theres just a tree in my eye

the signs as tøp lyrics
  • Aries: cause sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind // migraine
  • Taurus: gangsters don't cry,therefore, therefore I'm Mr. Misty-eyed // heavydirtysoul
  • Gemini: used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face,
  • saying, "wake up, you need to make money" // stressed out
  • Cancer: don't wanna give you all my demons you'll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away but tonight I'll need you to stay // the run and go
  • Leo: tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it, to a tree, tell it, "you belong to me, this ain't a noose, this is a leash, and I have news for you, you must obey me"// holding onto you
  • Virgo: but I'll kindly enter into rooms of depression, while ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again // glowing eyes
  • Libra: you fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time but that's okay I'll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine // tear in my heart
  • Scorpio: but there's hope out the window, so that's where we'll go let's go outside and all join hands // guns for hands
  • Sagittarius: faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think and for us to think is to be alive // car radio
  • Capricorn: the ghost of you is close to me, I'm inside-out, you're underneath // goner
  • Aquarius: he's changed his meaning of a chair now because a chair now is like a tiny island in the sea of all the people who glide across the very surface // the pantaloon
  • Pisces: i want to crack the door so I can just fall out but then I remember when you packed my car you reached in the back and buckled up your heart // a car, a torch, a death
My sisters reaction to Dragon Age characters

My sister never played any Dragon Age and I introduced her to some characters.

My sis: He looks like a girl.
Me: She is a girl
My sis: Oh… She looks like a boy

My sis: Its a stone…

My sis:
*Silence* …. a woman.

My sis:
He looks like Dj Bobo

My sis:
He looks like a bogle

My sis:
Is his face made of car parts?

My sis:
Hes cute

*Long silence*
Me: Shes a lesbian
My sis: Yeah thats pretty obvious

My sis:
is that a gypsy?

Iron Bull:
Me: Hes one of my favs
My sis: Is that a tree on his head?
Me: ….Its horns
My sis: And a slug on his eye?

My sis:
Hes just as ugly as boris becker

My sis:
Eww wth, I wouldnt want to run into him at night

My sis:
Okay hes handsome thats mine, can I have him?

My sis:
Oh look, Voldemort found his nose

My sis:
Theres a candle

My sis:
I dont like her tattoos

And this is my husband
My sis: He looks like he ripped out his bones and smeared them onto his skin.
Me: …..These markings are painful to him you know?
My sis: Hes cute tho.

My sis:
He looks like Johnny Depp with a weird beard.

My sis:
Hes cross eyed, I bet his aiming is horrible.
Me: Oh, you wanna say that to his face?
My sis: You think he could even see me with those eyes?

allisonreynoldsofficial  asked:

what are your fave quotes from trc and aftg?

from trc probably the “trees in your eyes stars in your heart” and theres,, just too many from aftg but my top 2 are “fight bc you dont know how to die quietly” and “Matt never tried to hide [his scars]. They were scars of a battle he’d fought and won long ago.“ 

from under the cork tree
  • Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song I'm Not Typing OUt The Song Titles Anymore Because I'm Tired: cameras!??this is probably a metaphor for fame but pATRIck's SOul VoIce IS stARTiNG fuCK ME geNTLY wiTH aCHainsW?? we're only liars buT we'RE THE BEst
  • Of ALl The Gin Joints: hella catchy but what the fuck is he saying patrick baby please o!!! i'VE GOT HEADACHES AND BAD LUCK BUT THEY COUDN'T TOUCH YOU NO--O-O-OO-O-OOO
  • Dance Dance: play this bassline and if i'm within a fifty mile radius i will fling myself through solid walls towards the source of this song!!! patrick's breathing is my sexuality wHY DON'T YOu ShOw ME tHE LiTTle biT of SPine You' vE bEEN SaVING of RHIs mAterREs *looks u in the eye and whispers* loVE *drops mic*
  • Sugar We're Goin' Down: if you play this at my funeral i'll rise out of my coffin screeching aM I MORE THAN YOU BAGAINED FOR YET
  • I've Got A Dark Alley: MAN I'M SO HYPED FROM THE A-SIDEWait wait this is a saD sOng/? peTE WENTZ MY BABY BOY LET ME HOLD YOU AND NOT LeT aNYthiNG toUCh oY YouRE oto peRfevT fo RTHis WOrlD yO'Re noT A Kid WHo dIDNºt MAke iT M bABby
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven: if u listen closely you can hear fetus brendon urie wailing in thsi song. no joke.
  • Sophomore Slump: i swear i'd burn this city down to show you thi glIHT WE'E RHTE HTPEAPR IST BPMPIN YHROU OYU RPSKERS WHAT HTE FUA CKK SI THI? ADSA.>>wait didn't they use this in the a little less sixteen candles video wAIT TINY EMO PEOPLE DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE I STILL HAVE QueStio-
  • Champagne For My Real Friends: what?////? GEtaway cars???? fire??? iit's just past 8 and i don't even understand what he's saying anymore but this tune is hellaso i'm going to make weird noises with my mouth along to him
  • I Slept With Someone in FOB: ?////?//?/ im in a permanent state of confsion nwo???? peteE WENTZ IS SCREAMING????/??? WEDDINGS??????? SEXUAL REFERENCES AS USUAL/?/?/// thIS IS Sog odoOOd
  • A Little Less Sixteen Candles: don't talk to me about this song. we don't talk about this song. we song. we
  • Get Busy Living: oh this sounds nice wait. are. are pete anrd patrick. singing togethe-together give me a moment i'm nt crying there's just a lil from under the corkt ree in my eye
  • XO: when i die play this song as i fall to the ground, lifeless, dramatically i don't care that it's about one night standslOOOOoOooOoSE
  • SIiiIINK

frat boy!luke making sure no other boy even tries to flirt with you at parties by sliding the signature snapback from his own head and slipping it backwards onto yours so that anyone that knew who he was knew that you were his girl and you’d roll your eyes while michael quipped, ‘it’s like a dog pissing against a tree to mark it’s territory.’ and you’d laugh with him while luke shrugged, dropping his lips to your neck, mumbling some smart ass comment about how he also mates like a rabbit

  • TTTYG: scene queens and that one guy in the dead on arrival video wearing a thong
  • FUTCT: ??//?/??? ???? ??????? let's have pete write all the songs!! then trash them all two weeks before the deadline and somehow write our hit single in one day??
  • IOH: wait fuck we're famous now??? joe trohman holding a pumpkin. pete wentz is all right in bed but better with a pen
  • FAD: wooo!! we have three hit singles and we're on every issue of j-14!!!!! i know what a good idea is let's turn R&B and have dancing bears at every concert! featuring insightful lyrics including "wooaooaooaoh", "oh oh ohohoh" and "honey is for bees silly bear. besides, there's jellybeans everywhere"
  • Soul Punk/varying degrees of failure:
  • AB/AP: emojis and confusion
  • *at Bart's*
  • Sherlock: *'working'*
  • Rosamund: *bored* You said we were going to the park.
  • Sherlock: *glances at Molly* Busy.
  • Rosamund: *confused* But all you've done is look at Mo-
  • Sherlock: *quickly* So, that park! Sounds wonderful. Fresh air and...things.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Yay! *to Molly* Aunt Molly, do you want to come?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Oh, she doesn't want to.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Actually, Rosie, I'd love to but I have a lunch date.
  • Rosamund: *disappointed* Okay.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Cancel it. You're coming with us. The park *smiles; strolls out of the lab*
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinks; removes her phone* I'll...text him, then.
  • Rosamund: *grins slyly* Come on, Aunt've got a lunch date.
  • Molly: *chuckles* I just cancelled it, sweetie. I'd rather spend it with you two, anyway.
  • Rosamund: *raises her eyebrows* I'm gonna be playing with my friends...and there's a nice little bench under the tree at the back-
  • Molly: *blushing* Alright, alright, you cheeky thing. Let's go.
Fanfic - Bean sídhe (Chapter 7)

I’ll admit it – I was very nervous with that last chapter, knowing that it was brutal. But I did it anyway, because I have this story inside me and I have to tell it to the best of my abilities. Your reactions though…left me speechless and so so thankful. You guys are amazing! <3

Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chapter 7 - Darkness

God, oh God. Her hair was gone.

He contemplated her face, all his others senses muted. Her hair had been cut by the root and the patches left stood on end, with the bald spaces showing a skin as white as her face’s. With a transcendental calm descending over him, he took inventory of the wounds that marked her beauty. Her face was almost fully covered by bruises and the right eye needed attention; a cut just over her left eyebrow had bled, now covered with a fine scab; her forearms were scratched and her nails were broken, testimony of her fighting spirit; and then there was an ugly looking gash just below her right clavicle. Jamie couldn’t find the strength to look even further – later, if he had to. She looked like a martyr, Joana D’Arc reincarnated, just as strong and vulnerable.

He ignored the tears that stubbornly kept flowing, feeling utterly foolish that the sight that hurt him the most was that of her head. Her hair was such a fundamental part of her identity to him, that he mourned its loss like an absent limb.

Slowly his hearing was coming back, shock yielding to the urgencies of reality, and so he heard Willie’s voice calling him.

“Is she dead, a charaid?” Willie asked, his face pale and concerned.

“No!” Jamie almost screamed. “She’s just injured and exhausted. I must take her from this place.”

“Who is she?” His friend asked, his frightened gaze travelling to the gruelling look of her head.

“It’s Claire. My Claire.” Jamie said and Willie gave him a surprised look. “Help me, now!”

Jamie took her in his arms and between the two of them, they managed to take her some distance away from the sight of her ruined house. They built a small camp on the river bank, the air still saturated with smoke and the smell of burnt things, but clearer near the water.

He cleaned her wounds the best he could with fresh water and applied a poultice of leaves over the swelling eye. There wasn’t much else he could do, not without Claire’s supplies that had perished in the fire. He knew she would morn them as much as the house itself, for healing was her basic nature and the loss of her precious instruments would diminish her capacity to help others.

She still hadn’t woke, even during his ministrations. She was just sleeping though, covered by his plaid – Jamie repeatedly felt the pulse on her wrist and leaned over her to feel the heat and moist of her breathing on his cheek, just like he had watched her do so many times during his recovery. It was a deep sleep, that of shock and loss, the body recoiling to a place where it could start healing, the mind finding ways to process the experiences of the body.

Willie was patiently building a small fire and kept throwing inquiring looks at him, but Jamie couldn’t find words to reassure his friend. How to express the horror and fear that filled him? How to tell him that the fault of what happened rested solely on him, for leaving her unprotected? How to put in words how he needed her awake and talking, showing him that she was still her, unmarked and unbroken?  How to say that what he didn’t yet know scared him just as much as the sight in front of his eyes?

Shadows began falling in the forest and around them, night slowly coming to hide some wounds and enliven others. Willie excused himself and went to find something edible to improvise dinner. Jamie knew the exact moment when Claire came awake, for his eyes never left her face.

“Jamie.” She croaked.

“I’m here, mo nighean donn.” He said, holding her hand. “I’m here.”

“Fire.” She whispered. “Everything is on fire.” Her healthy eye was dilated and fixed on something above her. “Am I on fire?”

“No.” Jamie explained, his thumb softly brushing her hand. “The house was burning, but ye are safe. I have ye, Claire. I’m here now.” He said, a trace of bitterness seasoning his voice. She seemed to notice him for the first time.

“My herbs are on fire. The bed is on fire. The walls are on fire. Why shouldn’t I be on fire?” She asked, her eyes still fixed. When Jamie began fearing for her sanity, shock cracked and she began to shake, her eye focusing on him.

“Jamie.” She repeated. “Oh Jamie, where were you?” She asked, a sob catching on her throat, her hand gripping his like a claw.

“I’m so sorry, Claire. I’m sorry I wasna here.” He whispered.

“My face hurts and I can’t see from my right eye.” She tried to take her hand to her face but he stopped her.

“You were hurt, mo nighean donn. It’ll take some time to heal properly. Ye’ll have to be patient.” She slowly brought her hand to the centre of her field of vision and examined her fingers with renewed interest, slightly wiggling them.

“My hair is gone, isn’t it?” She demanded, her voice stronger. “I thought maybe it was just a dream, but I can see it in your face. He took it.” She bit her lip until a drop of blood formed.

“Claire.” Jamie touched her chest, just above her heart. “What happened? Who did this?” He questioned, darkly thinking “Other than me.”

She was silent for a time and then her one-eyed gaze met his. The strength he saw there was enough to align a piece within him, quelling the greatest of fears. She was still there, the Bean sídhe.

“I was called away.” She began. “Beileag was to give birth and she needed me. I had to go.” She reinforced, daring him to question the wisdom of her decision.

“Aye, I know ye had.” Jamie said, his voice soft.

“It was such a difficult labour. The baby was breeched and it was Beileag’s first.” She explained. “But above all I think… fear made it difficult. She just didn’t want to put her child in this world. Do you understand?” She waited for his nod. “Her husband was there.”

“Did he do this?” Jamie asked, feeling fear and loss quickly turning into rage.

“He wanted to.” Claire said, looking away from him. “I could feel the ugliness of him just from standing in the same room. The way he looked at me….” She licked her swollen lips. “I felt tainted just by it.”

Jamie growled, but she stilled him with one look.

“He had his eyes on me the whole time. He was angry – I think he suspects that I had something to do with his…recent struggles.” The tinniest of smiles appeared on her lips. “But there was lust there. And fear.” She began trembling again and he moved closer to her, sharing their body heat.

“I delivered a girl, beautiful as a rose petal.” Her face contorted in anguish. “I felt so sorry for her. I wish she had been a boy or ugly as a rat. If Beileag stays she’s doomed…Her father will turn to her before she sees her twelfth birthday.”

“Claire…” Jamie tried to interrupt her, terrified and disgusted by her words.

“I was afraid too.” She proceeded. “Some men want power and can be easily dissuaded if that is threatened. But he seeks nothing but destruction. And that no one can influence.”  She rolled on her side, curling her legs closer to her chest.

“So I refused to spend the night there, afraid of what he could do, and made the journey home during the night. Ivor and his men were waiting for me on the path.” Jamie gritted his teeth hearing his name. “They knew I was alone. He made his intentions clear again.”

“Yes.” Jamie blurted. “I’m sure he did.”

“He wanted me to lay with him so he can lead the clans.” Claire said. “And so I told him that if anyone would lead the clans, it would be you. I have to give him some credit – he quickly understood what I meant by that.” She flushed slightly.

“Oh.” He flushed too.

“He was angry.” Her fist closed. “So so angry. He punched me in the face. That was when this happened.” She said, pointing to her eye. “I fell and he came over me, thinking me helpless. I had a sgian dubh hidden in my pocket and so I stabbed him in the arm.” She was talking mechanically, her voice void of feeling. “I ran away as fast as I can. It wasn’t fast enough. He caught me just outside the house.”

“Did he…touch you?” Jamie asked, his voice quivering. She avoided his gaze.

“No.” She responded softly. “Not like that. It didn’t serve his purpose anymore. He dragged me inside the house and beat me until I was so numb I could be dead and not even knowing it. I wished I was.” Her body was tense as a string pulled to its breaking point. “I tried to stop him. I couldn’t.”

“It’s my fault.” Jamie said, a traitorous tear denouncing his guilt. “If only I…”

“No, it’s not.” Claire interrupted him. “You did what you had to do. You had to go. I know that.” She added softly. “He’s a monster. There are demons no one can influence.”

Jamie closed his eyes, her absolution hitting him.

“When I was down he took his blade and cut my hair.” A tear streamed down her face. “He cut me a little then and when I screamed he said “Tell Red Jamie to come and claim it back. Tell him I’m waiting.” She closed her eyes. “Then he set fire to the house. I almost couldn’t breathe and was blinded by the smoke, but somehow I managed to crawl away and hid in the woods until you came.”

“I’ll kill him.” Jamie growled, clutching her hand to his chest. “I’ll slay him and lay his body at your feet, Bean sídhe.”

His words floated between them, suspended in time, the solemnity of a promise resounding in their ears. Jamie felt his innards gripping with hot rage and anger, so hard to bear that he felt the need to scream or to replace it with another sensation. He chose the second, closing his fist and hitting a nearby tree.

“What is it, Jamie?” Claire asked, her voice low. The campfire was burning and the dance of flames reflected in her eye, giving Jamie a strange and uncomfortable echo of their reunion near the burning cottage. He tried to align his thoughts into coherent sentences and slowly started to talk.

“I was with my father in the barn. We were storing hay and talking, as we often did.” He shifted, sitting with his legs curled. “I loved him. When I looked at him I saw the promise of the man I would become, ye ken?” Claire slightly nodded. “I used to tell him everything. Well, almost everything.” He smiled a little, a fleeting recollection of the boy he had been then. “That day…I already told ye. He said he was proud of me and kissed me. Sometimes I think I can still feel the touch of his lips on my forehead, when I’m scared and helpless. It’s a daft thing to say, is it not?”

“No.” She whispered, her hand searching his. “Not daft at all.”

“He must have heard them coming. He knew they would come for us.” Jamie told, his voice hoarse. “He looked at me like he was memorizing something about me and smiled. That is the last memory I have of him.” He looked at his hands, like he could still see him in his palms. “He must have clubbed me in the head and hid me below the straw.”

Claire hand pressed his, lending him strength.

“When I came to my senses I ran outside. I saw men leaving at the distance, riding under the Grant banner.” His eyes met Claire’s. “Ivor was one of them.”

“Jamie…” She sighed.

“I found my father first. They cut his head and placed it in his hands.” His eyes were dark and hollow. “My brothers and Jenny. Everyone in the house. They were all dead.” He gripped her hand with such force that she slightly moaned and he let go. “I buried them all. It took me almost a week to dig all the graves and build the cairns. My hands were raw to the bone by the time I was finished.” He looked at his palms, examining them. “So now ye know. Ye know why.”

“You can’t live in the same world as him, can you?” She asked.

“For some time I thought I could.” He answered. “I held on to the idea my father would want me to have a life and so I tried. If a chance for revenge would present itself I would see to it, but I was not to pursue it.”

“And now?” She was shivering, the night’s cold air and his tale of loss cooling her to the core. Jamie laid down next to her, careful not to hurt her.

“I was alone then. But…it’s not just about me anymore, aye?” He whispered. “There’s the two of us now.”

“Yes.” She whispered back, their eyes locked.

“They hurt you.” He lightly touched her face, his eyes intent and his mouth contorted in pain. “And that means war.”


Angry clouds covered the night sky, robbing them of the hope of infinite lent by moon and stars. There was no light to be found that night around them.

They stayed silent for a long time, both aware of the other’s wakeful state, too tired and miserable to trade words.

But something stroke a spark within Jamie and he whispered to her mouth.

“Will ye marry me, Claire?” He could see her outline swaddled in his plaid.

“Do you still want me like this?” She hesitantly said. “I’m not the bride I used to be.”

“Ye’re still you and that’s all that matters to me.” He assured her. “I will want ye forever, Bean sídhe.”

“Yes.” She touched his face with her fingertips. “And so it shall be.” Her lips searched his, enough to ignite that small spark and there was light again in the world, endless even after the death of all stars.

The School Trees
  • Ivan: hey bartleby
  • Barletby:
  • Ivan: bartleby
  • Bartleby: I s2g ivan if this is just like last time
  • Ivan: no no no bro I swear its just a question
  • Bartleby:
  • Ivan: bro
  • Bartleby: what do you want
  • Ivan: okay so the other trees were wondering so like are you like half blind
  • Bartleby: bRo I said
  • Ivan: so you can't see the future or the past
  • Kevin: I think its the past he can't see
  • Blossom: I thought it was his future
  • Torrence: lol no one can see barts future
  • Bartleby: at least I'm not the most hated school here
  • Torrence: bro storm lives matter dude
  • Ivan: so are you like the balance tree or something
  • Blossom: why would there be a balance tree if there's no balance school
  • Ivan: HA OMG blossom u bad girl u made arthur cry
  • Blossom: at least it takes more of an effort to make him cry rather than torrence
  • Torrence: hey its not my fault I have chronical depression
  • Blossom: that's even worse than the second myth tree
  • Bartleby: OMG just because I have one eye doesn't mean I'm a myth tree
  • Ivan: yeah that sucks since ur gonna die anyway
  • Bartleby: its just a cold bro relax
  • Ivan: yeah I thought I was gonna retire since you only have an eye, bartlebEYE
  • Kevin: geez bart relax
  • Bernie: yeah bro u should settle down and get a girlfriend yo
  • Bartleby: you don't even have a girlfriend
  • Bernie: have you seen that tree in dragonspyre ashley? Bro she is sizzling hot, just burning up yo
  • Ivan: no ones gonna date a one eyed tree tho
  • Kevin: are- are arthur and torrence still crying
  • Blossom: u better believe it baby ;)

150609 - Happy 21st Birthday Lee Hyeri! 

Despite the hate and critique you have endured this past year, you have also managed to capture many hearts with your charms: from your soft voice to your contagious “hyegyo.” When they told you that you were annoying, you became the face of 10+ CFs. When they told you that you couldn’t act, you landed a leading role. When they told you that you couldn’t sing, you made a career out of it.Please don’t ever stop believing in yourself because you are my biggest inspiration.

It’s easy, just watching the movies, to forget that Leia saw her entire planet–her father, her family, her friends, her people–literally vaporized right before her eyes. Because she keeps going. She doesn’t even take time to properly grieve–she can’t, because suddenly she’s being rescued (although she has to save her rescuers, because of course she does) and she’s reunited with the Alliance and she can’t think about how much she’s lost because if she does she will fall apart and the Alliance wouldn’t survive without someone to lead.

She doesn’t get a chance to grieve even after Palpatine is defeated, either, because the Rebellion is far from over. And she thinks that if she ever really took the time to properly comprehend the magnitude of what she’s lost, she will want to crawl into a hole and cry for the rest of her life. And she can’t do that, she can’t afford to–she’s too busy saving the galaxy from what remains of the Empire.

It’s years before she finally allows herself to cry. Even longer before she actually talks about it. Which is ridiculous, she thinks in hindsight, because she’s a goddamn diplomat and talking is one of her greatest skills. But there’s a difference between diplomacy and talking about the single most traumatic experience of her life. I think it’s when she first realizes she’s pregnant that it hits her–what she lost. What her child lost before it even existed. And she talks to Han, and he’s there for her because he loves her, but he doesn’t really understand–he’d been a loner for so long that Chewie, Leia and Luke were his only real family. Luke does, though, and he asks her all about Bail Organa and Breha, and her life as a princess and a budding diplomat. And she asks him about Owen and Beru Lars, and about Old Ben–not just the Obi-Wan Kenobi that she’d heard of, but the wise old man that gave Luke his first steps along the path to being a Jedi.

Sometimes I think about everything that Leia lost in A New Hope, and how we never really got to see her deal with it because she just didn’t have time. And then I cry.

A hipster argument in which one person does not understand what a hipster is
  • Friend 1: "Ugh, this is such a hipster neighborhood."
  • Friend 2: "This is NOT a hipster neighborhood."
  • Friend 1: "Look at all the park space! Tons of trees and shade."
  • Friend 2: "I mean, yeah, but that doesn't make it a hipster neighborhood."
  • Friend 1: "It's obvious! Just look at the ground! Twigs everywhere. I bet the hipsters are using them to build their dumb hipster nests."
  • Friend 2: "Is 'nest' slang for something I don't know about, or... ?"
  • Friend 1: "And can you hear the hipsters cawing their weird music from the trees? Fucking hipsters."
  • Friend 2: "Those are birds. You're confusing hipsters with birds."
  • Friend 1: "Call them what you want, I just don't like hipsters. I mean, sure, it's cute when a baby hipster hatches from an egg, but-"
  • Friend 2: "Nope, not hipsters. Definitely birds."
  • Friend 1: "Whatever, let's find your car and get out of here before hipsters peck our eyes out, like in that Alfred Hitchcock movie The Hipsters."
  • Friend 2: "Pretty sure that movie was called something elseOH GODDAMN IT, I parked my car under this tree and now there's bird shit all over it."
  • Friend 1: "Fucking hipsters!"
  • Friend 2: "Fucking hipsters."
this chapter was perfect and I'm gonna tell you why

-it is now canon that Gajeel is a good cook, it’s not just us fic writers headcanoning.

Now for the serious stuff:

-I actually loved the fact that Levy forgot she could use her magic? If only because it really defines how panicked she was. She was in a genuine state of distress and defaulted to basic human instinct. It was also a really, really, great way to show how selfless and great Levy is.

I mean, we all knew she was one of the kindest in the guild, but here it’s magnified to such a heavy extent. It’s more than giving the shirt off her back or shoes or being a mage of defense rather than offense. I still stand by the belief she can kick some serious butt if it came down to her being on the attack.

-Gajeel backstory praise be

This was perfect. I could not ask for a better flashback for him and it showcases just how big of a heart this guy has. Also, it’s interesting as it gives us insight into Phantom Lord before the war. Silv has a headcanon about how PL didn’t start out as the menacing wound it was on society, rather than being bad from the start, it decayed and oozed into the warped guild we saw. It gives these bad guys a little more dimension. Rather than just being bad and twisted from the get-go, they slipped into the evil thing progressively. And stayed because ‘they need to fill some void’.

-Which brings me to my next point. Ow.

Several fics and headcanons go about showing Metalicana and Gajeel’s relationship as one of borderline verbal and physical abuse from Metalicana’s assumed brash and unrelenting personality.

It was always one of my pet peeves because Gajeel’s attitude toward Metalicana was feigned indifference and a big game of pretend as far as really believing his foster father to be a jerk. If Metalicana had really been a jerk and a hateful piece of scrap metal, Gajeel would not have had this void to fill.

You don’t miss or care for a person that treated you badly.

Another long time headcanon is confirmed in that Gajeel really did mourn the loss of Metalicana and that blinded him in making better decisions. The guy was still wicked bad and did some terrible things, I’m not dismissing that, but now we’re getting more layers to his story and a glance into how his downfall occurred. He didn’t just decide to be bad because Metalicana left. He just needed food and shelter and something to fill that void and he went down the wrong path.

That being said, I am over the moon that there was someone that cared about Gajeel. This woman had no connection to him and no reason to think of him as anything but a nuisance to society and a little shit that wastes her time. But she saw the thing we all see in Gajeel and reached out. She mentioned he was like her deceased son- this could be that she went through her own rough patch of bad behavior on her son’s part and is determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This woman chased him down and gave Gajeel kind words despite his terrible attitude and made such an impression on him, that he takes her words to heart even to this day.

He even called her Granny.

“Live with meaning.”

Her words were taken to heart and look where he is now. This is his moment to fight on the front lines for his guild and friends, instead of being pushed to the wayside. He’s going to let this woman know just how much she meant to him and he’s going to show her how far her few words of kindness went.

-Finally, it was adorable and funny that Gajeel asked for more air. That moment of banter relieved a lot of the dread and tension we’d all been left in.