theres a lot but these are some of my favorites


this is just a doodle page i pumped out tonight, drawing some of my favorite characters!!! mostly uhhh jim and blinky are. my favorites. which is great! cuz theyre main characters so theres a whooole lot of them

i absolutely plan on making some kinda bigger illustration for this show, i love it very much 

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Hi :) Soo I've been getting back into the tvd fandom recently and I wanted to read some fic. I usually read on ao3, but there's so little tvd fic on there. I saw there's a lot on ffnet, but I'm totally unfamiliar with than, Idk how to find the good stuff. Could you recommend some lengthy complete fics on there (or somewhere else), preferably steroline and/or bamon? Thank you :)

Here is my Bamon fic rec tag, and a list of my favorite, completed fics. Some of these are one shots, or series of oneshots, so not particularly lengthy, but so worth the read!

Here is my Steroline fic rec tag, a post of fic recs that I totally support. Honestly, it’s really hard to find long, completed Steroline fics. Short fics, definitely, and I highly recommend any and all of @smilinstar​’s and @roguefembot​‘s fics, which you’ll find under my steroline fic rec tag.

Enjoy! :) 

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Do you have any favorite examples of DC architecture? I live in DC and am curious because in my opinion there's a lot of great architecture here!

I have posted many times about DC (because I live 10 minutes away), bypassing the expected monumental architecture of DC (Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, Washington Monument) here are some of my favorites:

Dulles International Airport Eero Saarinen

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hey! so I just recently (like, 2 weeks ago) discovered gmm and naturally started shipping rhett and link (because how could you not??) and i've been watching as many gmm episodes as I can, but there's a lot of them, so I was just wondering- what do you think the best gmm episodes are? especially for rhink moments haha :)

hello and welcome friend!! honestly how can you not ship them i mean come the fuck on… and yes i agree, there are so many episodes and i haven’t even seen them all lmao!! but i’ll link you to some of my favorites :)

but honestly some of the best and rhinkiest episodes are when they’re just chatting about pointless shit, that’s when you get the softest hearteyes and cutest touches, so don’t be afraid to check out vids with less views!!

also if you’re into rhink, check out my headcanons and my fic!!

hope that helps :)

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There's been a lot of negativity towards the past four episodes, and I was wondering if that has to do with the episodes being weekly. For comparison, you think the stretch of episodes from The New Lars to Kiki's Pizza Delivery would have gotten a worse reaction if they weren't released daily?

Well there was some people who didn’t like ‘The New Lars’ (it wasn’t a favorite for me either, but it wasn’t exactly a bad episode, just not my thing) but … It wasn’t anything like this.

Back then, you really had to dig into the tags to find a lot of negativity, but nowadays, you can hardly escape it without unfollowing and blocking a bunch of people. It’s taking over the fandom.

I don’t think being on a weekly schedule has anything to do with it. Yeah, it makes the impatient fans a little more impatient. But the heavy criticism (if you can even call some of it that) that’s going on? It’s unreal …

It’s just … Some people started pointing out some bad things with explanations that made sense. Those posts got a lot of notes. And that started the snowball effect. Now it feels like everyone and their mom is being overwhelmingly critical.

For the record: Yes, I’m okay with criticism. There is nothing wrong with pointing out things you don’t like. There’s nothing wrong with not liking or even hating episodes. I’m the last person to tell you to stop. You’re entitled to your opinions, and you can literally do whatever you want with your blog.

I don’t like it, but I can accept it. What I can’t do is understand it, I guess.

If you hate something so much … Why are you putting so much energy to it? What does it do for you, personally? Does it satisfy you? Does it make you happy when you find a lot of people agree with you?

And I’ve seen some critical blogs say “I don’t hate SU”, and well … I just don’t see how when they have next to nothing good to say about it. Maybe they have sideblogs for their positive SU blogging?

I just want everyone to have a good time, including the critical ones. If SU isn’t making you happy anymore, or not happy enough, then please pour yourself into other interests that you love! Please do what makes you happiest.

And while I don’t understand it, if picking out the flaws in SU is one of the things that makes you happy, I won’t judge! Make sure to tag it for those who don’t wanna see it, and blog to your heart’s content.

But to the critical ones who are doing it for the drama, and doing it to get a rise out of people, and start arguments, and especially to the ones directly attacking the Crewniverse over these things:

Stop. The fans who love the show and the Crew who work on it are living, breathing people. You’re breeding so much hate and succumbing to so much hate yourself, and I implore you to please partake in healthier, happier hobbies.

I know a big part of this critical trend will die down with time, but … I come here to cope and talk about the show I love, and some days it’s very hard when all I see here is how much everyone hates everything.

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reason i don't like hoseok 1) he's always bothering the hell out of yoongi yet ppl ship them together?? 2) he's average at rap but ppl acts like he's the second coming of jay z, pretty sure namjoon and yoongi would rather have donghyuk in the group 3) his dancing is good, but it's obvious he's less good than jimin, all summer jhope said how he was working hard on bme, but then jimin did bme blindfolded on mama? lol weak. 4) ppl pretending he's good at singing orz 5) he brags too much, etc

I can’t even answer this seriously because I feel like you’re still trying to make me angry for no reason and just being petty

1 - Hoseok and Yoongi are obviously good friends and each member of BTS nags on each other all the time. That’s why theres always those compilations of them bugging each other on Youtube, because it’s supposed to be funny. I do it with my friends, it’s a normal thing lol.. It’s called banter, look it up. I’m sure its completely obvious Yoongi doesn’t hate Hoseok and cares for him and they’ve actually had some of their best moments together, like the Don’t Laugh Vlive, where they were just laughing together.

2 - I’m not saying that Hoseok has to be your favorite rapper, or his songs have to be your favorite, but a lot of people really enjoy MAMA and all of his raps on songs and I believe that they’re very good and he always works really hard on them and despite not even coming into BigHit as a rapper he’s done a lot for BTS with his raps.. and I’m pretty sure that’s false since …every member of BTS are each others friends and always support each other but whatever you say

3 - And on the dancing they all have different dancing styles so people like some dancers more than others. Jimin did it blindfolded because it went along with the concept, and he did great you’re right but Hoseok has worked really hard on BME and the members have mentioned multiple times that they look up to Hoseoks dancing skills and that Hoseok helps them and its been shown in like 3 bombs of Hoseok helping them like if he’s not your fav dancer fine but you can’t dismiss the fact that he’s worked hard as a dancer and has helped BTS as a whole with his dancing skills

4 - For a rapper, he is good at singing… That’s why everyone loves I Like It so much…can’t take this one seriously either

5 - This one you obviously pulled out of your ass since he’s always the first member to notice things like fan projects and is always mentioning being thankful to ARMY and is always supporting the other members work and etc but I’ve literally never seen him brag about himself ever. Source?

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hey can u rec me some good musicals? ive just recently gotten into them and ive seen hamilton, heathers and dear even hansen aka pretty well known ones already and im lookin for something diff!

yeahyeah sure!!!

les miserables - A CLASSIC YOU HAVE OF COURSE HEARD OF. its good. about revolution and whatnot as you must know. based off of the book by victor hugo. i dont really know abt the movie i dont usually prefer movies over stage versions and i dont with this one but like, the movie isnt awful if thats what youre gonna watch u know. its a very different style than hamilton/heathers/deh though.

bring it on - musical based off of the ICONIC 2000s movie of the same name. made me want to become a cheerleader. what more can i say

spring awakening - aka my main shit!!! based off of an old ass play by frank wedekind, who was a fairly cool dude all things considered. (all things = hes old as BALLS) (also the play is a nice read too but idk not many people like reading plays) its about coming of age in the opressive 1890s germany and also like sex and masturbation and stuff? so. fun. theres a rape scene in it though, but the musical really waters it down from the play so be warned

fun home - SO GOOD. based off of the comics by alison bechdel who u might recognize because she made the bechdel test. its about alison and her growing up and her relationship with her sexuality and all that jazz, and also her relationship with her father who was gay and killed himself and her dysfunctional family and yada yada, theres a lot. it translates VERY well on stage imo

natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812 - objectively the best musical playing on broadway rn tbqh. its based off of war and peace, yeah, THAT war and peace. dave malloy has condensed some of the classic into a musical with some pretty funky tunes. (its an “electropop opera”, reminds me of hamilton in the sense that it is very innovative&new music-wise)

bare a pop opera - my favorite musical ever but be warned there is some sad shit, like really sad, i dont want to spoil stuff because i watched it with no idea waht it was about and uh great experience but, its very gay angst. peter and jason are Gays™ at a catholic boarding school. 

falsettos - also one of my favorites, its gay and jewish and also a genius comedy. its comprised of two one-act musicals and tells the story of marvin, who is frankly a bit of an ass, who is gay and cheating on his wife when his affair is Revealed and then his wife falls in love w his therapist and his son is like whats goin on and its a wild ride. 

rent - another iconic musical very much the one you listen to on repeat when youre going through your emo phase but youre a theatre kid. about some pals in nyc who really arent the most fortunate bunch in the whole world. 

american idiot - this is also an emo musical..based off of the album by green day which is also good as hell. i prefer a lot of the music from the musical to the album because im a fake fan but whatever. tells the story of johnny and his pals. tw for drugs and war and some oher stuff probably. its…sort of hard to understand? maybe?

waitress - real good stuff!!!!! based on the indie movief rom like, 2009 i think. sarah bareilles wrote the music n shes currently playing jenna so u know its quality… basically about jenna whos a waitress and she finds out shes pregnant. she struggles with what she wants to do with her future and how her babies future fits into that. tw for abuse (tho overall its pretty comedic, not the abuse just the overall show)

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What are your favorite Yoi fanfics? Any recs? Definitely keen to suffer through some Victuuri feels. 😊

Ahh hi! 

I feel like the ones I really like are already fairly popular (since I tend to find them thru recs) but I have a few!  Be warned tho, a lot of these are NSFW TV-MA 18+ Do Not Enter If Child, I’ll designate when I post though.  There are also no aus, possibly post canon/canon divergent but no aus bc they just arent my thing. 

Winter Song (Explicit) - proantagonist

Winter Song is EASILY my favorite YOI fic and one of my favorite fics of all time. Its a damn roller coaster of emotion, and the perfect companion fic to watching the show if you’re ok with smut.  The smut is fantastic (and I really hesitate to call it smut like the word ‘smut’ isnt good enough), but what makes me ADORE this fic is how well the author writes the characters and back stage happenings of YOI.  Its one of those situations where every aspect of it is like perfectly meshed together, and strengthens the narrative all together.   I’ve praised this fic a few times on my blog and its just. If this is the type of thing that interests you, this is a fantastic fic. And if you like that one, I also highly recommend Drive (Mature) by the same author. Its canon divergent, and just started, and I absolutely adore it already. 

Nerve Endings (Explicit) - Phyona

This one is also ongoing but its in like, en epilogue bonus stage right now. The overall story is complete.  This takes place AFTER the end of the series, and deals with Yuuri’s anxieties in moving to Russia. The timeline and development of the characters relationship happens more in this time period than in the canon storyline for this fic.  This fic deals heavily in anxiety and can get pretty dark and stressful, but its that way for a reason and I really like the way the author handled Yuuri and Victor’s stress.  Also check out Puppy Love (Teen and Up with references to sex)   by the same author, an awesome one shot, canon divergent story about Yuuri getting turned into a dog at the end of the Sochi Grand Prix Final and going to live with Victor. 

Tantalus, Reaching - (Teen and Up) -  chellethewriter

This author has other fics in this series I haven’t read yet, but I really enjoyed this one last night.  Its the series from Victors POV, a POV which I adore in fic.  Its that mix of humor and stress and confusion and love.  

Spark (Teen and Up) - Kurenaito

A post canon adoption fic about Victor and Yuuri adopting two children. I really liked this one. Its not my usual line of interest but I really loved it, I loved the children characters. And there’s plenty of big bro/uncle high school senior Yuri in this one and its great. 

Just for You, a Symphony (Explicit) - Caesaria

Bc I have a major weakness for first time fics and Yuuri knowing what he wants and getting it. 

These following fics havent updated in a little bit (1 month and 3) but I really enjoyed them and kind of check them daily.  

‘Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature (Explicit) -  ken_ichijouji

This one has a fantastic and short synopsis that I’ll let speak for itself: “The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order.”

Pacing Ourselves (Teen And Up)

Great demisexual!Yuuri fic that I really liked.  Even if the author decides not to continue this, I think its worth a read. Its canon compliant and takes place in the shows timeline.  Also BFF Phichit has good presence in this one thank god. 

Thats all I can think of for now that stands out in my mind, though I’ve read a few that I like and ill try to bookmark for future recs if i come across them. I really have a terrible memory for titles DX

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do u have any fave movies??👀🤔

for some reason i constantly forget all my favorite kind of things but heres my fav movies i remember rn:

princess mononoke (and p much all other ghibli movies)
the digimon movies 1 & 2
wolf children
summer wars
interstellar maybe ?even tho it made me dissociate like shit the first time i saw it lmao
i also rly liked moonlight
and fantastic mr fox

and god i KNOW theres more bc i watch so many movies but for some reason i can never remember them in moments like these even if i rly love them ?? its annoying as hell im sry

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Favorite JoJo part besides Vento Aureo?

I’d definitely say JoJolion!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting to experience it as chapters come out, but I’m loving the mystery, and the chemistry between the members of the Higashikata family is really enjoyable, like how Hato and Joshu insult each other, or the way that Norisuke and Jobin get along. I’d love to see more of Mitsuba at some point.

Josuke is also probably my favourite JoJo overall; he’s got a lot of lighthearted quirks - sometimes missing social cues, or coming off stilted - but he can be pretty formidable and scary.
I love the villains a lot, too, and I can say that at least one of them has been genuinely terrifying to me thus far.

Honestly, overall, I think it combines strong elements of both parts 4 and 5 that I love - like some of the pacing of 4, and the gray morality and general uncertainty of 5. Its tonal shifts strike a good balance, I think.


Jiang Wen on different culture backgrounds in films

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day 8: Favorite Storyline Arc

Shelagh Turner~ 

Shelagh Turner has been through hell and back throughout the six series of Call the Midwife. Her journey is absolutely my favorite storyline because it is beautiful and heartbreaking at times, but also, it’s still ongoing. Some characters have quick stories that come and go, but Shelagh is always developing and dealing with whatever life decides to throw at her (which is a lot). 

She started off in series 1 as a nun, but we quickly saw by episode 4 that she was maybe no content with her religious life. I think that moment where she took her habit off in the mirror was when I was like “This nun has a long road ahead of her” and I immediately felt a bond with her character. I really admire Shelagh for how she brave she has been throughout the 6 series, because seriously, she’s been through a LOT, and she keeps pushing on. Like she fell in love, had tuberculosis, left the order and got married, her stepson had polio, she found out she couldn’t have kids, she adopted a baby, she went back to work, and through all of that, she was able to find peace and contentment. She became happy with her life, her family, and her work. And then, after a wild trip to south africa, she came home pregnant with a miracle baby™. This pregnancy really tested Shelagh’s strength, and proved (yet again) that she is one hell of a woman. I just love her so much and can’t wait to see where series 7 takes her. 


I was tagged by @myeyesarewidelikepizzapies, @gipsyspirits and @tarinya-quinn to post 6 pictures that explain me! Thank y’all <3

Top left is just a few of my favorite novels, art tools, some comic books and other things I like that I thought represented me well haha.

Top right represents my interest in metal of course

Middle left is my homeboy aka Frank Castle and my favorite comic book character ever, I’ve loved Punisher comics for a long time. (the art is by Steve Dillon, one of my favorite Punisher artists)

Middle right is a selfie, representing my undying love for Star Wars haha. The background is totally real guys!!! (In my defense, I get really bored sometimes lol)

Bottom left represents my favorite genre, and my favorite horror character aka Dracula, and also my favorite actor, Christopher Lee! 

Bottom right, well, I’m a big fan of musicals, and I would die to go to Broadway, so here’s good ol New York

(the top right, middle left, and bottom two pictures aren’t mine)

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  • Frodo: I can't do this Sam.
  • Sam: I know. It's all wrong. By rights, we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end, because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going because they were holding on to something.
  • Frodo: What are we holding on to Sam?
  • Sam: That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for.