theres even more tea than this

reasons to listen to the bright sessions

- refreshing representation. the bright sessions might not have as wildly diverse lgbt+ representation as other podcasts (cough cough penumbra) but honestly it’s really cleansing when a character says the word ‘bisexual’ out loud to describe themselves idk
- sam’s character development
-CHARACTER-DRIVEN CONFLICT. the entire season finale was heartbreaking and intense and entirely driven by the characters. yea theres a dangerous government organization and superhuman abilities but the main plot revolves around these people and their actions and motivations. even the secret government organization is represented by people with varying personalities and motives making the decisions
- sam’s character development
- a canonically ace character who isn’t a reserved introvert (i love all ace characters lbr but an extrovert ace is a nice change of pace)
- the empath starts off as a seemingly the trope-y angry football bro but he’s so so much more than that,, he brings herbal tea in a flask to parties and he loves his boyfriend and he’s terrified of his own anger anD I LOVE CALEB A LOT OK
-sam’s character development
- ridiculously good voice actors
- acknowledging emotional abuse as a legitimate form of abuse that results in trauma
- found family
- ABUSERS DON’T GET REDEMPTION ARCS. a complex antagonist goes from annoying and edgy to abuser to full-on threat, not the other way around.
- sam

Like a Knife to the Heart

Hi! This is my first EVER JONERYS FIC. I hope you like it :) I’m used to writing Shakarian as you all know, so if this isn’t your cup of tea no worries! theres nothing graphic or sexual, but it’s kinda fluffy. Thanks for reading guys! 

Check it out on Ao3 too if you wanna! <3

There weren’t many things that scared Jon. No, he’d been through worse than any man could dare to even dream about. He’d been murdered by his brothers, abandoned by his friends, tricked, lied to and his heart had been crushed in more ways than one. It was hard to be afraid of anything after you’ve lived a life like Jon’s or seen what really lie beyond The Wall… What Jon didn’t realize was that when you lived your life knowing you could die at moment, there wasn’t much room for happiness or joy. You were left empty and usually alone.

But things changed for Jon, and he felt himself truly feeling what it was like to be alive again, only after he felt that fear again. The fear of losing something, someone special.

He wasn’t sure what to expect when he was summoned to Dragonstone, but it wasn’t that. It wasn’t her. He’d heard the stories about House Targaryen… The Mad King and the tales of days when dragons roamed the skies. But this woman wasn’t like her father, and the dragons were no longer distant memories, Slowly, and then like a wave he felt himself pulled towards her more and more as each day pass. Drawn not just to her beauty or grace and elegance, but to her strength, persistence and vigilance. 

Daenerys Targaryen was impeccable and only a fool would not see it. Nearly everything about this woman was inspiring and it quickly became clear to him why people chose to follow her. The more time he spent with her himself, the more he wanted to know her. As each day passed he warmed up to the idea of bending the knee and even serving her himself.  

Jon been her guest at Dragonstone for over a full moon cycle, and even though Queen Daenerys granted permission to mine the Dragonglass, she was quite persistent in her cause as rightful Queen of Westeros. But Jon knew what was coming, he’d seen it so many moons ago and now they were almost here. 

He maybe have been able to see her wondrous potential like all others, but he still he couldn’t bend the knee. How could he focus on petty things like who the rightful heir was when he knew what was coming for them. Jon may have acted stupidly before, but he wouldn’t let her beauty or bloodline blind him from his true goals. Protecting the Realm and stopping The Army of the Dead. 

Jon was King in the North, selected by those who knew his family and his trials to guide them all; To protect them. He had duties, expectations… obligations. How could he submit to this Queen, even if he himself knew she would be a worthy choice when the outcome of it all was so irrelevant? His men trusted him, they chose him and they needed him to be strong and do what is right for them… Bending the knee was of little importance, but saving the Realm wasn’t. 

“Your Grace… If I might have a word.” Jon asked under a serious brow with hands linked loosely behind his back as he make brief eye contact with Tyrion and the others surrounding them. “In private, if I may.”

After a moment she nodded once as the quiet shuffle of feet exited the Chamber of the Painted Table leaving the two in silence. Jon exhaled in full, as he watch her from the opposite side of the table. She was wearing a long black dress, the same one she’d worn the first day he met her, and by the Seven if she didn’t look beautiful.

“Is this private enough for you, Jon Snow?” Daenerys asked as she pull herself gracefully from her chair at the head of the table. Linking her slender fingers into a tight braid as she walk closer to him, her eye contact unbreaking. 

“Yes… Your Grace, I kn-” 

“You may call me Daenerys.” She interrupted him as she step lightly unlinking her fingers as she trace them along the edge of The Painted Table. “Continue.”

“Daenerys, you have my gratitude… My armies stand a chance because of you. You’ve done what not many would and trusted someone you’ve never met. And now I’m asking you to trust me again.” Jon’s brow was still lowered, the concern and urgency was as prevalent on his face as it was in his voice. 

“And what is it you’re asking of me?” With a soft exhale she move her purple eyes to his, reading him as best she could. 

Jon raised a hand to the back of his neck as he nodded lowly. “The Army of the Dead are real and they are stronger than any man or woman, stronger than any army: We cannot win this battle alone. They’re coming whether you choose to believe that or not-” 

“And what if I do believe you?” Daenerys replied with a smooth silky voice, as she glance to the Painted Table beside her eyeing each wooden House piece momentarily. “If what you say is true then there won’t be anything left to rule after…” Daenerys slid her finger tips over the House Stark piece with a soft finger, then move her eyes back to his. “What is it you’re asking of me?”

“I’m going North, over The Wall… I plan to bring one of the dead to King’s Landing. I’m going to show Queen Cersei what is coming for us. For all of us… If we want to win this war we will need more men.”

“I have men.” She replied back quickly, holding her jaw tightly together. Daenerys didn’t like the idea of this Cersei Lannister on her throne, but she liked the idea of Jon going to her even less.

“Not enough.” Jon said back under a soft sigh. “We need the support of everyone we can. That means those on the Iron Throne.”

“No…” Daenerys swallowed as she shake her head briefly from side to side. “You don’t have my permission to leave.” 

“With all due respect, Daenerys… I wasn’t asking for permission. I am a king and I must do this.” Jon was confident and could see by the expression on her face that she didn’t like his response.

Jon lightly sighed as he slid his eyes to the walls momentarily. Tracing each scale carved into the wood forming a miraculous dragon. As he glide his gaze over each crevice he thought on her response. He himself didn’t like it and he wondered if she thought he’d prefer miles upon miles of ice and snow to the comfort of a warm fire and meal at Dragonstone… Did she think he’d rather trek for days with what is out there instead of ruling the North in Winterfell? Did Daenerys believe he’d prefer the possibility of death to spending time alongside her? 

Of course he didn’t want to leave, but he had to. This was his battle and it was beginning to seem like it always had been. 

“You’ll get yourself killed.” When she replied this time her voice wasn’t strong or stern, but lined ever so slightly with apprehension. 

“I might.” Jon took a small step closer to her admiring the way the light shone behind her silvery white hair. The paleness of her face and her large round lavender colored eyes… He knew the way he was looking at her would be noticed, but he couldn’t stop himself. 

“Please don’t…” Daenerys said quietly as she look to his chest thinking of the first day she met him and the words Davos had said.

He took a knife to the heart for his people. He gave his…

Now in those moments she wondered what those words truly meant. “I’ve grown rather fond of you.”

Before he realized what he was doing, Jon reached a hand towards her cheek, tracing the back of his finger along it slowly. That look still ever present in his eyes, saying volumes more than any words he could form would. He watched her slightly shudder at the embrace as she drew a hurried breath in and swallow returning the look he sent her in full.  

“I’m… I’m sorry Your Grace, please… forgive me.” Jon’s face changed to one trying to hide embarrassment as he remove his hand quickly, shifting his gaze towards his feet.

“Don’t be.” Daenerys didn’t move and she didn’t seem to notice his embarrassment or have minded he’d just touched her… She just stare with wide  eyes holding a look of admiration behind them. “And I told you… Daenerys.” 

okay but i bet that baz sleeps over in simon and penny’s apartment more often than not

i bet the three of them all watch movies together on friday nights with tea and snacks and cuddles until penny goes to bed a bit early because she obviously has some important thing in the morning that she needs to be rested for 

i bet simon and baz finish the movie, all tangled up together on one small corner of the couch, even though theres a ton of room on the other side now that penny went to bed

i bet that when it’s over, they tuck each other into simon’s bed (probably still all tangled up, even though theres enough room for them to lie side by side without touching) and talk in hushed voices until their both too tired to stay awake any longer

i bet simon sleeps in fuzzy socks and pajama pants and a t shirt, and baz sleeps in nothing but boxers and they fall asleep with baz’s arm wrapped over simon, holding his hand, sharing a pillow

and i bet that when they wake up in the morning, baz does so first and just stays where he is for a few more minutes, enjoying the feeling of simon so close to him and playing with his bed hair lightly enough that it won’t wake him. and he just stays there and looks down at his boyfriend’s sleeping face and wonders how he got so damn lucky 

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Anyway I've accepted the fact that basically anyone I ship with oikawa automatically gets put into an oisuga ot3, so, oisugayama. There's no way they get out of bed before noon. Yams could sleep all day anyway but also he and suga WILL team up to keep oiks in bed with them, more often than not leading to lazy morning sex. None of them wants the others to make the coffee. Yams puts insane amounts of sugar in it, oiks drinks it black, and suga would trick them into tea instead (raccoon)

OohhHHH this is so good. I love the way you think, because oisuga is so good and them teaming up on anyone is even better, then Yama deserves all the love and smooches aahhh

It’s so perfectly balanced, too. Oikawa and Suga will pull out Yama’s mischievous, playful side. Suga and Yama will balance Oikawa out, won’t let him be too mean to people, won’t let him work himself to death. And Suga gets to have not one but two beautiful, incredible boyfriends to boss around and cuddle with.

Of the Boys and the Girls, who would prefer coffee and who would prefer tea? How would they take it?
  • Blossom: mos def tea, mostly straight, occasionally with a bit of lemon/honey/milk when appropriate; I can see her enjoying an espresso from time to time
  • Bubbles: those frappuccino things that are less coffee and mostly milk
  • Buttercup: high quality coffee, straight (so as not to mar the flavor), but tea reminds her of home
  • Brick: black coffee even though he likes a little milk in it but he's gotta prove he's a man
  • Boomer: juice! coffee's gross.
  • ask sbj a question at:

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Les Amis + their coffee orders. =D

Hey anon, you aren’t slick! I know who you are  👀 👀 👀 👀

  • Enjolras: Ridiculously over complicated. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s not embarrassed to ask for it.  Coffee is the only time he lets himself treat himself so he goes big. A half caf, soy hot coffee, two pumps of caramel and whipped cream. 
  • Grantaire: Fucked if he knows. It’s different depending on his moods. Some days its a black charred dark roast with no cream or sugar and other times it’s a vanilla iced coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles. The only constant in his order is that it’s usually Irish. 
  • Combeferre: A sensible latte in a travel mug with low fat milk and one sweetener
  • Jehan: An organic cold brew coffee… In a Mason Jar of course.
  • Bahorel: Not a big coffee guy. But he will slam down energy drinks like it’s nobodies business. And don’t even get him started on his juice cleanse!
  • Feuilly: Can’t afford to buy coffee so he makes it at home. It’s the grossly cheap instant stuff with a splash of milk. He actually somehow likes the taste better than a barista made coffee????
  • Joly: Expresso… SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS. SHOTS!
  • Bossuet: A simple cappuccino but with like… 5 sugar packets. He always gets a froth mustache. 
  • Marius: More of a tea person. Likes chamomile and herbal blends
The Gems and food:

I’ve seen a few post talking about how the gems does X thing and honestly I’m impressed no one had said anything about something as common as eating, so I made my own version!

  • Garnet: She eats slow and calmly, she enjoys more the food when its hot, her personal favorite is sea-food, mostly lobsters, sushi and blowfish, she’s also really into spicy food. 
  • Pearl: Is canon that Pearl HATES eating, but I bet she enjoys drinking a lot, mostly when the flavor is subtle, she loves tea and flavored water, like Garnet she goes slow and calm, even when she’s really thirsty.
  • Amethyst: Eats everything she finds with barely self-control, she enjoys the ACT of eating more than the food itself, so theres no favorite as long as she can munch it (or at least swallow it).
  • Peridot: She’s a beast when we talk about this, of course thats a big influence of Amethyst, the difference is that Peridot cares a lot about the taste, she loves greasy unhealthy food and strong flavored drinks like coffee or sodas. 
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis doesn’t enjoy chewing, because of that her favorite kind of food are creamy sweet desserts, mostly ice-cream, milkshakes and cheesecakes, she’s a big vegetarian and hates everything with an artificial flavor. 
  • Jasper: Jasper enjoys eating as a barbarian, she only uses her hands and big sharp teeth, big amounts of barely-cook meat is everything she consumes. She enjoys eating parts of the bone when she is done with the meat.