theres no diffrence

anonymous asked:

then why are tumblr """""""""""""""" feminists """""""""""""""" making it a pro-women/anti-men movement?

Theres a diffrence between feminists and misandrists. And the problem is because well tumblrs over bearing to still fit in the crowd and join in on all this hate and quickly barking at the wrong tree without proof or care for evidence and such.

That it blurs the line on this site about what feminism is really about! Its about equality for both women AND men! It isn’t about hate its about being on equal terms for both genders and stoping harmful stereotypes, rape and other things that kicks both genders down!

The problem is that tumblr “feminists” aka the SJW’s that take that way to far see the movement as a “one clearly has to overcome the other for things to be fair. ” and thats complete bullshit (excuse my tounge). You can’t kick another race or gender down to get what you want. All that does is continue a harmful cycle and nothing gets taken seriously or well done!

Any man or woman who hates on the opposite gender are Misandrists and Misongysts. Thats that, they are harmful people and notone whos opinions should matter. If you can’t look at a problem and try to find a solution for both parties instead of a way to just benefit one. Then you ARE the problem.

Those tumblr feminists you talking about are NOT FEMINISTS. And they use the name to cover up their hate filled lives and minds. Ones that need to see that theres always a better and more peaceful solution than to just kick men down. Hell you see what its already down it created meninists and even further pushed feminism into more a joke and into a sour light. They arn’t helping the cause they are shitting all over the cause.

Please for my sake anon don’t associate feminism with tumblr men-haters who say they are. If they were real feminists they’d know what real feminism is and try to better humanity and our culture for both genders.