theres 24 flowers

fics: "i’ll never be this happy again" + "ephemera"

Sidelines, a fanzine dedicated to Ososan’s side characters, has just been released!! I contributed two fics to the zine, each one centered around one of the girls! :)

i’ll never be this happy again

Rating: Mature (forced sex work, implied/reference sex/sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts, implied/referenced self-harm, basically everything depressing about Homura)
Relationships: Jyushi/Homura 
Characters: Homura, Jyushi, some scumbag of a manager 
Summary: For the first time in years, Homura is happy.


Rating: Teens and Up (canon character death, i-want-to-be-human plot)
Relationships: Chibita/Flower Fairy
Characters: Flower Fairy (Shion), Chibita. Oso makes a cameo, as well as a random florist. 
Summary: The lifespan of a flower doesn’t last very long. The Flower Fairy is all too aware of this fact.

I hope you guys enjoy my works!! Please let me know what you think ;v;