theres no place like homecoming

aurghhh  asked:

Your "about" link seems to be broken. PS How long have you suspected Ezra? PPS Completely agree about Toby. In 3x24, he got called "pretty eyes" in the exact same scene he claimed he was a double agent. That has to be a clue.

Yeah, I broke it on purpose. I never really had a lot of information on it and I wanted to make it better. I’ll try to get it up again soon! 

I’ve suspected Ezra since the very beginning. He was that special character who seemed innocent while turning a blind eye but guilty while paying close attention to what everybody was up to. I specifically remember watching There’s No Place Like Homecoming (106) when it first aired and keeping an extra special eye on Ezra for clues that he was up to no good. It’s been quite awhile.