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can u believe betsy wolfe invented the mirror selfie 


Buncha huevembers I missed, here’s 19-23. Featuring dark and not-so-dark Sutos, a smol Houseki No Kuni fanart and a Miku, I used to be primarily a vocaloid artist.. Barely anyone, including myself, remembers that. TwT

I thought i’d like to do a bit of fic self promo–

even tho i’m not exactly saying it’s the best writing and this is all old stuff for the most part and i like to think im a bit better now…? but whatevs 


HordeThere’s so many children now. Thor doesn’t mind more. Loki can’t bring himself to complain. 

EnchantmentThor wants babies. Loki’s not so sure, but Thor is pretty convincing. 

HoldThor holds his child for the first time, and reviews why Loki is so overprotective. 

For YouLoki has created a magic gift that he needs Thor to keep a hold of. 

One Who Wants For NothingLoki is pregnant and happy, and really that’s all Thor ever needs.

GiftLoki asks Thor if Midgardian Christmas means that any type of presents are allowed. Thor says yes, and Loki knows what he wants. 

Truth of Indifference and LiesThor is courting Loki. Actively. Loki hesitates to respond but eventually he can’t help giving in. Thor’s thunder draws him outside and he falls to his most basic desires. 

Beyond DeathIt is said in the lore that Thor, after battling Jormungandr, will take nine steps and fall dead. Loki will kill, and be killed by, Heimdall. Thor takes those final steps toward his ex-brother/unstable lover so they may have their last moments together. 


Give and TakeLoki makes his choice and gives equally, always equally, eternally equally, for want of this. 

SolaceSometimes he can find Loki hiding in some obscure room in the tower, calmly writing down spells in one of the large dusty journals he brought from ‘home’. Tony always walks in quietly—Loki doesn’t like to be startled or disturbed when reviewing his magic. But he can’t help bringing Loki things he loves, like sweets, or more books, or the occasional obnoxious distraction in the form of relentless flirting (or more obvious affections). 

Of Gods and Avidity

a·vid·i·ty. noun.

1. Ardent desire or craving; eagerness.

“Worship me, Anthony.”



Hux discovers something unusual about Kylo, and his curiosity gets the best of him.


Hux is totally Kylo Ren’s body pillow and there’s very little Hux can do about it.

Perchance to Dream

A Prompt fill for Kyluxsoftkinks:

“Hux really loves to cuddle but he is ashamed to admit that to Kylo so he usually waits until Kylo falls asleep to snuggle into him. One night Kylo is still awake when Hux clings onto him. Hux is mortified, but to Hux’s relief, Kylo just kisses Hux goodnight and wraps his arms around him tightly as if it was not a big deal.”


  //  Upon breaking the barrier,  Flurry finds herself unable to confide what happened during her time Underground due to it’s fantastical nature.  Even if people did believe her,  stories of monsters repeatedly murdering a young child  –  the one who’d liberated them,  no less  –  had the potential to instigate another war.  Despite her young age she’s well aware the gravity of such accusations,  and keeps her mouth shut.

  //  Child Protective Services deemed her mother unfit,  terminated her parental rights,  and placed Flurry in foster care.  Cassandra’s ex-boyfriend Steve reported her for neglect,  drug abuse,  and an unfit home environment for her daughter post breakup  –  all of which were not unfounded claims.  She isn’t particularly torn up about it,  but maintains a positive relationship with her little girl regardless.  They have visitation and eventually days out together.  Her mom almost seems…  happier,  now,  and Flurry’s not quite sure how to feel about that.  

  //  Flurry’s father has not made any attempts to remove her from the foster home.  He calls once a month and carefully avoids the subject.  Though she tries to convince herself she doesn’t care,  she often hangs up mid-conversation and sobs,  disgusted with herself for ever looking up to him.  ( Her step sister constantly piping up in the background,  whining for David to take her to ballet recital or some activity equally pretentious and perfect,  is just salt in the wound. )

  //  Flurry’s care worker works hard to try and place her with new parents.  But she won’t entertain them because she doesn’t want to become another family’s burden.  The child’s not stupid;  she knows that she’s traumatized,  and bratty,  and overall a terrible daughter to lump yourself with.  No matter how patient or kind prospective parents try to be with her,  they all eventually sicken of her ugly scowl and rude remarks and move on.

  //  Even the happy ending hasn’t brought Flurry peace of mind.  The child’s extremely subdued and seems bent on isolating herself.  She returns to school within a month of arriving back on the surface and startles everybody with how quietly she’ll get on with work.  Though she’s not picking fights anymore and keeping to herself for the most part,  she won’t play with other children either.  Her teachers are reasonably concerned,  former friends moreso.

Exo’s new concept looks so unfathomably dark and cyber-dystopian that I legitimately do not understand what they’re going to drop. It literally hasn’t been this ominous since Pathcode, and this concept looks considerably more charged

At home, I keep a close eye on my temper. Obviously, I’d rather chew my own arms off than hurt the children, but I also try to catch an oncoming mope or sulk: the Mood Tyrant can be just as scary as the guy throwing crockery around.
—  Robert Webb, How Not to Be a Boy.

Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer