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Do you ever get inordinately emotional over Astra In-Ze?

Do you ever think about how the redemption arc in S2 could have been about someone who started out with the best of intentions?

Someone who fought so hard to keep their planet and civilization alive, but because nobody listened to her, she grew desperate and her methods became more ruthless, more radical. As her faith in people slipped away, so too did any alternative plan that relied even the slightest bit on hope, on giving people the agency to do the right thing and take responsibility.

The redemption arc could have been about someone adrift and directionless after Myriad is defeated and Non is dead.

Someone who finds Earth festering with the same ignorance and reckless consumerism that doomed Krypton.

Someone who never really mourned, and so her contempt of humanity is tied up with her rage, against the Kryptonians’ complacency, against her own incompetence.

No one expects much from Astra. All they see is a dangerous war criminal, to be persecuted, contained.

But, then there’s Kara, who sees the best in everyone. It’s the most potent superpower she has. 

Kara sees Astra’s potential, remembers the bright and passionate person she used to be. Kara thinks of the good she could do in the world, if only she could find her way back from madness and cynicism.

And of course, Kara is the key to all of this. She’s Astra’s last connection to the past, to family. Kara is not the only one who yearns for that connection.

Rather than a man who wants to be a hero because it makes him feel closer to the object of his affections, how about a disgraced and defeated general who jumps in to fight for the good guys because her favorite niece went on some suicide mission and she can’t accept the thought of losing her again?

Kara’s friends would be wary of course, her sister especially. But through trials, that wariness would turn into grudging respect.

Astra gets to know Kara’s friends as people. With time, maybe she’d even befriend some of them herself. She certainly has quite a bit in common with more than a few. She could grieve with J’onn. Bond over Kara with Alex. Banter antagonistically with Cat only for Cat to low key blow her mind one day with some shockingly astute and inspiring piece of insight. Learn a thing or two about the potential of humans to make the right choice through Lena.

It wouldn’t be quick or easy for her, changing her mind, coming to terms with her past, even fully repairing her relationship with Kara.

I could easily see it taking an entire season to really sort out.

But man… the sort of payoff Kara would get for having faith in people and believing in their better angels when she gets one of the two last surviving members of her family to share her burdens with. And hell, maybe it’d even help her sort out some emotional issues regarding Kal-El. 

Really, could you imagine?

If the gang killed people
  • Dennis: he'd probably hyperveltalate, throw up then cry
  • Mac: acts tough but would probably straight up shit himself and then also cry
  • Dee: Dee would kill someone without even thinking about it, she lit someone on fire and she scares me
  • Charlie: lets be real theres probably bodies hidden in his Bad Room already if charlie killed someone it would be an absolute bloodbath (see: charlie GBHing santa)
  • Frank: pretty sure he's killed like tons of people already man
Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP1]
  • "Want to go grab a cup of tea and bitch about life?"
  • "All you need is the courage to share your gift with others."
  • "I feel like the universe is taunting me everywhere I go today."
  • "When a door closes, a window opens... or, something like that."
  • "Oh boo hoo, poor little rich kid."
  • "You don't know who the fuck I am, or who you're messing around with!"
  • "Come on, put that thing down!"
  • "I'm so SICK of people trying to control me!"
  • "Get that gun away from me, psycho!"
  • "It's time to be an everyday hero."
  • "I think John Lennon once said that 'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.'"
  • "Do. Not. Freak. Out."
  • "Now, why don't you go fuck your selfie?"
  • "I'll get your boney ass out of my way."
  • "Just one of those days, you know?"
  • "Hey, nobody is bullying anybody. I'm doing my job."
  • "It's been one strange fucking day."
  • "I consider myself a pop... cultural pirate connoisseur."
  • "So you're sensitive..."
  • "Whatthefuckever."
  • "Nobody, nobody lectures me. Everyone tries though... They try..."
  • "Don't give me the guilty face. At least pretend you're glad to see me."
  • "It makes perfect sense I'd see you today."
  • "At least you're still a smartass."
  • "Oh man, are you cereal?"
  • "Sorry. I wasn't trying to be nosy."
  • "She/He was my angel."
  • "We were gonna kick the world's ass."
  • "I just wanna blaze and be alone for a moment."
  • "You hella saved my life..."
  • "Now that we got the mushy shit out of the way, I feel like stage diving!"
  • "Yep yep, I'm fucking insane in the brain!"
  • "Shake that boney white ass!"
  • "I don't like strangers here."
  • "I'm sick of your disrespect!"
  • "That was an epic win."
  • "This shit-pit has taken away everyone I've ever loved..."
  • "I'm not crazy. But there's something else I have to tell you. Something... Hardcore."
  • "Start from the beginning."

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i think with dream daddy they didnt actually have a huge budget? its still an indie game and all that, but probably with the success its had already and considering theyve already talked about dlc, maybe if theres high enough demand theyll release sequel-ish content in the form of dlcs and stuff

ahh okay thats good! like i said the game was really nice and there’s tons of room for improvement so additional content would be a+++ :~)

GF Theory

Okay guys but. Hear me out for a second.

I don’t have any screencaps or quotes to back up this theory but just go with me on this.

What if the person Dipper ends up having to use the mind-wipe gun on…

is Ford?

I think it would make a lot of sense. If we assume Bill is going to intentionally take advantage of the Stanley-Stanford confusion to twist Gideon’s deal around so that Ford is the one Bill goes after,which, let’s be honest, is probably what’s going to happen, then it would make sense for Ford to ask Dipper to erase his memory.

His memory of what? Probably Gravity Falls as a whole. Ford knows too much and Bill knows it too. He’s been trying to get his claws into Ford for a while, as evidenced by Ford’s paranoia about him coming after him before he went into the portal, and we can also infer a lot from Bill’s first interaction with Gideon, when he started muttering to himself about ‘Stan Pines’ and we saw the flashes of the past reflected inside him. 

Bill is a dream demon who can casually take a stroll through people’s minds; through their memories, more specifically. I won’t pretend to know what it is Bill expects to find in Ford’s memories that’s so all-fired important, but I’ll bet Ford’ll know what it is he’s after. And I’ll also bet he’d rather forget, essentially, the last forty years of his life (since going through the portal is directly linked with Gravity Falls, he would probably forget everything that happened in the multiverse as well), all his research, everything’s he’s striven for in that time. 

He’s already proven he’s willing and able to personally destroy ‘[his] life’s work’ if it means protecting the greater good, and he’s said himself more than once that he would rather have been trapped beyond the portal forever rather than risk Stan starting it up again and possibly destroying the world. So choosing between total global annihilation and getting the last forty years of his life wiped clean? Yeah. I’m pretty sure we can guess which one he’d pick.


“Be a man and decide that by Janken!”Words to live by, according to 嵐.
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