theres like nothing to gif

so this is from my one of my Q&A videos where this lil shit wouldn’t stop messing with his shirt & I felt the need to bless you all with it, you’re welcome


Please be my sky (☼)

Here’s a little test/preview for what the fake Yoshiko dating sim is gonna be like ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ

Please note that I might not actually use this scenario in the final version. 
unless people really like it and would wanna see what the options lead to then i might 

“Overall he’s a pretty good kid but-” “Can I tell the yo-yo story?” [laughing] “Go ahead.” “Me and Matt were fighting- it was his yo-yo. So I got mad at him, flushed it down the toilet, two hours later the ceiling in the kitchen is dripping…” “Niagara Falls.” “Her and my dads not home and the babysitters there… like within twenty minutes the whole kitchen caved in. Literally flooded. We were like.. I’m just sitting there like… ‘I wanna be dead’ like theres nothing, like I don’t even wanna be here when they come home. Babysitter quit that afternoon. It was just an absolute disaster over a yo-yo.” (x)

Still not over this one.