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I ship you with happiness because that's what you deserve <3

((OOC: Oh heck yes. Here’s a picture of myself in my happy place, enjoying some tea, books, and blankets on a rainy day with my BFF, Peter Dinklage, as our cats purr and slumber.))

Things The Riverdale Characters Remind Me Of
  • Jughead: Black coffee, the feeling you get when you're awake at 4 am and no one else is, walking alone in the rain, knitted sweaters, bookshelves that are so full some are piled on the floor, the shivers you get when there's a breeze, thunderstorms and raining nights, gentle music that makes you feel like the world is slowing down, breaking into people's yards to get a perfect photo, passing notes in class, conspiracy theory videos, foreign films, silent movies, anything on vinyl, fresh water rivers
  • Archie: the smell of freshly cut grass, laughing so hard your ribs start to hurt, running your hands through your hair after it's just been washed, that thing where you wake up suddenly because you thought you we're falling, swimming in the summer time, running until you can't breathe, walking in the dark because you can't sleep, the colour yellow, messy hand writing, defending your friends, acoustic versions of 80s rock songs, cold showers on hot days, tight shirts, getting all of your anger out, pushing yourself as hard as you can
  • Betty: pastel colours, high pony tails, sunshine, picnics in a park, bunches of fresh flowers that we're hand picked, lace trimmings on white socks, persistence, the feeling of standing up for yourself, wanting answers, loyalty, forgiveness, writing in your journal after a bad day, the smoothness of ink out of a new pen, messy sketches in the margins of work books, neatly spaced stationary on a clean desk, stretching when you first wake up, gentle light music that you can cry to, early 2000s pop hits that you can't help but dance to, singing into a hairbrush, trying with all you have to help other people, kindness, spinning around in a flowy dress
  • Veronica: the cool feeling you get when you breathe in after chewing peppermint gum, tight dresses, dancing on tables, champagne and strawberries, deep burgundy lipstick, expensive apartments, wet hair, black swimsuits, diamond earrings, red velvet cupcakes, cute nicknames, realising you're not perfect, building from your past, pushing your friends to realise their potential, never giving up, confidence, quick comebacks, heartfelt apologies, believing in fate, finding your destiny, forgetting how to live without someone, looking out for your family, being the new kid, absolute fearlessness, knowing when to pull back and when to fight harder, getting caught in the rain and starting to dance
  • Cheryl: Red neon lights, dripping clothes and frozen fingers, the sinking feeling in your stomach when you know something bad's about to happen, hiding yourself, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling before you fall asleep, full orchestras playing in an otherwise empty hall, fresh manicures, snarky comments, masquerade balls, wedding gowns, being brave, being vulnerable, the feeling of being broken and having no where to go, overgrown ivy and hanging vines, high heels on tiled floors, red lipstick, cherry stained lips, alter candles half burnt, silk sheets, Shakespeare sonnets, silent judgement, jealousy
  • Grundy: a literal bag of shit

au where isak skates and even has a small (huge) crush,and he’s friends with vilde who’s friends with eva (and is also crushing on her) and eva is one of isaks best friends so even always sits with the two girls but only talked to isak like twice and it was just small talk about his skating and vilde rolls her eyes too much at even and one time she calls even like hey we’re going to the skate rink wanna join, and of course even does but when he gets there the girls arent there, actually there isnt anyone except isak who’s skating along and when he spots even he’s like whats up what are u doing here and even just stands there confused and nervous ,”the girls told me theyd be here?” and isak picks up his skateboard and walks over to even with his eyebrows raised and he chuckles, “they told me the same thing” and even is definitely going to kiLL vilde ,then isak is sitting down on the bench, “did they just. set us up” and even lets out a fake loud laugh, throwing his hands up “i have noidea why they would do that!” and isak puts his foot on the skateboard, staring at the ground grinning and even takes a deep breath and sits down next to him, “did i ,like, interrupt ur practice?” and isak looks up at him with a fond smile and evens breath stuck in his throat then isak shakes his head,then nods his chin towards even, “u ever skated?” and even snorts, “have u seen my legs, im a clumsy mess” and isak stares him down then shrugs, “u got nice legs. come on” and he’s standing up and even is pretty sure he’s like, gonna faint or smth but follows isak and then he stops in front of the skateboard and isaks like “go ahead. step on it” and even inches away from it “i really dont think thats a good idea” then isak is there next to him holding out his hand for even to grab, “i’ll help, do it” so even puts his hand in isaks (which by the way is very nice and very warm and very soft) and puts one foot on it and its all cool until he tries with his other leg too, then he’s falling forward and isak catches him and wow alright even could totally do this for hours and then isak laughs, “its alright i fell off a lot in the beginning too. here,” then he’s putting a hand on even’s waist and even succeeds to step on the board and he’s grabbing isak tightly, his shoulder and his hand, then isak starts walking slowly and even is rollin after him and he’s all “wow im so cool” and isak lets his waist go and alright even is not That cool and jumps off in time and isak is laughin so hard, even pushes at his shoulder then laughs along w him. and they stay there until its dark, isak trying to teach even, even watching isak skate, sitting on the bench just talking and smoking. then even walks isak back to his flat and they linger in front of it for a while too and evens mind is racing and he’s thinking whether he should go for a kiss. he doesnt though and he’s dyin but he just bites his lip, “see you around?” and isak nods and looks down at his lip and with a shy smile he turns around and walks inside, looking back once. even calls vilde, “im totally going to murder you but first imma tell u everything that happened” and she listens and giggles at the right parts. and since then on, when the girls and even are watching isak (and the others) skate, isak always shoots a thumbs up at even and they dont know a small talk anymore. and one night when theyve stayed there again and theres a slight breeze ,isak shivers and even offers his arms which isak accepts and theyre looking at the stars, then isak starts talking about them and even finds his face absolutely priceless as his eyes shine and theres a colour to his cheeks and he cant stop staring at his profile and then isak turns to him and whispers “what” and even just smiles and shakes his head and theyre looking at each other and their lips and isak visibly swallows and evens mouth falls slightly open and isak lifts his chin a little and even takes it as a sign and presses their lips together and after another kiss ,isak makes himself more comfortable in evens arms and they stay like that for a while before even walks isak home again and their hands brush too many times on the way and they cant stop smiling and evens cheeks are hurting SO bad but he loves it and when they stop at isaks flat, he doesnt hesitate this time to kiss isak and isaks hands bury inside the pocket of evens hoodie and its so damn adorable, he kisses him again and isak ends up inviting him in and they fall asleep kissing and cuddling, their fingers laced together, legs tangled, and well maybe after all he can let vilde live

Summer headcanons for the gang

Summer in Tulsa can be brutal. Its gets up past 100° early in June and stays there until well into September. But the boys have their ways of coping

-Pony and Johnny like to hang out at the library or movie theatres, as they not only have AC but things to keep them from getting too bored

-Its known all over town that the cute boys at the DX like to stick their heads in the drink coolers. Some people may or may not time their trip to the gas station to around this time for a good look at their butts

-Darry turns the prettiest tan color. Unfortunately, he also has the worst workers tan

-Johnny likes to sleep in his porch during the summer because the breeze is nice

-Twobit always picks up the gang for random drives around the city with the windows down. Charlie horses are the common way of deciding who gets to sit where

-Dally cant stand sleeping at Buck’s during the summer because he always wakes up sweat sticky since theres no breeze through the house. If he cant be bothered to find another place to crash, hes been known to be found sleeping in the back of one of the broken down trucks parked outside or up on the roof

-All of the boys have made use of the ‘underwear in the freezer’ trick

watching ahs: coven and ahh i love the seven wonders sequence. i have no idea why they would need to but the thought of drawing the witch squad (lapis, peridot, sapphire) doing something similar ah how it excites me.

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the mosquito is the minnesota state bird. its like mcfucking capri sun straws,,, they'll carry u off with them. theres no escape. the summers go from like 100° to -14° when theres a breeze off superior. kids will go to school unless the wind chill is deadly. hockey moms. mn is hardcore

when i was little me and the neighborhood kids would all waddle outside in our snowpants and snowboots and throw water on our boots to see how long it’d take for us to freeze to the ground

and my town would hold the polar plunge each year where we’d carve a hole in one of the nearby lakes and hold an event where people could wear wacky costumes and jump into the water for fun so Yes I Agree With All Of That

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this au is everything!!!!!!! i need a detailed first kiss!! gimme more more!!

so it happens under a lamppost at night on their last night on the trip and they sneaked out with the help of jonas and mikael.. theyre walking on this dark street when isaks like “dude stop kicking my leg” and even frowns like “im not?” and they both panic and start running but theyre also laughing bc adrenaline and they dont stop until another street where there are lampposts so it looks safer and isak is bending down, his hands on his knees, breathing heavy and even is standing in front of him with hands on his hips and isaks like “do u think it followed us?” and evens smile fades and looks behind isak and is like “i think it did” and isak whips his head around but theres nothing and even laughs and isaks like “shit what the fuck!!!! you cant do that!!” and pushes at evens shoulder and even grabs his arm at his elbow and pulls him with him when he’s taking a step back and is like “you shouldve seen your face!” and isak lets even hold his arm and he rolls his eyes, “wasnt funny at all, that was really creepy” and even tilts his head to the side and chuckles and whispers a sorry into the dark and isak smiles and starts swaying their arms, “it was also fun, though” and even makes a smug face “everythings fun when youre with me” and he expects isak to push at him again but instead his face just gets serious and is like “yeah..thats true” and even is looking into his eyes, searching for something, a sign, and then isak looks down and takes evens hands then looks back up and even bites the inside of his cheek and takes a step closer and then he just leans in and waits so isak can still change his mind but he’s not pulling back and so even closes the gap between them and its not long and theres no tongue but its sweet and soft and theres a slight breeze just then and when they pull apart isaks eyelids are heavy and he tilts his chin up, asking for more and even puts one hand on isaks neck the other still hanging at their sides intertwined, and isak places his free hand on evens chest, gripping on his shirt and their lips meet again and its an open mouthed kiss but still with no tongue and even feels isaks pulse under his hand at his neck, isak feels evens heartbeat against his chest and within a few seconds their hearts start beating to the same rhythm 

Natza Drabble - Baby's Night Out
  • Lucy: Gray? Be a dear and check in on Mikoto-chan. She's been quiet for over an hour, and I don't like it.
  • Gray: Why don't YOU do it?!
  • Lucy: Because I'm in the middle of making dinner, and you took a leaf from Natsu's book and broke into my home without permission. >.>
  • Gray: Fiiine. *huffs* Why IS Mikoto over here, anyway? Don't tell me Flamebrain 'n Erza are both busy again.
  • Lucy: Well, that's what happens when one's a Wizard Saint and when the other's the Guild Master. Sometimes, they both have meetings to attend. >.>
  • Gray: Yeah, yeah... *peeks into Lucy's bedroom* 0.0 Uh... was there always a big gaping hole in the crib?
  • Lucy: Pfft, no! *pause* o.o Gray. Tell me Mikoto is still in there.
  • Gray: I... I can't... *there's a breeze flowing in from the open window*
  • Lucy: *sprints to the window and is relieved to see Mikoto-chan is not a splatter on the street below* Thank Kami...
  • Gray: Well, she still could've fallen out into a wagon or somethin'. Don't celebrate just yet.
  • Gray: What if she's still in here somewhere? >.>
  • Lucy: Then I'll look for her! GO OUT AND LOOK! It's been an hour, and even a toddler can get some distance, if they're determined enough... T_T
  • Gray: *deep sigh* Alright... Geez...
  • ~*~
  • *2 hours later*
  • Lucy: *gasp* Mikoto-chan! Thank goodness you're okay! *sweeps the mini-Erza up into her arms and hugs the stuffing out of her, the child giggling*
  • Gray: *deadpan* I'm fine, by the way.
  • Lucy: *looks at him for the first time* 0.0 What happened?!
  • Gray: Looong story. *coughs at Lucy's impatient stare* Well, like I suspected, she fell into a roaming caravan that was on its way outta town. I caught up to 'em, but by the time I did, they told me she'd fallen off the caravan and into that boat that always passes by your place. So I go 'n track them down, only to find out they were on their way to a festival, and only realized they'd picked up a passenger when they got there. They knew she belonged to some friends of yours, but they didn't know where to take her, so they'd planned on stopping by your place after the festival.
  • Lucy: ... They took their eyes off of her, didn't they? >.>
  • Gray: Yep. But by that point I'd caught up to her after some lookin' around, and found her "playing" with a... tiger... *twitch*
  • Lucy: 0.0
  • Gray: Yeah, but get this - the tiger seemed to think of Mikoto as a cub, and protected her when I tried to take her back. I couldn't use Magic 'cause Mikoto coulda got hurt, so I had to fight barehanded. >.> Of course it didn't end there. I kicked the tiger's ass, but Mikoto wandered off while I fought it, and she wound up climbing into a tree. I was gonna catch her when she fell, 'cause she was all wobbly, but Lady Luck wasn't on my side, and a friggin' HAWK swooped in and took off with her when she was in free fall.
  • Lucy: *twitch* Please tell me you didn't lose track of her again.
  • Gray: ... I did. You wanna know somethin' funny, though? That wasn't a real hawk. That was just Mira under a Transformation. All she wanted was to play with Mikoto for a while, and she came and found me when Mikoto got sleepy.
  • Lucy: . . . I'm just glad it's all over.
  • Gray: It won't be if you don't get a fireproof crib. 'Cause that's how she got out. Only Flamebrain's kid would awaken her Magic so soon. >__<
  • Lucy: ... I think she'll be sleeping with me tonight. ^^;
  • Gray: Good luck keepin' her hands off your boobs. Mira found out she likes to grab and play with 'em. Found it "cute~".
  • Lucy: *deadpan* ... She's Natsu and Erza's kid alright.

LEAVE IT TO THE BREEZE, by hattalove

He hates it here already, and it almost hurts to think that there are eight whole weeks separating him from the prize. He wants, more than anything, to cut through the bullshit and get to the competition. He’s been here since six in the morning. The sun has since started to blare down with a terrifying kind of intensity, warming up the holding room even as a light breeze sneaks past the walls of the marquee. The other contestants, at least, seem to be in a state of mind similar to Louis’s, keeping out of others’ personal space and staring into the ground. Louis hopes it stays that way. He’s not here to make friends.

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Do you have any cute summer activity evak hcs? I'm having awful cramps and need distractions :x

i hope you’ll feel better soon💗 and lISTEN. the boy+girlsquad totally stays at the s1 cabin in the summer and at nights they’ll do campfires and isak and even are sitting on a blanket, isak holding beer in his hand while even’s hands are all over isaks legs and waist, and in the middle of a story jonas is telling isak would look at even (who’s already looking) and they smile at each other and isak asks “wanna go for a walk?” and even nods and then theyre standing up to leave and they get a few whistles and magnus makes kissy noises and isak rolls his eyes with a smile and even laughs, puts his hand around isaks shoulder and leaves it there for a few moments then reaches down to hold his hand and then they stop to look at the stars and even listens to isak explain a few things about them and even tries really hard to understand but he can only focus on his soft voice and bright eyes in the dark night and he interrupts him with a kiss and isak is taken aback and then evens like “sorry, continue” with a smirk and isak does. well, tries but what he really wants to continue is the kissing. so he does that after he cant focus on the stars on the sky anymore and decides evens eyes are more interesting and beautiful and so he stares into them for a long moment and evens eyes crinkle with a smile so isak kisses him. and theyre standing under the stars kissing and then they break the kiss bc even hears the guitar in the distance and isak has a deja vu, even refusing to kiss isak back bc of a song. and then isak focuses on it too when he realizes he cant have evens lips back for a while. and evens eyes light up and isak is already shaking his head, and then he’s being dragged back to the others and jonas greets them with a nod and starts playing a familiar tune and isak snorts bc really….jonas is playing “im yours” and the smile on his face makes isaks heart feel warm. so they sit down and even takes isaks hand and he starts singing it to him and isak is blushing and they keep looking into each others eyes and when the chorus comes, everyone joins in but isak only has ears for evens voice. then when he takes a breath before the second verse, isak takes that time to kiss him and feels even smile into the kiss and he’s cupping his face and it feels like a cliché romantic movie and he secretly loves every second of it. after the others get tired (both physically and of watching them kiss) they go inside and isak and even are staying there and even takes the guitar, starts playing a soft tune, and its the song they first heard on the radio after they moved in together and isaks heart is bursting so he starts singing along and he probably gets half of the lyrics wrong and evens playing is off a few times but neither of them point it out bc they’re too lost in each others eyes and then theres a breeze that makes them shiver and it breaks the moment but then even is looking up at the sky and yells “shooting star!” all excitedly but isak misses it and even pouts then asks “do you ever wonder where they end up after falling down?” and isak whispers “i know where this one did” and even looks at him confused then isak puts his thumbs on his face, to the corner of his eyes, “here” and even closes his eyes and isak kisses them softly and slowly travels down to his lips and the kiss feels like the star inside evens eyes followed isaks lips down to even’s and it bursted with the touch of their mouths

I can’t believe people are making fun of the UK for complaining about the heat wave.
People are literally expected to die over this.
We can’t cope with these temperatures because:
1: we’re not used to/adapted for temperatures this high.
2: there is not enough breeze outside to cool us down, instead we’re stuck with humid air meaning we overheat especially whilst outside.
3: pretty much nobody has air con in their house/places where they work. We have to deal with small desk fans to cool a whole room.
We tend to cope a lot better in other countries, although the temperature is often higher than it is here, the air is less humid, theres more breeze, and most buildings have some form of air con.
Basically its not funny