theres more coming just not now lol

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I think we should send in some more spoons. Just to let them know we're still here (I'm sure they know we are, but..) I mean, unless I'm mistaken, when we sent it spoons last time team d wasn't around(?). Or at least it wasn't how it is now. And if we are right about Beth coming back in finale I think we should send in a shit ton a spoons for the back half!

I discussed something similar with @bethgreenewarriorprincess and @allatariel. It would be bold and good for the community to do a spoon campaign after Beth’s return. It would remind the general public and fandom that we are still here, and it would be a way to physically express our celebration. So rather than sending in angry spoons, we’d be sending in celebratory ones.

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Because if you’re going to throw a party, chances are you’re going to need some spoons. ;)

So we’re putting on a show. We set everything up waaaay beforehand so the performers could come in and just go. And then best thing happened. 

We ran two XLRs for what we were told was music run off a laptop with stereo output. The musician walked in and was like “Actually…I’m gonna need three more lines for my stereo violin and my guitar, and I’ll need a table for my laptop.”

Now, I’ve been through all of this before, so I was just ready to smile and be like, “Yeah, sure.” But my TD was like:

“Is your email broken?”