theres more coming just not now lol

Hallucination!Oswald: “That was another one of your weird hallucinations, Ed.”

Ed: “In what way?”

Hallucination!Oswald: “It was definitely a bit gay. Me singing a musical number? And the lyrics; he’s fierce in my dreams, he swims in my eyes by the bed…”

Ed: “I don’t recall that… I think sometimes you hear what you want to hear.”

Hallucination!Oswald: “No, you do, that’s my whole point here, Ed. I mean, come on, pour myself over him…?”

Ed: “Pour myself over him? No… didn’t say anything like that…”

Hallucination!Oswald: “And the looks you had me giving you, and that top hat…“

Ed: “It wouldn’t be gay to hallucinate putting a top hat on a man and having him seductively sing Amy Winehouse to you. How could that be gay?”

Hallucination!Oswald: “…”

Ed: “…”

“Not that I did it….”

Jealous! au - Yuto

Ok so since u guys are so obsessed with Yuto (understandable) & this was requested here u go :)

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(I was gonna use a gif that related to the story like when hes shouting “Shinee!” but this one was too cute i couldnt resist)

  • Imma just say this before I ain’t into unhealthy jealousy crap so y’all are gonna get pure comedic bullshit lets go
  • So u & Yuto meet through Hongseok cuz he thinks u guys would get along really well
  • U & Hongseok are english buddies so that’s how yall met, but when u meet Yuto its completely different
  • Like he may seem stoic af but he gets so excited about the little things & just a pure ball of fluff
  • So u guys bond over learning more about South Korea like the culture & the language etc
  • And eventually u guys branch out and he nonstop talks about japan, and then after u nonstop talk about where you’re from
  • So its basically a learn about the world while also learning about each other relationship
  • Cuz when u talk about ur countries ur also talking about ur experiences and the dumb shit u guys did as kids lol
  • So in a short matter of time y’all become super close like u already know each others dreams & talk/text all the time because it just works u guys click easily
  • & ofc the members notice but u know yuto he will just get red, giggle, stammer out a “no”, and change the subject lol
  • So ofc u gonna like him its fuckin yuto????? U dumb if ya dont lol
  • & after the members, especially hongseok, continue to pester you day after day and trying to convince you that yuto likes you too (even tho u never told them u like him????? lmao)
  • U just easy to see through lol
  • So u get so fed up u take matters into your own hands & attempt to make him jealous
  • Like dumb & childish u already know but ur too much of a wuss to confess out of nowhere lol
  • So u text him a picture of taemin cuz 1 hes hot af and 2 just a super influential figure in kpop and so u text the picture and then send a message saying “isn’t he so great!? He’s so hot”
  • & like u even cringe at ur message but it gets the point across lol

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catandcrowandravenette  asked:

Will you ever continue the story The Party Incident and Other Embarrassing Anecdotes ? I just found it and it's made me laugh so so much! I was on a reading spree, but now I've come to chapter 35 and I hate to continue only for there to no more... I hate ending things lol. Anyway, just curious if that beautiful story has been abandoned or if there's more to the story. Also sorry if this has been asked before. 🐈

I’m working on the next chapter RIGHT NOW

and I had a dream last night about it so lol I’m hoping it gets finished soon


Scrolling down this tag gave me ptsd. I will never be the same person again (top oldest bottom most recent)

Well…Kagami is probably one of my oldest characters, hung around for the full 2+ years. In fact a few of these pictures were posted on my original blog before I even made THIS one. I also jus recently gave the dude a REAL name, which I know maybe confusing but it’s Kagami now. His previous name was just a turf alias.

His appearance evolved slowly, the major change is that I decided to flush his colors out a bit in the end. He got his Pringle ponytail rather early amusingly.

The thing that changed the MOST was DEF his story and shit. He started from a simple concept of “smart nerd gets his glasses broken he will break you” kinda trope, but it eventually evolved into some angsty alter trope?? Where he was severely mentally damaged and his original self is socially inept and spontaneously violent (and murdered someone lol) and his alter was the perfect and calm sona people see? Apparently breaking his glasses triggered for the original to break ur neck apparently lol. Boy that was…overly angsty but neat concept.

Now he’s just an overly stressed Asian kid that is smothered by expectations and needs to express himself more lollll wow how things come around. His violent nature in turf is just him getting his frustrations out instead of being some alter behind it. Break his glasses you’re still dead, but now it’s just cause he’s just tired of all the shit happening to him that he is like fuck everything??? My life sucks can I have a break

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Hold on- hold on- I saw one of your asks earlier mention a season 4 trailer? And the October release date? When did this happen? I just finished season 3 the day it came out- and there's already a trailer for the next one???

At SDCC they announced that they decided to make seasons shorter, so instead of the six month long periods between each season we are now getting shorter seasons, but they’re dropping more often (for a marketing strategy I believe lol). Season 4 is coming out October 13th and the teaser is here

Vader: [text] u awake?
Obi-Wan: What do you want?
Vader: clone wars documentary on holo history channel right now 
Vader: u should watch omg there is some amazing footage of us 👀👀👀
Vader: i completely forgot about the zillo beast lol god our lives were so weird
Vader: awwwww the 501st!!!! 💙 KICKING ASS YEAH THATS RIGHT
Vader: come on watch this with me 
Obi-Wan: I’m sure it’s an unbiased program if your boss is allowing it to air.  
Vader: well yeah i mean it is about how the jedi tried to take over the republic and whatever but still
Obi-Wan: I am not about to watch some propaganda film slandering my life’s work and my dead friends, Anakin. 
Vader: geez ok fine i just thought you’d like to see us u could watch it without the sound and turn it off before order 66 
Vader: god i used to be so hot 
Vader: u remember 
Obi-Wan: I’m not answering any more texts from you.
Vader: liar
Vader: ooooh and theres general kenobi 
Vader: omg your hair 😍 is it still that beautiful and if so pic pls
Obi-Wan: My hair is substantially grayer now. I cannot imagine why. 
Vader: at least u HAVE HAIR 😡
Obi-Wan: 🙄 I knew that was coming. 

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my god we both have the same name, like just yesterday i found a tumblr artist who had the same name as me, AND NOW THERES TWO?? oof

Hey Kira! :) wow I’ve actually never come across anyone else with this name here

I mean, Kira is more of a nickname for me but still…

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What are we gonna do if 1d does come back bc like… everyone hates each other now lol. like it will actually be so funny to all be fans of the same entity again like I wanna see how that would go down online and at concerts and stuff.

it would literally be so funny i feel like theres gonna be riots even just at harrys shows bc like……there are a load of big larries going that everyone hates so rip in peace. especially at the smaller shows where its more likely ppl are gonna recognise eachother from internet. imagine being stuck next to someone in the pit thats like ‘carol i remember that post you made on april 4th 2017 you shady bitch!’ 

anonymous asked:

*gasps* Tythan circus au but with the gang and they're all different things? Like Mark's probably ringmaster, Amy and Kathryn are... jugglers maybe? stage makeup? tech helpers? fire breathers?, Ethan definitely does acrobatics of some sort, maybe something aerial, and Tyler's a big cat tamer (there's constant concern between Ethan and Tyler because they have relatively dangerous jobs), and I'm not quite sure what Bob and Wade would do but yes they're like family and just love to entertain?

Okay this is gonna be more hc style, bc I WANT TO TYPE SO MUCH FOR IT BUT I CANT. It would kill me. I’ll come back to it probably. BUT FOR NOW.

-Ty would be a fire breather bc he’s so hot lol.
-Mark would totally be ring master bc he has THAT VOICE THO.
-he’d also be the big cat tamer but not. He puts on the pink mustache and pretended to be someone else for that part bc he’s a dork and it makes people laugh
-Eth would do all the gymnastics, tightrope, trapeze, all the shit
-Amy and Kathryn would be the super pretty girls that ride on the elephants bc why the fuck not.
-okay, so bear with me on this one, it’s more of a carnival thing than a circus, butttt wade would be a bearded lady xD don’t ask why. I just like the idea of it.
-Bob would be like the running gag guy. He just stands off to the side looking unimpressed for the sake of comedy.
-they’d all worry over Ethan the most bc he refuses to have nets at the bottom bc he think that ruins it
-Mark is like a dad and makes sure everyone is good before they start and never over works them.
-but it’s called the Markiplier and friends show bc you know how Mark is. Big headed piece of poop.
-people worry about ty bc while his isn’t too risky, he just gets stupid with it alot. Like “HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS”
-they all have the cutest costumes

t-vict101  asked:

Is it bad that I prefered Classic Chibiusa? No doubt that her was a pain and irritable but, I don't think that was an overall bad thing. Sure she was a complete brat but it did leave room for her to develop (Can't think of some now, still recovering over that awful finale.) Crystal! Chibiusa is just.. boring.. I know there's something there I just know it.. but it doesn't really come out that well.. I might be wrong.

Overall 90s Chibiusa > Crystal Chibiusa (she was way better written as a character, especially the Black Lady part)

However, Crystal made Chibiusa more likeable and tolerable.

And that’s a great achivement imo lol

gabbygrl247  asked:

Where did the whole Harley calls the Joker Daddy thing come from? I don't remember that from BTAS lol

It’s always been there, just didn’t stand out as much until now


more nightclub au *0*

i wanted to draw their casual outfits but ended up doing postcard/scrapbook things lol

yang’s nightclub is called dragon’s mouth and she started it by getting money from weiss (and ruby because theyre a thing too) so theres like some ad posters in her club that say stuff like “sponsored by white rose” :D

then theres sun and blake who are roomies!! i assume nep just lives with yang as her bodyguard 24/7, maybe a few break days if yang isnt doing much. sun of course helped blake get the job after yang opened her club and now they all work together and its great. more to come stay tuned, peace

snowbarriess-deactivated2017032  asked:

Ok wow your post, i really needed that right now. I was so down and sad for a while. But ugh, we're the fandom that waits and fights. We won a battle but there's still a war to be won. We will do it.

Seriously they think that we will just give out? Now that we have seen that the chemistry is REAL in a more sexual way?

Now that no ship of TO can beat this?

LOL…right…because look at us…all this time we gave up so easily…hahahahah


Let them try is all I say…when the ratings plop once more they will come back again to use Klaroline because our possibilities and power is endless. And this is what we have to prove. That it is endless.

Stick together. Have fun and enjoy the showdown.

We aren’t going nowhere and that comes from someone that is not even watching the shows. I haven’t watched TVD after the finale of season 4 and I haven’t watched TO. And I am still here when it comes to Klaroline.

I haven’t given out. I am still writing fanfics, and posting at the tag, and lifting peoples’ spirits and reblogging and I will keep doing this.

Why? Because ships like Klaroline have chemistry and chemistry is the one and only things that leaves an IMPACT!

You can try to force ships, and shows and plots but all you need is chemistry and this is why Klaroline is not over!

This is why after 8 months of NO SCENES we are still here. This is why we trend…this is why other ships are so intimidated that are lashing out on us and are waging ship wars while they get scenes and yet they can’t rise as a fandom while Klaroline stays together with no scenes just with hope.

And then there is the fandom. So many people getting together just from a ship. This is the most important. So we stick together and we raise some hell and we will have fun while we are doing it.

Plec is so afraid of the fandom that she HAD to give these scenes and immediately go and give out an interview in order to disappoint us.

Why would she get in so much trouble so quickly when she didn’t even responded to the trends and the messages she has been getting so long?

I’ll tell you why…because she is pressed and she is on edge and this happens only when you have a massive fandom like ours that can go on and on and on and on and…..and on …

So this is what we will keep doing and let us see in the end how exactly she will deal with it. Especially when she will need the ratings again…and oh trust me she will…

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