theres coral whoo

Coral by shittyreiko
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her (she doesn’t mind being referred as he/him)
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Romantic Orientation: panromantic
Height: 159 cm
Weapon: Ninja twin swords (which are unable to be summoned in really stressful environments like deathly combats)
Gem Type: red/precious coral
Likes: Sleeping, to be hugged (really shy about it though), people like Steven, people eating the food she cooks.
Dislikes: Bigoted people, unpleasant smells, cold weather, social events, her own nervous nature.
Hobbies: cooking, using her swords (since she can’t summon them in real combat), going on trips, drawing animals.
Talents/Skills: Speed and dodge skills. Can generate electricity (poorly, not like Garnet). Releases poisonous mist from her hands (strong emotions triggers it too).
Personality: Nervous nature covered under learnt calm demeanor (she tries really hard). Introverted but talkative when interested in a subject. Hardworking and compliant (most of the time). She feels like a fail for not being able to use her gem weapons.
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