theres no way you can recover from that

More maizawa headcanons (someone has to do it)

• Even though Hizashi is head over heels for Aizawa, he has no intention whatsoever to ruin their friendship (it is a miracle he managed to form that kind of relationship already) but he gets super nervous everytime he asks Aizawa to hang out. He kind of feels that with those eyes of his, Aizawa could read him if he didn’t pay attention.
One day, Hizashi suggests karaoke and to his surprise it only takes a few minutes to convince the other. “I won’t sing though.” “But that’s the point!” “You can sing…” “Believe me, when we get there you’ll change your mind, buddy!” Too bad Aizawa doesn’t and from the moment Hizashi takes the microphone, all his embarassment fades away and he almost (almost) forgets Aizawa is there with him. “Did you have at least a tiny bit of fun? You didn’t do anything!” “Don’t worry about me.” What Hizashi doesn’t know is that Aizawa secretly enjoys a little too much his singing voice so it was fun.

• Hizashi starts calling Aizawa by his given name after their class is attacked by a shitload of villains and Aizawa protects him, giving the enemy the chance to hurt him. He goes all out and shouts “SHOUTAAAA” activating his quirk and indisposing his opponent enough to give him the time to take Aizawa away.
• Aizawa is injured pretty badly and struggles to stay awake, so Hizashi piggybacks him and gives him his headphones. “Please, Shouta don’t fall asleep I’ll put something on, don’t die on me please, please.” Aizawa tries to speak, but Hizashi tells him not to strain himself, Aizawa complies and wraps (as best as he can) his arms around Hizashi’s neck.
• When they meet after Aizawa has recovered, Hizashi resumes on calling him by his family name ‘cause he doesn’t know if Aizawa heard him in the first place. “Shouta is fine.” “Sorry what?” “You heard me.” And Aizawa had heard him too, fuck shit shit shit he’s going to figure it out. “Then from now on I’m Yamada!” “No way in hell.” “But why???!!!”


SU SPOILERS: Alone At Sea Thoughts

wow ok can jasper and lapis stans please shut up and listen to a domestic abuse survivor here for a second:

look. they were both awful.

listen. lapis is not 100% pure and good. she made mistakes. she was harsh to jasper. she brainwashed her a little bit. she forced her into wanting to be fused. without lapis, jasper feels worthless- she feels like lapis is the only way she can be strong.


she abused lapis right back. she ignored lapis’s pleas of NO. she has no respect for boundaries or consent- and admits she is awful to everyone else around her. SHE PUNCHED A CHILD. TWICE.

they are BOTH problematic.

they DID NOT AND WILL NOT PROBABLY EVER have a healthy romantic relationship, and will probably only ever have a STRAINED friendship.

the point of malachite is to illustrate emotional abuse in a relationship. it’s to illustrate what an unhealthy relationship looks like. the point of malachite is not for grown ass su fans to fetishize abuse the same way people JUST LIKE YOU do with the joker and Harley Quinn, for example.


there’s still hope for reconciliation. jasper didn’t get shattered. She got her record set straight and more time to think and function. lapis needs time to recover from this traumatic event.

eventually, jasper will be brought back. she will become good. She’ll change. Lapis will change. This show EXISTS to teach about change and the complexities of human emotion and personalities.

this is a not a 2D thing. just have patience. jasper will be back. Lapis will get better. They can be friends (or maybe more) again. Be patient.