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If you ever feel useless, just remember that Kirk Hammett has been doing back vocals for the past 36 years. Do you know what his singing voice sounds like? Neither do I. No one does.

was flirting w/my crush and just suggested that we punch each other

im blaming drarry for this

I’ve finally typed up my thoughts on Seven Surrenders. A necessary caveat: I really did enjoy the book; in fact, I couldn’t put it down. The notes I’ve made are mostly negative because the parts work don’t jump out at me nearly as much as the parts that don’t. At some point I get into my General Theory Of Weaknesses In SFF That Wants To Be Political Philosophy (a genre which, to be clear, I love completely and without irony). Spoilers follow.

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why be anti when you can love and respect everyone in your fandom equally?

@black-rose4 here is how bad my Ryder drives and parks.

On boxes.

On the railing.

Whatever that is.

Driving over buildings instead of around them (she made it over).

Conclusion: She shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

I keep calling her that because I’m going to rename her - don’t like her currently name!

me: haha roman is so weird like?? can u not. i can’t handle the cringe why is he like that 
people in the hg tag: he’s the worst character how can you like him he’s a bad person and has no good qualities

i love how taako designs vary so much but are still immediately revognizable. like i could see a fat elf with a lacy parasol and two inch long eyeliner looking like he shops exclusively at macy’s, and then i could see a lanky green rowdy boy with a haphazardly cobbled together outfit who looked like he just crawled out of a swamp, and i’d still go ‘yeah thats a good taako’ either way