theres no recovering

7 years ago my father committed suicide, some of you might have known about this since I wrote about it here. I always wish someone could have warned me about it, because I was so foolish back then.

In that Saturday I travelled back home to see him smilling and funny teasing, I thought he finally recovered. Little did I knew that would be his last smile that I will ever saw. My father has depression for 5 years and was always always sad, theres no such thing like recover over night. Its the sign that he gave up and determined to do it, I only learnt about this from some mental health article later on.

His office always opened, but around two weeks before he killed himself in that very office, he shut himself inside it. All alone in that dark room, all along. But his coworkers said nothing to us, his family. Perhaps ignorance is a bliss, people have no idea about mental illness back then.

It would really break my heart if any of you has suicidal thought. I want you to at least think, that even though Im a stranger, I WILL SURELY CRY so please just wait. Talk. Tell us. Anything.

If you have friend who has such thought and you’re worried, tell me too, I will spread the word with everything I have.

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One time my crush walked up to me and I was so surprised that I laughed as I took a bite of a chip and half of the chip flew from my mouth, bounced off his cheek and then splashed into his cup. There's no recovering from something like that... I can never look at him again...

Oh dear, that’s bad. Once, an old crush of mine (who I liked at the time) was talking to me and I had a migraine so I was really zoning out. He said something along the lines of “I guess that’s just because I’m really ugly, right?” But since I wasn’t paying attention, I said “yeah, that’s probably it.” And I think I apologized about a million times.

“No don’t play Bach. Play YOU.”

*plays Irene’s Theme*

Could have played the piece he wrote for John and Mary’s wedding, but nope. He played Irene’s Theme.

Oh the metas I could write

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I think a big problem with some SJW/SJAs is that they want to be the biggest victim in the room. Getting leered at = rape. Someone makes a dumb joke = racism. Everyone has the darkest past, the most horrifying childhood, and is in crippling poverty. Being a victim is how you argue around here, as in your point is made when you tell your sob story. There's no recovering beyond the point of being a victim, because then you lose your victim status.


breakingnewsghagra  Nakuul Mehta sneaking in compliments for Shrenu…

yaaaaaaas, the only thing I’m excited about for this IB/DBO crossover whatever is more of my brOTP shivaay/gauri!!!!

IKR?! I have zero se bhi kam expectations with this mergershit and if it was in my hands, it wouldn’t happen at all. But the thought of getting the cast of both the shows together for once resulting in all the crazy bhai-bhabhi-devar shenanigans doesn’t sound bad at all. But my pessimistic ass knows it will be a week long disaster. Oh god..already all the fandom drama is giving me headspun..when it actually happens how will I cope?!

yeah hi there’s a difference between ‘venting about my own inability to recover from my debilitating chronic mental illness because humor is one of the few healthy coping mechanisms i have left’ and ‘actively saying other people are invalid if they try and get better’


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

seventeen in melbourne hi touch fanaccount

let me tell you about seventeen

they are all smiles and joy and meeting them was so heartwarming! they must have been exhausted after performing and playing around with us for 3 hours but they still seemed so happy and excited to be there.

it went by so quick that its all still a bit of a blur and i sadly only clearly remember my interactions with like 6 of them and i dont 100% remember the order the members were in, but i know for certain joshua was first!

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The other day, I was talking to a friend about D Gray Man (because that’s what I do best) and after a little while, it kinda hit me that, if you tell the story as it is, it isn’t a happy story.

I mean, sure we joke about how sad and tragic the story is, and it is true. But yet, if we read the story, we also know there’s a lot of light hearted  moments, really fun parts and overral, always a good feeling to it. 

Yet in a way those elements seems a bit absent if you focus on telling the story straight forward with just the events that happen. It seems unreal that there’s actually as much light hearted moments when you hear some of the basics dilema and storylines. 

So I was kind of thinking about what was making the light moments work, why, even by being hit by the tragic of the situations, we have such a good feeling reading this manga, why the tragedy doesn’t wear us off. 

And in the end it all comes down to the characters who are extremely self aware of the tragedy around them and decided to hold on together still. 

The comedy, the good moments, they come from when the characters just focus on each others, to care about one another. In the end, that’s the scene where Lavi, Lenalee,Allen and Chaoji discuss of what they’re going to do when they’re in the Ark that describe it the best. They refuse to give up to the tragedy and they’re going to still laugh about it, still going to care about one another. 

And in a way it is so positive and heartwarming. In a way it’s where dgm truly works - without shying away from the drama, it gives us a lot of safe moments in the manga in order to rest, to recover with our characters, and all is due to the bonds they all create together. 

It’s always amazing to appreciate. 

GUYS I HAVE GOOD NEWS idk if you’ll care really and it doesn’t really impact you BUT my mums been really sick for the past 6-7 years with a few things (some really serious and some not so serious but put curveballs in the recovery process etc) (also I’m not gonna say what with bc mum won’t want me to) anyway yesterday she got the all clear and she’s cured from the major one!!!!!! so she’s feeling a lot better and omg it’s so good!!!! there’s gonna be so much less stress in the house and the vibe will #lift and omg it’s so good but yeah idk I’m sure a few of you will remember some posts I made over the years about mum and stuff so yea she’s for the most part all good!!!! it’s the best!!! she’s been too sick to do almost anything (literally too sick to move and make herself food etc) for so long omg idk it’s so good and I love it and I’m going out to dinner to #celebrate and get #trashed so yeah three cheers hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray I love it I hope you guys are going well!!!