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  • Draco is taller than Harry
  • But not by one or two inches though
  • By over a foot
  • At first Harry didn’t notice, because Draco tried to stay seated as often as possible
  • And when he stood or walked his shoulders were hunched and his head was bowed low
  • Since the war and trials that followed almost every trace of pride in his demeanour had been erased
  • Draco hates his newfound height
  • His legs won’t fit underneath the school benches
  • The dormitory entrance is so low he keeps banging his head against it
  • And the people who want to look down on him, who deserve to look down on him, need to crane their neck upwards to see his face
  • Which causes them to hate him even more
  • When Pansy sees him struggle, she starts to wear high spiked heels around him
  • Blaise follows suit
  • And it helps, because now people notice them before Draco
  • Except Harry of course, who just keeps staring at the blond like he’s the only thing in the world worth looking at
  • Which, according to a half drunk confession made by one H. Potter, he totally is, and what does it matter that Blaise is wearing high heels Ron? He’s never going to be prettier that Malfoy anyway
  • “Well, if Malfoy’s so pretty, then why don’t you go annoy him instead of me?” A more than half drunk Ron tells him, because Zabini looks nice in heels, but he’ll never outclass Hermione, and he’d like some alone time with her to tell her just that
  • So Harry goes out to find Draco
  • And he finally notices their height difference when he quite literally bumps into the pale boy
  • Because even for a half drunk Harry it’s hard to miss that he’s not standing nose to nose with his former nemesis
  • He’s standing nose to a-bit-below-the-nipples with him
  • “You’re tall.” Harry mumbles as he looks up (and up and up and up)
  • “You’re tiny.” Draco shoots back, a little bit of his snark coming back to him now that he’s more used to the stares (and also quite tipsy)
  • “How can you kiss when you’re so tall?” 
  • “Care to find out, Potter?”
  • And that’s how Drarry happened

“When ChikaRiko first start going out”
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Alforan High School AU where Alfor is a jock with a heart of gold and Coran is a computer/science geek and they’re both pining and crushing heavily on each other but neither of them notice.

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Studying chemistry this evening after a further maths exam this morning. I’m so close to being finished with exams that it’s hard to find the motivation to keep studying 😥


WCH 9 original handwritten outline, this is what I write out before typing out a more detailed outline. Some stuff definitely doesn’t make it and some stuff is added in.

BONUS: I overcame a bit of writers block by handwriting out scenes and then typing them into the doc (I’d usually end up typing up double the amount I had hand wrote because it got my thoughts flowing). So the second pic is a random collection of some of the scenes from WCH9 that I wrote out before typing.

electricstarlet  asked:

I wanna hear about ur summertime AU

ok so,, it’s summertime ofc and it’s modern!

the revolutionary set (feat. burr) likes to get together and go to the lake occasionally and go divin off rocks and just hang out, etc. burr hangs out with jefferson+madison a lot more often but occasionally goes to chill with alex’s buddies.

one day at the lake, lafayette mentions that he has a summer home up in the woods somewhere, (prob a nicely renovated cabin his family prob rich as hell… what if lafayette is like a french exchange student omg… w/e) he invites the rev set+burr to go stay up there for a few days!! burr mentions that he would like to bring jeffmads and ofc no one is happy about that. but he and alex banter for a while and they finally allow it as long as jeffmads don’t try to start anything. the day they go up to the cabin, jeffmads arrives late (fashionably) and after being around jefferson in all those summer outfits, he suddenly doesn’t hate him as bad as he used to. the rest is history 🤔 i’m thinking about including angsty lams but i don’t wanna break my own heart

but overall just imagine the boys and dairy bars and lakes n public pool shenanigans etc etc!! that’s just a lil story i thought up with @dawnovaan


Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague on “Smallville”


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  • Original dialogue: “Where’s Clark?”

Footage source: Smallville Season 4 finale “Commencement”

A post I keep meaning to write but a) I am eternally tired and b) I don’t really give that many fucks:

‘The Gilmore Girls Rival was kind of Okay but also kind of eeeehhhhh and wow, remember when we all wanted to be Rory Gilmore back in the day? NOT ANYMORE’.

Upcoming Trigger Warnings

Hii guys. So I just want to warn you all in advance that the next post contains mentions/visuals of alcohol and alludes to alcoholism so just in case anyone feels uncomfortable seeing that I’ve tagged it as ‘tw: alcohol’. I’d hate for anyone to feel uncomfortable/upset while reading any of my work so if any of you have more tags you’d like me to add then feel free to drop me a msg! There is no dialog in the next post so you won’t be missing anything! 


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms