theres a caption in one of the pictures


Asbel paper children for lhantsprotector !!
I drew Asbel 84314 times and his outfit always makes me crazy, so have a kid!Asbel for more diversity! He couldn’t stay still, so all his pictures are blurry, Is2g Asbel ):

And with this all your prizes are done!
Chibi Sorey.
Chibi Asbel.

One of these days, theres gonna be a post like the Tuesday dog, but its just gonna be a picture that says “don’t tell the mobile bloggers that the caption doesnt match this picture” and it will say “tuesday again, no problem” and “dont let tuesday dog die again” and none of us will be any wiser until several hours or even days later

Tetsuya #08


  • one column post
  • one side picture (73px x 73px)
  • navigation (index+message)


  • show caption
  • show tags
  • fade hover
  • gray scale
  • 3 post sizes
  • endless scrolling
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hey theree! ookay so this theme is actually the one i was using in my theme blog, since there were some few requests to release this one i did so. It is a little different from the orignal, but nothing too big, so the basic color are white, black, blue and shades of gray… i was too lazy to change the character of the theme so i just went with kuroko hahahah well anyway i hope you all like this theme c;


❖ the picture and the cursor do not come along