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Dean + worrying about Cas

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Audrey Jensen Appreciation Week - Day 5: Favorite Outfits

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fun physics moment:

the symbol for the how a material reacts to stress is ϵ, the symbol for epsilon

the symbol for force applied to a material, aka stress, is  σ, the lowercase symbol for sigma 

also the symbol for the sum of something is Σ, the uppercase symbol for sigma

after a bit of confusion from my original post, i figured something a bit more proper and formal was necessary. also, my apologies for the confusion in the first place because of my bad wording.

basically, i know there’s a number of us fic authors who are either already working on or are thinking about working on an original story (AKA a story with non-1D characters), and i also know that i often like a buddy or two to run ideas by and also, you know, seek validation from a whole damn lot, so i figured why not make a group where we can all join together and give advice, share bits and pieces of our writing, and just generally give that extra support and encouragement we all need.

if you are working on or thinking about working on an original story, then send me a message and i’ll add you to the group blog! or, if you want, feel free to ask any questions beforehand!


That was the beginning. This is the tale of how I met Vanitas and how we walked together, of all we gained and lost, and of how at the end of that journey I would kill him with my own two hands.