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george’s biggest mistakes
  • shmi skywalker being a virgin mother
  • shmi skywalker being needlessly brutally murdered + anakin mercilessly slaughtering an entire tribe of sand people to avenge her
  • padme not being put off in the slightest by anakin’s many, many flaws
  • anakin destroying the trade federation ship (i think it was?), by accident, at age nine (but rey is a mary sue i guess lmao)
  • c-3po, who understands over six billion forms of communication, being built by this small child seemingly from scratch
  • jango fett
  • padme losing her will to live + dying solely because anakin fucked up so badly
  • midichlorians 
  • jar jar binks 

Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

Don’t you just sit there and you see a picture of your favorite groups and be like… wow… because of them…. I don’t have a life lmao.

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I honestly can't decide whether we are reading into the whole parallels or if they're purposefully there. I definitely think the cut on Homer and French's forehead and the whole Buck/Rachel red backpack/car accident thing was intentional but the other stuff idk. Part of me thinks theres so many similarities between all of them that it can't possibly be a unintentional but then some of the similarities just feel like a reach. basically my mind is a conflicting mess

Thanks to @theoanetflix for reminding me about the Rachel/Buck similarities. 

The more we discuss the further we get. Last night I made that obnoxious post in response to you, about how they don’t parallel each other, but everything about the original and secondary five is purposeful.

NOW I’m thinking, what if, what if these similarities aren’t parallels at all, but clues about dimensions brushing shoulders, or perhaps bleeding into each other. OR, similarly, maybe now that the family is being exposed to OA’s story, they are able to perceive that which they were not able to before.

For example, the Buck/Rachel car accident parallel.  At the end of “Champion”, Rachel tells her story about her brother. Later, at the start of “Forking Paths”, Buck passes the car crash site. They aren’t exact parallels and they don’t happen near each other. Maybe what Buck sees (and only HE sees it, from what we know) is a manifestation of the other dimension. 

Same thing with French seeing Homer’s reflection. French is the only one that sees Homer in the mirror. And it is just a mirror, it’s not like he sees Homer standing in the room before him. And Steve chasing the ambulance, same idea there. Maybe it’s just the other dimension breaking through, maybe the original five can sense what OA is doing and are trying to reach her, too.

Hope this helps! Love talking about it for sure.

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dan said he was slytherin

fake, never trust pottermore?? ever??? dan is a hufflepuff and phil is a slytherin and Those are the Phacts. also dan is a dumb idiot baby and doesnt know anything :(


Magnus wasn’t any different than the king. He, too, was afraid of the princess. Her spirit was so bright, he’d been blinded by it.
And yet, he’d never wanted to close his eyes to block out that light.
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what gets me abt ppl saying justice league needs solo movies first is that like… 3 of the avengers had solo movies before avengers came out?? like yeah theres the hulk movies but so many people don’t even count those as the mcu to begin with??


season four rewatch: seven days to season five episode four, oathkeeper
“a single day of freedom is worth more than a lifetime in chains.”

A/N: SO I’m going to try a new format because theres so many, but if you don’t like, I won’t do it again!

Would be become insecure and need reassurance: Mark, Taeil, Taeyong, Winwin,

Would laugh it off, even if they really did like you, they wouldn’t make a move on you: Johnny, Hansol,Jeno

Become a little jealous, acting weird around that EXO member, almost always interrupting your conversations(politely): Jaehyun, Yuta,Ten

Becoming Jealous,especially if people made a big deal about it, but would try not show it and be confident that you wouldn’t leave them. Haechan, Jaemin, Kun, Jisung

Would straight up ask you if you liked them or the EXO member: Doyoung,

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