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Is Wattpad really that bad? I can’t be that bad…

“Daddy this is my dad”

“All eyes are on us, well Daddy as we enter the room. Yet I’m only worried about one pair, my father’s cold stone green eyes.

“Hi guys this is Harry, my daddy.” I say breaking the silence.

“So you’re the man who has my daughter’s heart?” My dad asks standing up.

“Dad!” I whine out embarassed glaring at him.

“Daddy, this is my dad Asher Orlando.” I say and they shake hands.

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Why I hate girls

  • Some of them just can’t shut up
  • Fake baby voices
  • Clothes that are too small for them
  • Thinking they’re the shit
  • Brag about stupid little shit “I get hella drunk/high..blah blah”
  • Flaunting their cleavage
  • “Doing to much”
  • Shorts + Uggs  = Bitch, you hot or cold?
  • Trying to hard to impress people
  • Presenting yourself like a hoe