theres less than it looks like

Soulless discovering the baby in 6x02 (there’s something so guileless and sweet in his face idk)


lots of Ahsoka requests! I chose palette #3 @avada-matata @i-am-not-a-committee @blurry-jace

EDIT: fixed a few things bc the anatomy was bothering me

Shinya: With you helmet-less and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh? (‘ω‘ )

Guren: Shut up and slow down ಠ_ಠ

I think you all know where this comes from

i hope she was worth it. i hope she fucked you better than i ever could. i hope her skinny body was more beautiful because it was more typical. i hope she smiled a little more than i ever could. i hope she is less broken than i am. i hope her passions are your passions. i hope she was everything i tried so hard to be without even trying. i hope your parents like her. fuck i hope she’s even worth telling your parents about. i hope she can run faster than me without getting tired i mean i hope she can keep up with you. i hope she looks cuter than me in workout outfits. you see im not jealous im tired. very tired. i just want to be enough, feel enough to someone, have anyone tell me im enough for you, for anything, for something. theres one thing i know she wont do though, she wont give you as much as i did, she wont do what i have done. you think she’ll remember that on your left side you have a birth mark do you think she’ll pick up on your lingo the way i did, do you honestly think she’ll be there, the way i was, even on the days i had no reason to. do you think she’ll know that without coffee you basically aren’t functioning, you think she’ll do all the cute things i’ve done for you. all the surprises? all the giving, giving and more fucking giving. well at least she can be your work out buddy and get your testosterone level up but when you have a bad day, or you feel like maybe you arent enough, even though you like to act like you are so tough, she wont know exactly what to say like i always do. but hey at least her stomach doesnt hang out like mine does and shes easier for you to lift.

you didnt have to say it but i knew what you meant


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do you know if theres a reason that it doesnt look like ive lost weight (at least not to me) even though ive lost like 30 lbs??

Maybe working from the inside out, and pleasseeeee tell me you’ve been losing that the healthy way. Losing 30 pounds in less than five months should not be done unless you are being supervised by a medical professional

I got to 100 followers in less than a week of making an art side-blog for myself! Thank you all so very much! Here, have a crappy sketch of a fanged young Jesse McCree~

The jokes abt jonouchi bein a furry and a dog bc of the costume and the dog comments are one thing like haha but that proves nothing bc other people placed those labels and situations on him unwillingly


 we’ve seen this boy with no less than TWO huge muscled catmen in his deck (Tiger Axe, and Panther Warrior)

And it doesn’t even begin to stop there. Jonouchis deck has …a lot…of anthro monsters.

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I still think the Garnet and Opal mouth set up for Alexandrite seems more likely for the time being. Their whole self worth arc seems like they will eventually turn to each other for support. If anything we'll seem a more frequent Opal fusion or Opal fusion for a longer period which is still okay in my book!

(guardiansofsleepytime yes, i did design her)

i’m putting these asks together cause both include alex in my answer so i’ll post my ideas in one place

now that i think about it…. if our gems were to form alexandrite after sard fiasco theres no way in hell her face would look the same. pearl/garnet relationship is ruined. but that gives 3 options: either opal/garnet, sugilite/pearl (seems far less likely) or full blend (too early for that).

so that leaves opal/garnet. i wonder if she’s gonna be stable? just because pearl and amy will be together within alex doesn’t mean that they will be any more stable than regular opal, huh… but maybe they will be less brittle after all that happened (and will happen)

anyway heres visual ideas, overall look:

i’m not convinced about the colors but the general design feels right to me, especially the upper part of her outfit around amys gem, it nicely comes together with that opal outfit here

and now the fun part, faces:

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Fan letter packaging COMPLETE!  

All packaged up like this, the letters take up half of my bigger suitcase!  I’m probably gonna look like a crazy person dropping those off at the theater lol~

Less than three days till I take off~ 行ってきます~

  • y'all: hey guys! That weird looking music video being sent to everyone's inboxes isn't actually a virus or screamer!! you can watch it if you want
  • people who send Bad Videos to others: *rubs their grimy hands together, an idea forming*

i have too many things to say about The Answer so i’ll just make a list:

- The first Garnet had a totally different palette than the one we know. Instead of having a main colour situated between the main colours of her components on the colour wheel, she had patches of both Ruby and Sapphire colour.
- Her clothes were also just bits and pieces of Ruby and Sapphire’s clothes.
It looks more like an amalgam than a fusion.
- Which makes me think that like a gem reforming, gems who fuse have power over the appearance of the fusion. This would explain why Garnet has a star on her chest while theres no star on either Ruby or Sapphire. Obviously, having never fused before, they didn’t know how to control this yet.
- Which explains Stevonnie’s design! They were formed only twice, both times spontaneously, and were wearing a mix of their component’s clothing. Stevonnie didnt look quite as messy as the first Garnet probably because Steven and Connie are less different than Ruby and Sapphire, and also maybe because Steven already knows about fusion.
- The first Garnet had one bare foot and one foot wearing a boot similar to Ruby’s, which probably means that Sapphire is barefoot under her dress (if she does have legs at all??)
Pearl was using swords, Rose never showed her shield and none of the Rubies summoned a glove. Did the Crystal Gems come up with the concept? That would explain why Peridot and Lapis don’t have a summoned weapon, but then why would Jasper have her helmet?
- This makes me think about Ruby’s glove. She didnt summon it on her gem hand the only time we saw it, but now, it makes sense because we’ve seen other Rubies with different gem placement. You cant summon a glove around your shoulder!
-BLUE DIAMOND IS HUGE! She has to be at least TWICE as tall as Rose. I feel like that makes it less likely that Rose be Pink Diamond.
- There was a Pearl next to Blue Diamond, and nobody else. She probably isn’t a warrior like our Pearl, since she was referred to as “defective” multiple times. Then why is she there? I think she could be BD’s confident.
- Do Pearls only serve Diamonds?
- Her eyes were covered by her hair. I wonder if this is because she is not allowed to show emotion? Is it just a coincidence that Sapphire, also a “member of Blue Diamond’s court”, also hides her eye?
- The Cloud Hub (I think that’s what they called it) has some sort of filter on it that changes the colours of Gems to make their palette limited - they are restricted to their gemstone’s colour. Why? Is it just a stylistic choice, or is it there to remind Gems in which category they fall?
- Speaking of stylistic choices, WHAT WAS UP WITH THE BACKGROUND GEMS? You could say the team just didn’t want to design a crowd but IHIGHLY doubt that. They’ve designed crowds before. The only possible answer for me is that THEY ARE HIDING SOMETHING!
- Speaking of hiding things, WHY DIDN’T WE HEAR BLUE DIAMOND’S VOICE?
- Is “a small group of rebels” only referring to Rose and Pearl or were there more Crystal Gems out there? We know Rose had an army - did she gather it later?
- Pearl is known as Rose’s “terrifying renegade Pearl” omg
- But… Jasper referred to her as A Pearl, not THE Pearl. Were there other Pearl’s in Rose’s army?
- Lapis was there I know everybody knows this but LAPIS WAS THERE
- One of the backgroud Gems had her gemstone on her elbow wtf

I hate how there’s a fan culture where fan writing is seen as less valuable than fan art. Hold on with me here, I’ve got some coherent thoughts on this.

1. Creators of the original work one might be a fan of have explicitly said that they don’t look at or respond to anything written for fear of being sued. Like, shit. I don’t want to sue anyone. I want creators to tell me, “Oh, wow. You took my thing and made it amazing!” Fan art gets reblogged and commented on by creators because there’s no fear of law. Fan art gets more validation and praise than fan writing.

2. Popularity of fan writing increases when there is fan art dedicated to the piece. Fan art is popular no matter if fan writing is made from it.

3. In general, fan art is reblogged and liked more often than fan writing. Art is pretty and might occupy an “aesthetic” while writing is considered to clog up a dash with too many words.

4. Fan art is easy to engage with no matter the demographics of your audience. Writing will–at the very least–limit the age demographic. If you write for an older audience, younger folk might not be into it and vise versa.

5. And unless you’re super into supporting fan writing, you’ll probably not say anything about it. Fan art gets the bare minimum of “gorgeous.”

regardless of gender, i dont think you should be whooping on anybody who is significantly smaller, weaker and/or less trained than you

for example. if youre a 6'2 366lb third degree black belt. you shouldnt be fighting nobody who is 5'3, 120lb with no physical training

but at the same time its shitty to be significantly smaller than someone and to intentionally start a fight with them because you know if they hit you, theyll look like a bully

like theres so many factors to take into account and theres exceptions and shit and i am upset with myself for still thinking about this