double-jointed, movement is only limited by carapace pieces bumpin into eachother
  • bioluminescent spots on some parts of body, also bioluminescent freckles (!!)
  • body temp lowers from red to fuchsia; limebloods are about the same as humans
  • grubscars on sides instead of bellybutton
  • also dual long ridges running down back where wings would go
  • have titties for some still-unknown reason but no nipples
  • feet sort of like paws with toepads, claws (non-retractable), dewclaws
  • claws on their hands as well
  • hair is actually very soft & floofy… its good
  • black lips and gums, gray tongues, pointed ears
  • can dilate/undilate their eyes super well like a cat, plus nictitating membranes (third eyelids) and the retinal films that make cats’ eyes shine
  • horns are mostly insensate, same material as claws but theres velvet around the bases which is rly rly good

additional shit for seadwellers:

  • webbed toes & fingers
  • gills on neck for breathing underwater
  • fins along body
  • double rows of teeth
  • tails

Today, this Joker trailer is officially one year old. 

Last year, I remember shaking and wailing as I watched this. I remember having to pause the video and try to calm my heartbeat when I saw my clowns kissing for the first time in live action. I remember how excited we all were, how we watched and rewatched and rewatched again. Good times. Relieve them with me for a second? Cheers to the best trailer to come out of Suicide Squad in a plethora of great trailers.