theres like no official art for this game :(((((

Whats weird about MGS and JJBA is despite being so similar in terms of complexity and wackiness and homoeroticism theres still a pretty big difference between how far fans are willing to go in order to defend something as No Homo

For example something just so fascinating to me is the fact that people still fight tooth and nail over how this scene (which was a lil extra thing in a game that came out like almost a decade ago) isnt gay and cant possibly be gay at all no sir and spend hours rationalizing it and arguing and

Whereas shit like this happens in official Jojo art all the time (even moreso in later parts) and nobody questions it or even bats an eye


rachnera-official  asked:

Hey there, my friend bought me a game called Rimworld for my birthday yesterday and it's sort of like a user-friendly sci-fi Dwarf Fortress. Turns out there's a bee people mod! All I could think of was your bee people, although unfortunately there's no queen.

Holy shit, I’ve played that game to death and I had no idea about this. Thanks for letting me know!

richard-is-bored  asked:

What exactly is "We Happy Few"?

Its an action/survival/exploration game set in England in 1960s where the world is divided into to types or classes. The people on drugs (called Joy) and the people that arent. Your goal, now that you arent on Joy anymore, is to make it out of the city successfully. You do that by gathering supplies and sneaking and/or fighting your way through the world. Every time you start up the game, or die, all the levels get procedurally designed, so its different every time you play. This keeps things fresh, but makes it more of a challenge discovering where to go and where to get supplies. To add to the gameplay experience, youll come across story/goal driven situations and places, which are numerous and spread across the city (they are a highlight of the game imo).

Right now most of the story is being kept back until the official full release, but gameplay wise, theres a lot there. The game has excellent atmosphere and art design. It also has a guy that looks like this.

Okay so I love Mccree, he’s just a huge dork. I mean his official reference art and in game model make him look like Serious Business™. but then, like, every other official art just makes him look like a smart ass, with his shit eating grin.

but man, do you know what expression i love the most???


While im not a huge fan of Train Hopper’s art style, this has to be the BEST expression he’s given. look at that. fuckin TIPS his hat with his GUN. theres a bright smile on his face savoring in the fact he just saved a bunch of people so skillfully, and the terrorists dead bodies are surrounding his feet. no ounce of innocent blood shed. look at that lopsided grin. what a jerk i love him