theres like 7

monsta x stans: a summary

shownu stans- hoes, would kill some1 to touch his arms, die everytime he smiles, either thinks hes a boring grandpa or will say he’s the king of humor and variety, camera roll is legit just pics of him, are hoes for that shirt he wore during all in era, love his english, “is this shownu” *insert pic of that buff bear*

wonho stans- either soft or a big hoeTM theres no in between, want him to be loved and appreciated, cri evertime he laughs or smiles, want to hold him when he crys, is a hoe for his muscles but also wants starship to stop sexualizing him, would sell their soul to get his black hair back

minhyuk stans- soft, 40% love blonde minhyuk/ 30% love dark haired minhyuk and/10% nut over red haired minhyuk, nut everytime they think about his bad girl good girl stage, claim hes a innocent puppy but deep down they know he’s a fucking hoe, most of them h8 screaming but stan this smoke alarm, want him to get more lines

kihyun stans- he could burp and they would nut, “um hes not that small lol” also “MY TINY BABY BOY”, the perfect girl cam killed them, the saltiest stans, would fight him but would also protect him w/ their lives

hyungwon stans- are blessed by his visuals, have way too many pics of him, love his meme faces, that vid of him sipping coffee destroyed them, want him to get more lines, screamed when they saw the vid of him cursing

jooheon stans- soft bbies, live for his aegyo, “jOOHEON”, die a lil everytime he dabs, love his cute lil dimples, most likely call him honey bear or something cute like that, he could rap about lasagna and they would still hype him up, “lets get it”

changkyun stans- seem soft but dont be fooled they’re as memey as him, “i aM WHO I AM MAN”, have a lot of appreciation for his nose, def cried when watching no.mercy, his ppap killed most of his stans so theres only like 7 ½ left, lov his meme face, die when he raps, die twice when he sings


“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end

Guys why did no one tell me about Deep Space 9

Lance and Keith are cuddling..
  • Lance: Hey babe, you know how I'm bi, right?
  • Keith: Yes.
  • Lance: You know what that means? ;)
  • Keith: .. you're attracted to people of your own gender and people of other genders?
  • Lance: .. well yes. But! It also means out of all the people in the universe I could have dated, I chose you!
  • Keith: Awh babe. There's only like 7 people on this spaceship including ourselves and tbh Pidge wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole if you tried to date them; Shiro and Allura are a power couple that no being can get between; Coran likely isn't over the people he's lost; and Hunk is your best-friend. I was your only option really.
  • Lance: .. I would still totally date Hunk.
  • Keith: Okay point.
  • Lance: So you would rather I had said "hey babe I had only two dating choices and I went with you"?
  • Keith: Not really, but I'd have appreciated your honesty.
  • Lance, whispering: Even if a had a choice from every being in the universe, I'd still chose you.
  • Keith, shoving a hand in Lance's face while blushing: O-okay.

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Imagine Bones has like a huge amount of cousins, and they just keep showing up everywhere?? Like, they go to visit his family, and there's like 60 of them, but that's to be expected. But there's like 7 in San Francisco?? Then they dock at Yorktown and there's another 4! And then they run into another ship while they're out exploring... (1/2)

and their head of security is also a cousin! Isolated research station on a nearly uninhabitable planet in the middle of nowhere? 2 of the scientists are his cousins! Planet inhabited only by aliens because humans can breath its atmosphere? Oh look! There’s Greg, he’s adopted!

Imagine Jim, Bones, and Spock getting trapped on some random planet.They have no way to communicate with the ship, no shelter, and a storm is blowing in. Just when Jim and Spock are starting to panic worry, Bones whips his head up. 

“What planet is this??” 

“Does it matter?? We need to find shelter-”

“What planet?”

“Magus III”

“Nice! I got one cousin who, if I’m remembering right. lives by the ‘tallest tree-lookin’ thing on the northern hemisphere’. I also got one who ‘lives near a pile of rocks that looks like a dick’. Her words, not mine. She’s on the southern side. Take your pick.’

They end up finding the cousin who lives by the tall tree. Jim is planning on taking Bones on EVERY away mission from now on. 

ok for real im falling in love with rise against