theres a snake in my book

What your favorite poptropica island says about you
  • Early poptropica: too pure for this world
  • Shark tooth: thinks putting cold spoons on other peoples backs is okay
  • Time tangled: constantly listens to darude-SANDSTORM
  • 24 carrot: is a furry
  • Super power island: wears the same shirt everyday
  • Spy island: has seen all spy kids movie at least twice
  • Nabooti island: secretly enjoys the ketchup song
  • Big Nate island: Lawful evil
  • Astro-Nights: REALLY likes space
  • Counterfeit island: has at least 30 sketch books hidden around their house
  • Reality TV: seen every episode total drama island
  • Mythology island: very passionate about greek mythology
  • Skullduggery island: you hate yourself
  • Steamworks: S T E A M P U N K
  • Great pumpkin island: maybe, just maybe, you've seen at least ONE of the peanuts movies
  • Cryptids Island: big foot is your friend and you love them very much
  • Wild west island: "THERES A SNAKE IN MY BOOT"
  • Wimpy wonderland: read every Wimpy kid book and is proud
  • Red Dragon island: that asshole that would sit on top of the monkey bars at school
  • Shrink ray island: probably is in school chorus
  • Game show island: thinks 500 questions is a good show
  • Ghost story island: stone cold bitch that never cries
  • SOS island: cried for 67 minutes after the movie titanic was done
  • Vampire's curse island: had a vampire phase in middle school
  • Twisted Thicket: were alive during the 90's save the forset phase
  • Poptropolis games: either never misses school, or always misses school
  • Wimpy boardwalk: you read all of the wimpy kid books and seen all the movies
  • Lunar colony: same as astro-nights but you also hate your self
  • Super villain island: you have a crush on one of the main villains, don't you??
  • Charlie and the Chocolate factory: guess, i dare you, what do you think it is? don't even act like you don't know. We all know you like the book and/or movie(s) we all know its that obvious, stop acting surprised
  • Zomberry island: eats nothing but poptarts and cheetos
  • Night watch island: Watched both paul blart mall cop movies and secretly enjoys them
  • Back lot island: has taken high shcool photography
  • Virus hunter island: secretly a hacker
  • Mocktropica: thinks that they are funny
  • Monster Carnival: you want to die
  • Survival island: T A L L Y H O
  • Mission Atlantis: ur an asthethic blogger
  • Poptropicon: been to comic-con 20 fucking times
  • Arabian nights: seen. every. fucking. disney. movie.
  • Galactic hotdogs island: iS A DIRTY FUKCING LIAR
  • Mystery of the Map island: is that one asshole in math class that can recite the numbers of pi more than three digits
  • Timmy failure island: confused with their life
  • Escape from pelican rock: you love suffering

I was tagged by @bleeding-wings-and-broken-souls
Name: Eren
Nickname: Rini
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5′10″
Ethnicity: Romani
Favorite fruit: It used to be watermelon and then my grandmother fed me watermelon until i was sick of it and now its cherries
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite book: The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi
Favorite flower: Dandelions
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animals: dolphins, penguins, dogs, snake
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee
Average sleep hours: about ten
Cats or dogs: dogs
Favorite fictional characters: theres a lot but my current obsession is Bridge Carson, the Green Ranger from Power Rangers SPD
Number of blankets: usually two, more in the winter. sometimes in the summer its just two sheets but i always have to have two
Dream trip: greece, or maybe venice.
Blog created: I created @witchquotes. i mod for a couple others and i hoard several unused urls
Number of followers: 630 on my main
I will tag a few people @wintersundog @toobertpoondert @ominouslymathematical

anonymous asked:

Why don't you believe in god? there's plenty of evidence that he exists lol you're just going to rot in hell :p

Okay so I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you’re talking about the Christian god considering your lack of context. I think the main reason I left my religion was because of the inadequate amount of evidence. For you, the bible is what you would call evidence of god’s existence but for me, it’s just an old book filled with stories. Talking snakes, sea separation and people rising from the dead just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid. If you claim that the bible is evidence of god, I can just as easily say that my Peter Pan book is evidence of Fairies, or mermaids etc. 
But just because I don’t see the bible as valid evidence doesn’t mean I wont keep an open mind. Heck, if I saw god, THEN I would believe he was real.

Do you ever stop and look at the terror, poverty, disease and death happening all around the world? And with a god so powerful don’t you think he could fix it all just by a flick of his finger? All those people suffering in silence,  praying to god, praying for a better life, but never get an answer. You say your god is perfect and you say your god is all knowing and powerful, yet he does NOTHING to help those people in need. Does he just sit over the world with his popcorn and watch these people suffer?

I am going to tell you this right now. Even if there was a god, I would never worship him. He is nowhere near worthy of my praise.