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Who wants to guess how many times I cried making this?

(Beauty and the Beast x Bethyl)


That was the beginning. This is the tale of how I met Vanitas and how we walked together, of all we gained and lost, and of how at the end of that journey I would kill him with my own two hands.

and I’ve already come up with a theory for an idea for what the main conflict is gonna be in the second season

So at the end were left with the idea that more gems will come from homeworld, to take or hurt steven, to restart kindergarten, and the crystal gems will have to stop them somehow

then all of the freaking out and the realization of the very real danger thats now gonna be happening and the focus on all of the war stuff of the past

i think were looking at gem war 2 in the upcoming future, depending on how long it takes for homeworld to realize that peridot and jasper arent coming back, they might not realize their mission went wrong for a while

which gives plenty of time for the crystal gems to do what theyve been kind of foreshadowed to do originally with the help of Steven

theyre gonna keep fighting the gem monsters, taking their gems, but theyre gonna heal them! Steven’s gonna focus on his healing skills and get better at them, and one by one, theyll heal these corrupted gems theyve captured, get to know them, make friends, get them to trust the crystal gems, just like they did with lapis lazuli

and then theyll have a stronger force to fight with against the homeworld gems, all of them rallied behind the Rose Quartz gem

but knowing steven universe I feel like the better end would be Steven doing what i feel like his mother hoped he would do, to be the new unexpected possibility that the gems and earth would get along somehow, to be able and hope and believe that future might be a reality one day

also most of the episodes could focus around healing and befriending new gems!

(also: headcanon that the centipeedle is actually a gem called Chrysoprase! 

because fun facts about Chysoprase:  It has been historically renowned for having some incredible powers. In the Middle Ages it was believed that if you put a piece of chrysoprase in your mouth, you would become invisible. It was thought that the stone would lose its color in the presence of poison. Romanian folklore claims that chrysoprase enabled its owner to understand the language of lizards. Today chrysoprase is appreciated as a calming stone of the heart.

Understanding Lizards? Poison? Calming the Heart? idk sounds like the centipeedle to me! also its kind of lizardy centipede beetle thingy, and Chrysoprase kinda sounds like chrysalis, yknow the cocoon thing or pupa that bugs do)

here pic of both:

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(or just Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas/Oklahoma in general whatever)

I just found out that apparently there is going to be a convention called Geek’d Con in Shreveport, LA, this August 21-23. For those that aren’t aware, Alabama isn’t super duper far from Louisiana, meaning it probably wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for this con to get THAC as guests (because it wouldn’t be super expensive to get them there), so I need you guys’ help to convince this con that getting the Marble Hornets guys as guests is a Very GOOD IDEA. Because check it out, Shreveport is only about a 3 hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area?? Only about 4 hours from Houston?? And I know some of you live even closer than that. So basically wouldn’t many of you actually be very willing and able to go to this thing if THAC was confirmed for it??

TELL THEM THAT. TELL THEM YOU WOULD DRIVE 3+ HOURS TO THEIR FIRST-YEAR CONVENTION IF MARBLE HORNETS WAS THERE (because oh hey did I mention weekend passes are only TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS). TELL THEM YOU WOULD GIVE YOUR FIRSTBORN TO MEET THOSE NERDS. (okay maybe don’t literally say that because they might not believe it (I believe you though :P)) Their email is