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  • A Fever You Can't Sweat Out: women in corsets. drinking cheap wine out of mugs in your mother's basement. going to the school's ball all alone. red roses. an unloaded gun. the smell of candles and cigarettes. fear of adulthood. pretending like you're not angry or sad.
  • Pretty.Odd.: spring. the sound of rain hitting a window. hydrangeae. storms at the sea. blue eyes. minimalist graffitti. the smell of acrylic paint. laughter late at night. campfires. how small you feel when you look at the moon. missing someone that was toxic for you
  • Vices & Virtues: museums. an orchestra. dancers. candles. the smell of burnt out matches. 'lost place' photography. the city at night. getting over your fears.
  • Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die: reflections of streetlights in puddles. the overall busy feeling of a town. the smell of gasoline. running away from home. bad habits. cigarette smoke. snow. calling people when you know they won't pick up. old fears resurfacing.
  • Death of a Bachelor: a fancy ballroom. a passed out singer in a suit on the stage. drinking expensive wine out of red plastic cops. neon signs. ball gowns paired with converse. looking through old photos and noticing how much you've changed.

how come nearly every single time i come to the school library i have the problem where someone just? inexplicably decides it’s necessary to sit at the computer across from me instead of one of the other 10000000000000000 open ones

That point you reach in marriage

… Where, when shit hits the fan, and you’ve both had your Chicken Little moment, you think of allllllll the Other Shit (™) you’ve survived over the course of 15 years, as well as that which has been conquered by those whom you both look up to, and together you reach an Important Conclusion:

There is nothing we can do that would improve the situation tonight. No catastrophic peril will befall us between now and tomorrow. Let’s get ourselves to bed.

This is a big step for us. Our MO has been, more often than not, to run to the Worst Possible Scenario and camp out right there. I think maybe - just maybe - we’re finally growing up.

Maybe, maybe not...

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Another day passing by as I drive my car from my college campus to the grocery store for work. I can’t practically bitch about going to work because at least I have a job. Ya nobody would want to pack groceries, but that was the best I could get. 

“Do you have a club card?” I ask the old lady that I’m checking groceries for.

“Oh yes! Hold on let me get that out.” She says in a cheerful tone, digging through her purse to find her club card.

I give her a small smile and wait patiently, looking behind her to see if theres a line. Thankfully nobody else was in line.

“Here it is!” The old lady says as she swipes her club card.

“Alright, your total will be $42.97.” I tell her.

She pulls her debit card out of the front pocket of her wallet and swipes it through the electronic payment terminal (btw just looked that up, not sure if its right…) putting in her card number.

“Have a nice night!” I say as I hand her the recipe.

I got into university and now I’m working at the grocery store till 10:00 pm from 3:00 pm… 

I live with my roommate off campus in a little apartment. Most of the student live in sororities and frat houses, but I wasn’t into that.

I’m about to turn off the light for the checkout counter so its closed, when someone in a dark blue hoodie puts a variety of alcoholic drinks on the conveyor belt. I turn on the machine and the items get closer to me.

“Hello sir, do you have and ID for these items?” I ask as I continue checking out the beverages.

“Ya..” The man says as he hands me his ID..Or should I say fake ID..

I look at the picture and see a resemblance. I look at the blue eyed man in the photo and look up to see they’re the same, just that his name isn’t “ Todd Garrett.”

“Wait, don’t you go to my university?” He asks.

‘Oh shit..oh shit, shit, shit…This is Luke Hemmings…’

Luke is the most popular guy in our university, typical fratboy. He’s captain of the ice hockey team and is known for his bad boy behavior.

“Y-ya..” I mumble as I place his items to the side so he can take them.

“You’re that one girl in my scientology class… Y/n right?” He says as he cocks and eyebrow.

“It’s physiology,.. and ya I’m y/n.” I say as I hand him back his “ID”.

“Ya whatever that class is called.” He says with a laugh and a smirk ,”Anyways, we’re throwing a party at the frat house, wanna come?” He asks.

“U-um, s-sure. What time should I be there?” I ask, a little nervous since I’m usually always hidden away from parties and popular people.

“Come over around 12..See ya then princess.” He says as he walks away, I feel myself blush from the nickname as I bite my bottom lip.


“Ok,ok..You can do this y/n, you can do this..” I say to myself as I sit in my car.

I left work around ten and got dressed in something more party like, I didn’t own any dresses so I borrowed my roommates black club dress that shows off my curves perfectly. After my self soothing, I got out of the car and started walking toward the frat house, locking my car with the key button. The house had people all over the front yard and…well everywhere around the house, the living room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the roof.

When I get inside I look around at all the sweaty drunk people that are dancing in the living room. People I know and some I’ve seen before.

“Well hello..and who are you?” Says a guy as he wraps his arm around my waist, forcing me to be against his chest.

“U-um, I’m sorry but can you please let go of me..” I say quietly as I try and push myself out of this strangers grip.

“Oh come on.. You know you want me.” He says as he leans in to me, his breath smelling of alcohol and weed.

“No!” I say harshly, pushing him forcefully away making him stumble back.

“What the fuck!? You fucking bitch!” The guy yells as he reaches for me, but a sudden punch to the guys face makes him pass out.

“You alright princess?” Luke asks, worry written all over his demeanor.

“Y-ya.” I say as I get out of my shocked state

Through out the night, Luke and I hung out and talked…

I was actually surprised by how nice he was… Instead of him being the typical fratboy asshole, he was actually a really great guy.

He was always rude to everybody at school, only hanging out with his small group of friends, Michael, Calum and Ashton. He would hook up with girls and wouldn’t ever talk or acknowledge them after. He would pick on guys in our school and get into fights. He was your typical arrogant bad boy, he was a jock, a player, and a bully. But at this party he was so kind, I’m not sure if it was the fact he was practically drunk or he just wanted to get in my pants.


I left the party at around 2:30 am, little mad at myself for staying up that late. I get home and don’t bother taking off the dress, just slip off my heels and take my contacts out, flopping down on my bed face first and falling asleep straight away…


I woke up at 5:30 like any other school day, putting on yoga pants, a sweatshirt and black converse. I lock up the apartment and shut the door quietly since my roommates still asleep…

I get to the campus and see the familiar football jocks in their little group huddle, the cheerleaders surrounding them like flies. I try to get past them without the usual comment to hurt my mental stability, but of coarse that never can happen.

“Oh my god! Look its y/n! I saw you at the party last night, didn’t you talk to Luke the whole time? Geez, why can’t you just leave him alone, he would never go for someone..well..Like you.” One of the cheerleaders say as I justs roll my eyes at how stupid the comment she made was.

“Ya well atleast she doesn’t fuck her best friends boyfriend.” Luke says as he comes out of no where, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and walking with me.

The cheerleaders all look shocked, the one who made the comment to me trying to defend herself against another cheerleader whos probably her best friend.

“Thanks.” I say quietly to Luke as we walk to our destination.

“No problem, I get sick of hearing them do that shit.” He says as he sends me a small smirk.

“Ya..” I agree

We continue our small talk until I get to my class.

“Well, this is my stop.” I say, giving him a smile as I step out of his grip.

“Alright, I’ll see ya later in physiology!” He says as he backs away, waving goodbye to me.

“See ya later Luke!” I reply as I wave goodbye as well and turn to walk into my class room.

‘Why is he so nice to me?’


I am so sorry this probably sucks, I’m sick right now so the whole time I was writing this I was blowing my nose and dying internally… I’m not sure if you guys would want another part, so please tell me if you want another part. I don’t want to carry on doing a series you guys don’t enjoy… Love ya my beans!!! XXXxx

Sooo someone came into my ask with this statement. Figured I would post:


I prefer Abbie to NOT have an on-screen romance b/c it plays into the “habit” that all females need a relationship and that’s simply not true. I like Abbie, she’s not generic and her character is complex. Her not having a “love interest” highlights a strength that isn’t really showed in much female characters.

My Answer:

That’s a very white feminist point of view on things. If we were talking about white women needing/being in relationship and how refreshing it is for one NOT to be, I would totally agree with you as there’s an over abundance of WW leads who get love interests/love stories/on-screen romance, etc. That’s the standard. You’re making a sweeping generalization that doesn’t apply at all to POC in these roles. It’s like saying that Viola winning an emmy for female lead is a victory for all POC. No, it’s really not. One experience/instance cannot set the standard for another. There’s so many other POC who don’t even get to be leads, don’t even get to have fully realized stories that it’s unfair to deny them the same respect that would be typical for a WW role.

Black women in TV shows in general are seen as side kicks, mammies, jezebels, etc. Black women are already seen as ‘strong, independent, don’t need no man’ type. It’s a reoccurring theme throughout many black roles, so no, Abbie’s lack of a love life isn’t new nor is it refreshing. It’s the same old, same old. Abbie can be a complex character and still be in love. She can still kick ass and be in a relationship. These two things can exist together in a character if the story is told right. Why should Abbie be denied this? Why should Abbie be left alone with a pizza for one (yes that freaking happened in S2 as if Abbie is really that pathetic) while the WW in the group get coddled and cooed over?

If you took a closer look through media you can see how the difference/gap between POC and WW are staggering when it comes to complex stories, including (but not limited to) love stories. Abbie Mills is not the outlier. She’s very much the norm.


Tommy discussing his revolutionary/useless technology featured on his blu-ray.