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Nickname: Andy/ “son”
Height: 5'3 or 1m 60 cm I believe
Time right now: 4:30 pm
Last thing I Googled: orange blossom insomnia remedy (just in case my insomnia comes back)
Favorite artist: Rammstein! They own my ass
Song stuck in my head: the Stanley Steamer jingle
Last movie I watched: the Ring and it was fantastic (not the new one)
Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe
What I’m wearing right now: my Ghost shirt, black pants, and some green socks
When I made this blog: uhhhh August of 2014 I think
What I post: Memes, Rammstein, politics( I try to limit myself with those), male positivity, lgbt+ stuff, and random things in between
Do I have other blogs: yeah I do. One Rammstein one, one Ghost one, and aesthetic blog and one blog for random things I wanna save
Why I chose my url: the iamthedevilssmile part comes from a song called Wretched and Divine by Black Veil Brides and the 666 part comes from my moment of frustration because the first time I put my url it was misspelled, so I tried to fix it, but tumblr wouldn’t let me so I put the number after it and yeah that’s why my url is iamthedevilssmile666 (I don’t like the 666 part it’s cringey af)
Do I get asks regularly: no and I wish I did I cry ;~;
Gender: Male
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!!!
Pokémon Team: Valor ( I have only played Pokémon Go ;~; )
Favorite colors: black, blue, and dark purple
Average hours of sleep: I have no idea my sleep schedule is all over the place
Lucky number: I think 14
Favorite Characters: I have too many, but if I had to pick it would be Steve Rogers because he’s precious
Dream Job: Surgeon/artist
Number of blankets: 2 big ones and a small one
Following: 605???

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okay but this is a great episode: santabarbaratown 2 (psych|7x01)

there’s one thing i’d like to do before we eat, though. let’s go catch the son of a bitch who shot my dad.

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i have a really wild plan for a wedding if i have one and im not even joking about it

skydiving wedding.

all the guests will be waiting at ground, she’ll be in her wedding dress and i’ll be in my tux, we’ll fuckin jump from a plane

not sure if i want the minister to jump with us or not. if so, thered be like a tv that showed the guests the minister going “YOOUU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE” in the air and she and i will kiss while falling

or we’ll just get to ground and do that whole thing once we get there idk

again if you think im joking, im not, its the worst idea ever im just really fucking weird

  • me at the start of year 7: oh, i cant go to the pool,,, im,,,, on my period.,,., sorry!! agh that was so embarrassing!!!!
  • me now: oh yea i cant come im bleeding out of my vagina, and tampons can fuck someone else in the vagina those things are so fucKing uncomfortable theres no way im ever using one so im just gonna stay home and watch tv