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Dean + worrying about Cas

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halo | happy international women’s day

fun physics moment:

the symbol for the how a material reacts to stress is ϵ, the symbol for epsilon

the symbol for force applied to a material, aka stress, is  σ, the lowercase symbol for sigma 

also the symbol for the sum of something is Σ, the uppercase symbol for sigma

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This one was my favorite of the bunch~! More Under the cut! Enjoy!

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《 [ DANCEMONSTER ] has added [ ZgnooyNims] to the group chat [ JACKASSES ] at 19:38 》
[ ZgoonyNims ] : Who the fuck kicked me out of the chat u assholes [ BunnyCadet ] : Idk, who spammed the chat at 2 am about a cat?
[ ChristianChimChim ] : 0^: !
[ ZgoonyNims ] : Okay listen here shitheads
[ YaBoyV ] : 👀👂👂👂
[ ZgoonyNims ] : You guys knew I was high off fucking pain meds because I got my wisdom teeth out
[ ZgoonyNims ] : I can’t control what I do
[☆PeachJenie ☆] : I’m pretty sure they’re just teasing u nims
[ ChristianChimChim ] : Shhhh Jenie it’s funny watching him get angry
[ YaBoyV ] : ⬆⬆⬆🔥🔥✔✔💯💯💯👀👀👌👌
[ DANCEMONSTER ] : V for the love of God stop using only emojis

jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world


That was the beginning. This is the tale of how I met Vanitas and how we walked together, of all we gained and lost, and of how at the end of that journey I would kill him with my own two hands.


Dad only needs you guys.


Bethyl Secret Santa for bethtatorship! Merry Christmas, m’dear! I hope you like this :)

Who wants to guess how many times I cried making this?

(Beauty and the Beast x Bethyl)