theres a story progression

the transformation of my feelings about neelix from “i hate you please leave and never darken the doors of this ship again” to “a good and friendly pal who makes mistakes but is trying his best to help” is the most shocking turnaround of voyager’s character development arcs

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Does "Logan" count as an X-Men story where there's been progress on mutant rights? No-one except the villain has any prejudice against mutants.

Logan is an X-Men story where the X-gene has been bred out of the population through tailored genetic diseases distributed through the food chain so that the military-industrial complex can monopolize and patent the X-gene to breed slave-soldiers. I wouldn’t call that progress. 

In that scenario, there’s not much prejudice against mutants, because the popular perception is that there are no more mutants - as is stated by the radio host that Logan is listening to early on in the film when he’s driving his limo. 

big bang content warning

just a warning for anyone reading big bang fics the larry fic all the place you’ve got can be super super triggering (emotional manipulation/abuse/gaslighting) and also isn’t actually endgame louis and harry PLEASE BE CAREFUL READING THIS it’s very well written but also it kind of fucked me up and i’m usually pretty hard to affect so if anything to do with emotional manipulation and abuse/religion/demons/demonic possession anything like that is a trigger for you please please be careful because the tags don’t really match the actual content of the story.

imagine if every day of your life had an opening animation when you woke up so you had something to get ready to get up to that wasnt just weird sleepless agony. and it had a cool song and every time it went on to a new arc of your life youd get a new opening with all these people you hadnt met yet and youd get excited to meet them and progress with the story

except thered be opening credits, and youd be like Wait who made this

  • me reading chapter 82 of re: .............omg intense but
  • me reading chapter 82 of re: what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 83 of re: the washuus... arima-san... o_o
  • me reading chapter 83 of re: um, but what about suzuya?
  • me reading chapter 84 of re: damn everything is heating up
  • me reading chapter 84 of re: ..........ok, but... what about suzuya????
  • me reading chapter 85 of re: arima-san... he planned it all along...
  • me reading chapter 85 of re: ..........suzuya???????
  • me reading chapter 86 of re: that's one hell of a shoe-drop right there.
  • me reading chapter 86 of re: would it KILL YOU to give us ONE PANEL of suzuya i mean...